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His Village bride Episode 1 & 2

By Noel Innocent
” Mum I said I will marry na, what’s all these setting me up with a village girl ” tony yell at his mother throu-gh his phone while pushing his breakfast away
His mother has been on his n£¢k about getting married and he didn’t think she was serious about this ” fine s£nd her to my house this night and if I like her we shall get married ” and divorce in the next month, tony thought before his mum hung up
He is just twenty eight and his mum won’t leave him be, after he fv¢k this v!rg!ngirl then dump her
Maybe a town sweetheart will show up and be re-ady for claiming, standing up tony stretch his b©dy and look at the wall clock before the door bell ring
Am defiantly not expecting anyone and this is just nine AM, opening the door I stare st the young lady that smiled back at me
Frowning I asked ” who are you ” she title her head and and stare st me ” am your future wife ” realization drop on him and he stare at her
She wore a hvge go-wn that I couldn’t even tell if she has curves ” should I come in or what ” she asked and I let her in
” why are you early ?? I said later in the evening ” I asked and her smile increased
” I wanted to see you before then, I was thinking you will be ugly with big head but not bad ” I frown not believing what she is saying
” you’re worst, do you even have any curves, your like a straight stick ” I could see hurt in her eyes but I didn’t regret my words, am not happy about this wedding
” dont worry, you shouldn’t see them yet ” she wi-nk and I gro-an
Chapter Two 📖
” what are you doing ??” I furrow my brows ” you can’t sit down, you’re too dirty ” I gro-an ed but she quic-kly sat and grin wi-dely
” plea-se don’t act so clean, your singlet is basically turning brown ” she chuckle and I frown more ” do you have any jui-ces I can drink ” she smiled at me and for once I didn’t feel like killing her
” you’re not staying here any other minutes, your standing up and leaving ” tony yell and she yelp kind of scared
” dont scream !!” She rise to her feet and look at me, titling my head to my left and what confuse me was that I let her do it ” you look good this way, gosh you were so ugly yelling ” she shake her head and tap my cheek ” be a good boy why I take my bath ”
I watch her walk upstairs and I was confused, no b©dy speaks to me that way and I didn’t [email protected] her or anything
I Straighten my head and her words hit me [email protected], am defiantly not ugly
Looking around the room, the only room in the house I was surprised, I looked at his table and saw a strange looking iron thing
Sitting down on his chair I press all the tiny bu-ttons before it turn on and I [email protected] staring at tony and a girl appear, laying n-ked
Am I getting married to a man proustite, is this how he get money? I shook my head and my hand mistakenly t©uçh a tiny curve thing and it move
I smiled and entered what is a picture, lots of tony with different girls and I was growing angry by the minute, why is he with so many women and I haven’t even been with one man
Men, they fv¢k a lot and wish to marry a v!rg!nwhat about the woman they have ruin. Tony is no different
I don’t like him, just doing this for the money, I need the money and I have to convince him about it
Moving away I stare at a strange picture, hisl-ips were on hers and I was shock, what’s that?
Is he l!çk!ng her mouth, is it gross or interesting ” what are you doing ” he said while I jump back and his item fell off the table
I cover my mouth and he looked so angry I feared he will kill me ” fv¢k, that’s my [email protected]©p ” so they called it [email protected]©p
” am sorry ” I said and he lift the [email protected] t©p and when he stare at the picture his eyes land at me ” what’s that ” he turn it off and drop it back on the table ” what do you call that??”
Tony look at me, running a hand throu-gh his hair ” why will I want to tell you ?” He frown ” st©p acting like a damn v!rg!n” I roll my eyes
” whatever tony ” I said I head towards the bathroom ” and am really………Ahhh, how will I take my bath !!!!” I yell and he rush in looking around
” what’s wrong ” he asked I look at him “this place is so fantastic but there is no bucket and no water plus I saw a cofe over there ” I said and he started laughing
It was the first time I saw him laugh ” are you nuts ” he said and hold my hand before dragging me to the cofe ” is a bath tub and you take off your clothes and [email protected] there then turn on the tap ” he tried lifting my dress and I move back
” what are you doing ?” Realization hit him and he move back
” I wasn’t thinking, take your bath, mama will soon be here ” is he trying to be nice or what ” plus you smell like $h!t and garbage ” I take back my words, he can never be nice
Moving away he give me one last glance and answered my question ” it is called a k!ssmiss” he doesn’t know my name and then he walk out of the bathroom shutting the door
Taking off my clothes I turn on the tap and [email protected] the bath tub, looking up ” a k!sshuh ” I rob myl-ips, is it nice ? Or gross
Lifting the soap I rob my b©dy, I can’t deny that tony is a cute guy, he is extremely h0t and I like that .many girls in the village envy me that am lucky greeting married to a rich guy
Tony is successful but he is a man whore, he likes lot of women and I don’t like that
Am only doing this because I red the money to s£nd my sibling to school I never gone to and to pay my dads hospital bill so I agreed with mum to get married
Stepping out off the bath tub I take the towel and cover my b©dy, I head noise outside, in the living room
Opening his closet I take one of his long sleeves and wear still I don’t have any cloth with me and tony doesn’t like that hvge go-wn
I need him to fall for me and marry me by the end of this week that why mama made me to come here this morning
Opening my handbag I take my [email protected] and put it on, his shi-t went down to my knee just showing a little th!gh to show how Short I am compare to Tony
Walking downstairs I saw two girls and one boy with tony laughing together, Tony look at me, his face emotionless for a second before he [email protected] move close to me
” why are you wearing my shi-t “he whisper to my ear and I withdraw back ” I have nothing else ”
” who is she ” one of the girls asked, she wore a short, very short ti-ght, I dont know what they call it then her tummy is expo-sed.
” she is just a visitor ” tony said quic-kly and I felt hurt a bit
” guy this one set ooo ” john whisper to my ear and I frown looking at him
” nothing de her b©dy na ” tony said and continue watching game of thrones
” be like say you no see the way her yansh shake when she waka go kitchen ” john said and I sign, she isn’t cute one bit and I dont think she has arse
” she is all yours ” I said trying to concentrate on the movie, I just met that girl today and I dont think I hate her tho
” food is re-ady here ” she drop my meal in my front and I stare at her as she smile ” am not eating ” I frown and she also frown
” why??” She asked rising to her feet with the food looking a bit sad ” If you don’t want to eat fine” I was surprise, a good wife will f0rç£ her husband to eat
She is acting this way, why will I marry her, she sat next to me so did my friends, all of them eating the fried rice and chicken she prepared
She even gist with my friends leaving me out, the food smelled so good and my stomach grumble” here ” she place a spoon of the meal close to me ” eat ” staring at her I thought, it wasn’t bad to have a bite
Opening my mouth and moving close she retreat her hands and eat the meal, everyone laugh and she stick her ton-gue out for me laughing
Am not marrying this lady, never
Lucia is something else

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