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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His Virgin bride Episode 12 & 13

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(Betrothed to my worst nightmare)❣️
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❣️Episode Twelve ❣️❣️




I huffed angrily as I walked away from Elena who seemed to be doing a pretty good job at embarrassing me in front of my stableman..

In my entire life no one has ever berated me in the manner she just did..

She even called me an hypocrite in front of Tonio who isn’t even a small nobleman talk less of a duke or king!!!..

‘Javier’..Calla called from behind me.

‘What do you want?!’..I retorted sharply and she rolled her eyes..

‘Nothing you’re in a bad mood so I guess I’ll come later’..She murmured and turned to leave but I held her back…

‘Don’t mind my temper I’m just annoyed that’s all what do you want to say??’..I asked and her grim tight mouth loosened into a smile..

‘Well there’s a new land which my father is planning on buying and we would both like your royal approval on it’..She replied..

‘Wait?? Doesn’t your father have enough lands in North ridge already?’..I asked further..

‘Y..yes he does but the land is going to be used to build a new school for the orphan kids and..and..and well if you don’t want to go then I won’t force you’…She said still trying to turn away..

‘What is wrong with you

today?? You’re acting like I have the plague or something??’…

‘Nothing Javier it’s just that..I..I..I lied about Elena telling me to stay away from you..she never..she never said anything like that I just lied to make you spite her because i was jealous’..She confessed..

‘What?!! I slapped her because of you Calla why would you lie in the first place?!!’..I yelled already mad about what she did…

‘I..I’m sorry but she’s so intimidating Javier and I didn’t have a…’..her voice trailed off as soon as my mother approached the both of us..

‘Good afternoon Queen Ariel’..She said bowing to my mother…

‘Good afternoon Calla I thought you’d have left by now?’..Mom asked rolling her eyes at me…

‘Mom?!’..I protested softly and she threw me a haughty glare..

‘I’ll be leaving today your highness’..Calla replied nervously and walked away already embarrassed about what mom said.

Well I’m not surprised cause my mother has never been in approval of our friendship..

She claims Calla is a distraction to me..

‘What do you want mother??’..i asked with a frown on my face..

‘Marriage counsellor Romero is in the lounge for you and Elena’..She replied and I let out a guffaw…

‘What do I need a marriage counsellor for??’..

‘Well for marriage counselling of course what else??’..She retorted sharply and I chuckled again..

‘I think you’re joking mom,what does Elena and I need a counsellor for??’..

‘You and Elena are clearly having a lot of problems getting along so I have to make sure you guys have a good marriage,this is why I brought counsellor Romero to counsel you

guys on the effects of a good marriage’..She explained..


Why do I need counselling I’m the king of North ridge??..

I make decisions in crucial matters guiding the kingdom and now someone wants to come into my personal affairs and tell me what to do??.

‘No way mother,there is no way I’m agreeing to this!! Why on earth would someone even tell me what to do regarding my marriage!!’..I protested and she smiled..

‘Please Javier it’s just five minutes of your time’..

‘i don’t know mom,I just don’t like the idea of this counselling’…

‘Pretty please Javier’…

‘Okay fine ughhh’..



‘So what you’re saying is that I’m going for marriage counseling and no one bothered to tell me??’..I said to the guard who escorted me…

‘I don’t know my lady,the king just ordered me to bring you to the lounge for counseling’..He replied and I grumbled under my breath…

What do I need counselling for??..

I’m perfectly fine so what do I need counselling for??..

I followed the guard and in a minute we were both in the lounge which comprised of three brown basket chairs with a center piece in the middle and a vase of daises by the side…

Javier was seated with a man who wore tortoise shell glasses and a very bright green cardigan with the word ROMERO knitted by the side…

‘What am I doing here??’..I asked with a frown on my face…

‘Sit down’..Javier ordered and I hesitated for a while but then did as instructed..

‘Good afternoon lady Elena I am counselor Romero and I’m here to help you and his highness get along,you know marriage is…

‘I’m sorry what?!’..I cut in with an exasperated look on my face…

‘I’m your marriage counselor and I’m here to make sure you guys are…

‘Wait who brought you here and why do I need marriage counselling?!’..I cut in again and his smile faded..

‘The queen brought me here my lady’..he said again..

Javier just kept silent not saying a word but from the way his eyes reddened I knew he was also angry with everything that was going on…

I guess Queen Ariel wants us to get along at all cost..

‘Okay..even though I hate his Highness I’m on board with this counselling thingy’..I muttered and Javier eyed me..

I rested my back on the chair and i rested a hand on my chin,Javier rested his back on the chair also but in a more graceful way…

‘Okay so what do you love doing with your free time Lady Elena??’..Counselor Romero asked…

‘Well back home I loved car racing,I’m always at the car track and when I’m not at the track I’m at the club doing club stuff’…I replied..

‘Hmmm okay and what about you your highness??’..He asked Jared..

‘A king doesn’t have free time’..he murmured..

‘What?! Well counselor when he’s free he’s busy f**king almost all the court ladies in the castle!!’..I lashed out with a smirk in my mouth..

‘Ohhh really says who?!!’..He protested standing up from his chair and I rose up also to face him…

‘Says your reputation sire!!! You are a royal playboy or should I say a royal brostitute!!’…



He walked into the room in his black cloak and a sword in his hands..

His bloodshot eyes scared the tied prisoner who from the looks of he’s has been starved for months…

‘Water,please water’..the prisoner begged..

‘I have a mission for you’..The man in the black cloak replied with a smirk on his face..

‘What do you want from me?? I just want to go home to my family’..The prisoner begged with tears in his red eyes..

‘Yes you will my friend,you will go back to your family but first…


‘You have to kidnap Javier Orlando’s bride’…



‘W..well it seems like the both of you really need a lot to talk about,you both clearly have the EGO issue,no one wants to calm down for the other and also you guys don’t trust each other’..Counselor Romero said..

‘Ohh you’re right about that!? his so called highness slapped me because of his best friend!!’..Elena replied and in a fit of anger and regret also I just kept quiet..

I should never have slapped her because of what Calla said which was clearly a lie…

At least I should have given her the benefit of a doubt..

‘So the both of you need to sit down and talk about your issues like the adults that you are and your marriage may work out when you both get married,Elena try to respect his highness for a while and your highness please try to reason with Lady Elena here from what I heard outside the castle she’s really a nice person’..Romero said and I scoffed..

Did he just say Elena is nice??..

‘Okay counselor Romero we shall do as you say’..I murmured and the guards escorted him outside…

Elena stood from the chair and when she turned to leave I held her back..

‘Hey let me go would ya?!!’…she cried out as my grip tightened around her wrists…

‘This is how this marriage is going to work,you mind your business and I mind mine deal?!!’…I whispered and she scoffed..

‘You’re the worst person I’ve ever met,you’ve ruined my perfect life but you’re right!! You mind your business and I mind mine jerk face!’..


❣️❣️Episode Thirteen❣️❣️



I sighed deeply seeing the maids and the guards bubbling with activities..

Some decorated the castle with beautiful flowers,the others carried the barrels of wine and beer while i just watched them with a sullen look on my face..

It’s really happening isn’t it??…

I’m really getting married tomorrow to my worst nightmare which is now a reality…

I’m soon going to be Queen Elena Orlando of North ridge kingdom..

I don’t want to be a queen??..

I just want to get back on my car and race around the track from dusk till dawn until my bones wear out..

‘Lady Elena’..I heard and when I turned around it was Madam Pat again..

‘Madam Pat i don’t want to get married’…I whimpered and hugged her immediately…

‘Ohh my darling Elena you think too much,think of it as doing it for your father! You are keeping the Elena and Viero lineage alive so think of it as doing a favor’…She said patting my back..

‘Okay Madam Pat it’s just that—

‘Don’t think about it much my dear now let’s go get you fit in in your dress’…



‘Take off your dress’…I murmured smiling at the sexy milk maid who delivered milk for the castle..

‘B..but your highness you’re getting married tomorrow shouldn’t you be with the Lady’..She replied and I frowned deeply..

‘It’s a command milk maid not a request so take your damn clothes off!!’..I screamed softly and slowly she began unfastening her buttons and since I couldn’t hold myself anymore I tore away her clothes and propped her up on my waist kissing her breasts through the chemise cotton…

She moaned loudly as I dropped her to the floor and spread her legs wide open..

‘Be careful with me’..she said in a whisper and I smirked..

The King never takes things easy when honest lust has overwhelmed him..

I quickly tore away her chemise and went down to her breast again,she bucked against my loins and when she tried bringing me down to her lips I stopped her…

‘Don’t you ever do that again’..i muttered and pinned her two hands upward with my wrists.

Like i said before..

It always increases the tension when a woman is powerless during love making..

‘What are…Ahh!!!’..She moaned as my fingers rubbed her cl*t in a very quick pace making her reach her ecstasy real quick..

I dragged off her pantie and inhaled the fresh smell of her vag**a.Her eyes were glazed and her gasps were sumptuous as I lowered my tongue to lick her ‘V’ area..

‘Ahhh’..she cried out and i delved deeper swiveling my tongue around it the more making her reach something they call a ‘Cloud nine’ or something…

‘Dress up’..I muttered as I lifted my head up..

‘B..But what are we uhhh…but you told me you loved me and I would be your mistress!!! You can’t dismiss just like that!!’..She cried out and grabbed her dress walking away..

If I kept to my promises then i would have had twenty mistresses and I would have been married more than a hundred time…

My grim face widened into a wicked smile and I changed into a simple blue tunic and breeches ready to go into my sparring room and practice for a while….

‘It’s time for your dress fitting my Lord’..Gregory muttered as he came into the room and I frowned…

‘Fitting?? For what??’..I asked..

‘For the wedding ceremony your highness’..he replied and I frowned..

‘There are more important things to do Gregory,I won’t stress myself for the least frivolous thing so next time do not disturb me over such ever again’..I said and before he could say anything I left…

I still can’t bear the thought of getting married to that perky and sharp mouthed girl but the thought of performing my duty on bed with her is quite exciting…



‘Ughhh’..I groaned as Madam Pat tightened the bodice of the white wedding dress around my waist..

‘Stay still Elena’..She murmured..

‘You don’t expect me to stay still in this do you?? I can’t even breathe!!’..I cried out and she smiled…

‘It’s just for thirty minutes Elena,once the ceremony is over you’ll change into another dress’…

‘Hmmm okay uhmm Madam Pat do you really think it’s a must to make love on your wedding night??’..I asked biting my lower lip..

‘Huh?? What brought about that question??’..She rethorically asked back..

‘I..I..Well..I’m just nervous and that’s why I just wanted to know..I..it’s..okay I’m a virgin I can’t lie anymore’..I said feeling the light burden lift off my shoulders knowing that i finally shared my secret with someone..

‘Ohhh my dear it’s really nice to know your chastity is still intact my dear,it’s nice to know there are some girls who have their virginity intact’…She commended and my taut smile broadened…

‘Thanks but normally in this century being a virgin at 24 is like an embarrassment’…I muttered and my smile disappeared into a frown…

‘Ohh that’s just nonsense my dear,but let’s go back to the main topic—It’s not a must you make love on your wedding night but most times it’s one of the most cherished days after getting married’..She said..

‘Ohh and what if we don’t love each other?? Cause Javier and I can’t even stand the sight of each other’..

‘Ohhh really?? Well then I don’t know how to advice you my sweet cause the Javier Orlando I know isn’t a sweet man’..

The Next Morning⛅

I groaned loudly feeling so irritated about how tight the dress was and how I looked…

‘I feel stupid’..i muttered..

‘Ohhh don’t be such a kill joy Elena you look beautiful’..Madam Pat said and i scoffed in return..

‘It just doesn’t feel right that’s why I’m complaining and the —

‘Awwwww you look so beautiful!!’..Queen Ariel exclaimed as she walked into the room touching the little tiara on my head…

‘I know this is all a rush for you Elena but I’ve got a surprise for you’…She added and moved to the side only for me to see my father..

‘Dad?!!’..I said aloud not bothering to move but from the look in my eyes he knew i was happy to see him..

‘He’s going to make you happy Elena —They are going to make you happy—You are going to be happy.It may take sometime but you’ll get used to it’…He said and I nodded..

‘Yeah it’s my duty isn’t it?? Let’s go get married’…



🎼Here comes the bride..
Here comes Elena walking down the aisle..

🎼Here comes the bride.
Here comes Elena walking down the aisle..

I gasped loudly as Elena walked down the aisle wearing the most beautiful gown I’d ever seen…

Her hair was slicked into a pony tail and she was wearing a very beautiful veil over her head…

Mouths murmured and heads turned as she walked towards me..

‘You look okay’..I murmured and her look turned cynical…

‘Okay?? I can’t breathe in this stupid dress and you say I look Okay?’…

‘Well that’s how you look —Okay’..

‘I now pronounce you King and wife’..The priest said aloud..

‘Wait!!! That’s it?!!’..She yelled and i snickered a little not caring about the audience…

‘You are in North ridge my sweet Elena not New York,we do things a little bit different and now you’re my wife and we’re bonded as one’..I whispered deliberately letting my tongue tickle her ear..

‘You are a psycho your highness’..she groaned and I smiled..

‘I now pronounce us King and Wife,Elena Orlando’…



The drama has just begun guys😅..

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