His Village bride Episode 19 & 20

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Noel Innocent
Chapter Nineteen 📖
” you have to st©p starring at me that way tony ” Lisa mumble while l!çk!ng her ice cream, flashing her a smile I purred
” how am I starring ?”
” like you want to eat me alive ” she chuckle and stare at me ” spending time with you is more fun compare to john ” why is she bringing john up now
” john?” I asked looking a bit surprise and she gently nod her head, her gaze didn’t move from her ice cream
” he is an annoying step brother ” she chuckle but if am right I saw sadness in her eyes a few moments ago
” hey, why are you suddenly sad ” holding her hands I make her gaze land on me ” tell me what got you so worked up Lisa ”
” I know you and Lucia know about us ” her words made me fall short of mine ” I know you’re getting close to me because you want to distract me ” withdrawing my hands my smile didn’t leave my face
” is that so ” was all that left my mouth and Lisa just smile then gradually start laughing
” I don’t know what Lucia is planning but if she want to live she has to stay away from john ” I furrow my brows and she went on ” john is a sadist Tony, he enjoy killing people just like he did to his mum ”
His mum?
I thought his mum died from an accident and now Lisa is telling me this ” why are you telling me this Lisa, you’re his p@rtner, doing this you do know you are betraying him right ”
Lisa nod and flash me a smile ” Lisa, is this your plan, what are you planning ” she grin and li-ck her ice cream
” this ice cream is incredible ” she muttered to herself but I just couldn’t st©p thinking, Lisa said if Lucia want to survive why didn’t she say if you guys
Is john planning to kill only me and Lucia might just be drag into all this, where is Lucia now. Is she safe?
” you won’t t©uçh me john ” the cold wall embr@ce my back and my fears is building up, am I going to die
His cold hands rob my cheek before tucking my hair behind my ear ” Lucia has anyone told you that you’re beautiful ” he mumble then chuckle when he graze my n£¢k with the gun ” killing you will be a shame”
” what do you want with tony ” I purred, if am going to die at least I should know the truth and my phone is basically still recording ” tony has been kind to you ”
” kind???” John chuckle starring at me ” what the fv¢k is my business with kind, tony stole from me, he stole straight from his birth ”
” you’re mad because someone like him exist ?” I furrow my brows and john sit facing me directly
” that company he is managing should be mine, it should be in my hands ” john muttered, I could see hatred in his eyes ” my father started that company from gras-s, build the damn thing and what did tony father did, betrayal my dad by ma-king the share holders make him the president. My dad drank himself to death because of that son of a bastard ” john yell and I could feel his anger yielding up gradually
Shaking my head I look at him ” your mother will be ashamed if you ……….” Before I could complete my s£ntence john chuckle interrupting me
” my mother??, I killed my mother and I will do so to anyb©dy to get that company back ” everything was ma-king s-en-se now
The cocaine
The do¢v-ment
The share holders
The company
” you’re supplying the company with cocaine that way you will prove to the share holders tony is destroying the company and that you’re the best person for CEO ” Lucia echo ” but before all these, you killed tony parents in order to take over it but then you find out they had a son and you had to win over his truth before taking out your plan ”
” you’re smart ” he said studying me
” but what brou-ght Lisa into this, while not keep your wife and the baby safe ” I said and john laugh loudly
” baby ???” He chuckle ” wife?……. God forbid me marry that slut and they is no way she is pregnant ”
” but the marriage certificate ” I asked and john nod titling his head to his left
” it fake, we knew you find us suspicious the moment your eyes found my hand on Lisa th!gh, we have to keep you distracted somehow, tony do¢v-ment disappearing and a marriage certificate coming in view is good distract till we successfully supply the company drug ”
” why are you telling me all this ” I mumble and he walk towards me hold my chin and made our gaze meet, he is smiling
” because I like you Lucia ” he said shocking my bones out of my b©dy all at once
Chapter Twenty 📖
” because I like you ” his hands rob my cheek and that smile didn’t fade away ” when I fist saw you on tony shi-t I just couldn’t get you off my head, I want to fv¢k you ”
” after that, you plan on killing me don’t you ” he chuckle then stare at me for a while, I thought bad guys should be ugly with bad breath but john is the opposite
His hair has a slight cut at the two sides and the rest comb up full and soft even having a dark skin you will know that he is handsome
Tony on the other hand is extremely h0t and more define
John gaze didn’t left mine and I shook my head then chuckle, am about dieing and am thinking of who is more h0t
Silly me
” what’s funny ” john frown and this isn’t the time to make him angry but why not am gonna die either way ” I think killing you immediately won’t be fun” he move back ” how about I fv¢k you till death ”
Tony plea-se find me
Not knowing what to say my phone ring, it actually ring dragging john attention to my hand as he grip it away
My breath was increasing by the minute ” you bit-ch ” using his back hand he sl@p my face ha-rd that I fall to my knees, blood dripping from myl-ips ” recording our conversation ” he drop my phone down and smash it ha-rd ma-king it break into pieces
Gripping my hair he pu-ll me up to his feet and sl@p my face over and over again that the pain was too much ” let go ” using my knee I hit his man hood real ha-rd and watch him fall down
I didn’t waste time before I run, I have to be fast, I have to survive, I have to live, I have to go back. Tony nee-ds ….
I felt this immeasurable pain on my leg pu-lling me to the ground, I grown inwardly holding my legs. I just got sh0t
” bit-ch ” using his gun he knock me out, my eyes closing
Splash of water on my face brou-ght me back to the light, my breathing was heaving as I took in the surrounding
Rising to my feet I immediately fell down, my leg hurt as hell ” what the fv¢k ” I muttered and john voice echo surprising me
” can you st©p trying to run from me, am not going to kill you…….not yet ” he muttered while re-ading a book and sitting on a chair
” why are you doing this to me, let me go ” I purred ” I promise not to tell anyone what I know”
He nod dropping his book, standing his feet and bending to my level ” I am never letting you go Lucia ” he cu-p my face and did the in speakable thing
Hisl-ips met mine in a harsh and f0rç£ful way, placing my hands on his shoulder I struggle out of his grip but he won’t let go
The moment he dive his ton-gue in my mouth I bite him ha-rd that I could taste blood ” $h!t ” withdrawing from the k!sshe use his hands and sl@p me again ” do you like getting hit”
” where the fv¢k is Lucia” I yell at Lisa for the fourth time the moment we arrive home, am starting to have a bad feeling
” how am I suppose to know ” she yell back ” we both left the house together ” holding her n£¢k I pin her to the wall
squee-zing my hands on her I know am pressing the life out of her ” where is my wife ”
She cough, her hands trying to push me away ” you’re…….you’re…..killing….me ” ignoring her I add more pressure to it
” where the fv¢k is my wife ” I gr0@nand she surrender ” I will tell you…….plea-se st©p” freeing her n£¢k she fell to the floor coughing ha-rd
” its a plan, its all a plan” she cough ” I knew Lucia and you will go throu-gh my stuff and john knew too so I intended on forgetting my bag so that john text will then ring by time” Lisa stare at me ” we were expecting you to go there not Lucia”
What is Lucia going throu-gh right now, what will john do to her ” where is she ” I said and Lisa look at me bitting herl-ips ” where the fv¢k is she!!!!” I yell at her and watch her flin-ch ha-rd
” my house, my old house” Lisa said in a rush and I frown ” that house is de-ep in the forest ” she nod and my frown de-epen the more ” what will he do to her ”
” I don’t know ” Lisa gr0@nand I gr-ab her hands pu-lling her up to meet my gaze ” you are coming with me, take me there” lifting my couch up I gr-ab my gun and place it behind my shi-t
Wait for me Lucia
What will happen
Will tony catch up
Are they still in that old house?
Will Lucia survive
Will john r@p£ her
So many questions, sit ti-ght for the next chapter 😊