His Village bride Episode 3 & 4

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Noel Innocent
Chapter Three 📖
The door open and mama walk in, I rush towards her and hvg her, she has this short expression ” tony give you his shi-t?” She whisper and I Giggle shaking my head
” I took it but it looked like he liked me wearing it ” I said and her face light up ” that my girl ”
” mama welcome oooo” john yelled and tony hit his friend head, I have no idea why mama liked me
When tony and I use to pl@yshe always called us husband and wife and she was good friends with my parents, she told them I shouldn’t as-sociate with other boys nor should i watch this their movies that it spoil lot of children, I protested but you know how Nigeria parents are
Tony left to the city to study at the age of ten and the way things are now I know for sure that he forgot about his childhood friend, since he left I was locked up in the house doing house works and slee-ping
I was thankful I didn’t get fat from all that slee-ping and now am eighteen re-ady to get married and out of that village
Tho I only agreed to get married because I want my siblings to be educated and know things I don’t know and since tony is rich, I just nee-d to use him
” lu lu come sit down ” I smiled at mama while she tap a space for me close to her, I sit and tony friends say their greeting to mama and left
” mama am not marrying her ” tony shove his hands in his pocket and looked at me ” she isn’t a good wife material ”
” ehhn, we-tin she do ” mama look at me and I bit myl-ips and stared at tony giving him one of my deadly glares, even if mama love me she can sl@p for Africa
” mama can you believe she cooked and didn’t give me anything ” he was trying his best to get rid of me but I won’t let that happen
I $h!t on the couch ” mama wait, I brou-ght food for him, he said he don’t feel like eating and gave them to his friend, how is it my fault” I went on ” I beg him to at least taste the food to tell me if I can food but he……” I sniff tears rolling down ” he said he hate me and push me away and his friends laughed at me ”
I was crying seriously and mama look at tony ” haba tony ” mama said and throu-gh the corner of my eyes I watch him shook his head and surprised at my sudden pretend and little bit of lie
” Jesus lu……” He st©p and I quic-kly ch!pin ” mama you see, he doesn’t even know my name nor did he asked ” tony move closer to me hold my arm trying to lift me up but mama sl@p his head ” mama we-tin na ” it was the first time I heard tony speak pigin and I hide the urge of laughing ” na me you suppose trust na ” he angrily stood up and storm up stairs like a baby
A baby I will take care of ” Lucia dear, go and meet your future husband, you have to make him like you then he will get married to you ” I nod my head ” but mama he really dont Like me, I can see hatred in his eyes ” mama look at me surprised
” since when you get power to de re-ad eye lu lu ” I laughed and mama smiled ” go and meet him then I will prepare food for him okay ” I nod and run upstairs to the only room in his house
As if he was expecting me, the moment I step in his room he shut the door and locked it, shoving the key in his pocket
He has this wicked grin on his face that s£nt shivers to my b©dy ” I c@m£ to say……” He cut me off while folding his hands
” sorry??” I shook my head and he furrow his brows ” I c@m£ to say that you’re a really stubborn child ” he move closer and I didn’t bulge ” why will you say you don’t wish to marry me ”
Tony gr-ab my arms and drag me closer to him, pressing my b©dy on his ha-rd and muscular che-st ” what made you think I like you ……”
” Lucia…….. That’s my name ” it was like it ring a bell and Toby step back eyes sweeping me up and down
” Lucia okoh ” he asked and I nod folding my hands ” is it now you can remember me ” I said in a frown and he giggle
” you have grown so much Lucia ” tony tea-sed ” you have bigger br£@st and arse now, I remember when you will put two stones pretending it was your…….”
” hey!” I cut him off not wishing to hear more of that embarras-sing moment ” dont speak……” Before I could complete the s£ntence tony sweep me off my feet like am nothing but a weightless leaf and he swirl me around then hvgged me ti-ght
” fv¢k, I can’t believe I missed you ” tony said and I was starting to feel weird from the way he was holding and hvgging me ti-ght ” tony let go off me ” I push him off my b©dy
” am not still marrying you tho ” I furrow my brows ” look you’re my old friend and all but that’s where it will end okay ” oh now he is feeling like I love him or something
” you just hvgged me and now you’re throwing me away ” I started crying and I just love how he is panicking
” Lucia you better st©p crying, if mama hear you ” I increa-sed the volume and before I could process whats happening he cover my mouth with his leaving me shocked
Why didn’t he use his hands instead he used his mouth, this is the k!ss, i saw him doing with other girls, it was a quic-k one
Are k!sses always this way, short and quic-k ?
Tony move back and stare at me, I was in a shock state and he just stood there emotionless ” $h!t! ” was all he said but I still didn’t move ” Lucia ” he called and I blink
” you are defiantly marrying me” I went on ” after what you did to myl-ips, just start thinking that am your wife ” I said and he chuckle then smiled
It has been weeks I last saw Lucia, after our mistakenly k!ssshe left with mama to the prepare the wedding ceremonies
And the week later the introduction was done, followed by the traditional marriage and the next day the wedding in the church was done
I still can’t believe am I married man, I married someone I just met a day and her face was fill with smiles as we entered my car back to my house, for our suppose wedding night
” wait are we not going to the reception?? ” Lucia stared at me but I didn’t have time for her, this marriage was because of my mother and we will soon get divorce ” if you’re not hungry, me am hungry, I can’t allow my parents prepare all that in my marriage and I won’t eat, my own wedding ” she hiss and I hide the urge of laughing
” you’re not going ”
She stare at me laughing ” watch me do it ” she said it with a grin while lifting a summer dress from a bag I didn’t notice was there before
I st©pped the car and watch her change from her wedding dress to a summer short dress, she wore this red br@ that couldn’t contain her brea-sts and red p@n-ties matching the br@
I swallowed and look away cursing myself for starring at her in a lvstful manner, I don’t plan on tou-ching her ” how do I look ” she said smiling and I stare at her
The dress was short, extremely short ” you’re not wearing that ” I shook my head and she looked surprised
” why not, this is how city girls dress up ” she purred ” am wearing it ” she tried stepping off the car but I held her w@!st dragging her back inside ” let me go ” she held the car trying to walk out
” No way ” I gr0@nstill pu-lling her to me and I knew this marriage will defiantly make my mouth dry from shouting
Chapter Four 📖
After the successfully pu-lling her to me, I made her sit and I face her, frowning ” if you move one step am going to k!ssand eat off your mouth while doing it ” I could see the fear in the eyes but thankfully she sit down and shut the fv¢k up
I tried my best to hide the urge of laughing but I couldn’t I ended up laughing and she furrow her brows frowning ” what’s funny ” she yell and I laughed more, she is so naive that I could k!ssher and eat her mouth but I will gladly k!ssher tho….
I shake my head from thoughts and we drove home peacefully but I couldn’t ignore the grumbling of her stomach almost ma-king me deaf
Arriving home she angrily open the door and storm inside and I shook my head ” silly wife ” saying to myself I head inside and discover she was folding her hands glaring at me
” what did I do ” I asked and she smiled then move closer while I shove my hands in my pocket and stare at her
” I nee-d help in the kitchen am hungry and you didn’t allow me to go to my reception ” she said and I gro-an ed inwardly as she f0rç£d me to the kitchen
He take off his jacket then followed by his white long sleeves and I was shocked ” what are you doing ” I furrow my brows and he chuckle
” am cooking just like you wanted ” his singlet was taken off and my eyes eat him up, he has this incredibly muscles
Those che-sts, the abs, his strong arms begging me to t©uçh and hold him ti-ght ‘ he is h0t and he is my husband’ I smile at my thought then eat the apples while sitting down
” hey, what next ” he asked and I nod not paying much attention to his face ” the trou-ser next ” I said and realize what I just said, meeting his face he grin wi-dely and I bite myl-ips
” the fish, you should…..” I clear my throat ” you should fry it in the oil on fire ” he frown and stare at me
” why am I cooking……you’re the wife ” he grumble but I shook my head ” women are made to help, now continue cooking ”
Dropping one fish in the oil he jump back but I push him forward ” be a man tony ” I grown
” that $h!t might kill me ” he yell
” oh my god tony, dont be a woman ” I push him forward and he successfully fried the fish
” it smells so good” I jump off the table to take a bite but he sma-ck my hands away ” what?”
He gr-ab the plate of the fried fish ” go and fry yours ” he hiss and step out of the kitchen but I followed him
” you know you’re my husband right ” he chuckle and sit on the couch holding his fish close to his b©dy
” so am your husband now ” he chuckle and take a big bite and I gr0@ninwardly starring at him eating and typing with his phone
” how can you starve me ” I was planning to cry but my stomach grumble loudly st©pping me, he sip his jui-ce and pick up a fish and place it in his mouth but didn’t eat all
” eat” he voice commanding and I shiver from just that ” you mean from your mouth??” He nod and I shook my head but he looked persistent, he wants me to do it
I frowned before storming to the kitchen and he chuckle loudly ” scared cat !!” He said and giggle more
I will show him who is scared, I went back to the living room and before he could chew on the last fish, I use my mouth and take a bite from his
Moving back, his hands move to my hair and draw me closer ma-king sure I eat the damn fish then he k!ssme, he lower his hands to my w@!st and made me sit on his l@p
This was new, it wasn’t quic-k like the other one but it was great, he f0rç£ his ton-gue in my mouth and I g@sp not knowing how to respond to this so I just melt into him and let him eat me just like he wish
His hands lower to my arse and give it a slight squee-ze that I had to jump off his l@p and give him a questioning look, he run his hands throu-gh his hair and stare at me ” you’re just a pest ” he gro-an ed and storm upstairs leaving me with the delicious fish
I sit on the couch and take the bite from the fish “Mmmmm” its delicious, just like his k!ss. I rob myl-ips and smiled
I got k!$$£d for the second time