His Village bride 2 finale

ma-king HER MINE
This is it, this night am finally getting even with john, am finally getting rid of him for good ” boss everything and everyb©dy is set at the right position ” I nod starring at Ben
” I just want a clean sh0t, straight to his head and we are off” I sit down in my office chair looking at john throu-gh the c@m£ra I planted there
There is no way am heading over there, Lucia hated the idea of me killing him so I will have to blame it on the police since they are on their way there and the moment they arrive one of my men should shoot him dead
” we will fire at your command ” ven said throu-gh the caller I put on ” I appreciate that ven, I nee-d your eyes out and the moment the police rush in, fire”
” yes sir” I sit patiently and stare at john talking to a man that look half dead from drugs, I would have love seeing the look he will have when I sh0t him
I would have love killing him myself but it can’t be helped, I don’t want any evidence leading his murder to me. John collect the brief case and handed the other man bag of money, his company is in bankruptcy but he prefers to spend the money on drugs
The police break down the door and that’s when the sh0t fired straight to john head several times, I watch him fall to the floor but I still wasn’t satisfied, this death is too easy for him. I wanted to punish him
What about his family
I shake the voice behind my head ” good job guys, now you go nee-d to get out of there ” that’s it, john is dead
I turn around and look throu-gh the window, I finally have revenge for my family, for Lucia even tho she might hate me now
Is all over, I can rest now, I can breath freely now
Coming back from the sunday service I fall on the couch, the moment tony push me away I decided if am leaving, am going with my parents
” Lucia mummy is waiting for you in the dinning together with mum maria ” joy beam and I smile
” am coming ” we all live together now and Sam seem more clingy than usual, I don’t think I want to hurt peace more so I ask her to go back home and relaxed
I also don’t want her hating me, am a married woman they is no way I could return those feelings back to him, its been a week after the death of john
Is in every news paper, Tony killed john but due to what I re-ad is his drug dealing client that sh0t him dead but I still feared tony has something to do with this
To t©p it all he haven’t called for a whole week, is he trying to get over me, is that the real reason he push me away
He is done with his revenge, why not come to me, in my arms. Isn’t this time for us to live our happily ever after or aren’t we worthy to have one??
” mum!!!” Lucy yell and I remember that I am nee-ded in the dining room, I quic-kly rise to my feet and rush over there, their face planted in smiles
” what am I nee-ded for ??” I draw out a chair and take my seat ” we nee-d you here in order to pray and start eating ” mum said and I smiled
” everyb©dy close your eyes and hold hands ” mum maria said, we giggle and follow her orders
” can I pray ” Lucy voice echo out
” go ahead ” mum said and I caught Lucy smiling face
” God thank you for this delicious meal cooked by my two grand mums ” I smiled at that ” thank you for bringing back my dad and strengthening our family, may this food bring us together. Amen”
” Amen!!” Everyb©dy chanted and started digging in their plates, I clean the tears foaming in my eyes and slowly eat the yellof rice
The truth is that I miss tony
” oh my god what are you doing ” I asked snatching the chocolate from her ” that’s too much alre-ady lucy” I glare at peace who keep buying her lot of candies
” am sorry ” peace bend down and cu-p Lucy face ” I just love buying things for my sweetheart ”
” and I love aunty too ” Lucy hvg her and I chuckle, am glad Lucy has lot of people close to her
” am glad we c@m£ to this picnic ” I look around smiling ” its peaceful here ”
” well am glad that Sam isn’t her ” peace muttered drawing my attention and I stare at her ” what???”
” you like him don’t you”
” huh??”
” you like Sam” I face her probably ” you can talk to me, I won’t tell ” she bit herl-ips then nod her head
” how could you tell ” I shrugged at her question smiling ” am good at those thing of stuffs you see ”
” I hope is not written on my face ” peace t©uçh her face and I chuckle ” what about Tony ”
I avert my gaze ” I haven’t talked to him for two weeks now and he didn’t even call, from one day to two days, a week to two weeks ” I frown ” I don’t want to even talk about it ”
” dont you think something bad happen to him ” peace look worried and I start to think, what if he also got sh0t
” something bad happen to who ” I roll my eyes ” who else if it isn’t that stupid ignorant…… ” I st©p talking then quic-kly turn my gaze to the direction of his voice
” Lucia ” tony stood there, his right hand shove in his pocket and Lucy on his left arm, he is putting on this brown short and black t©p ” I…..” Rising to my feet I snatch Lucy from his arms and drop her down before sl@pping the hell out of his face thrice
” fv¢king $h!t !!!” He gr0@nrobbing his cheek ” do you want to kill me ” everyb©dy attention is on us now but I care less
” you didn’t talk to me for two weeks ” I hit his che-st tears foaming in my eyes ” for two damn weeks ” hit hit ” you snubbe-d me ” double hit ” you push me away ” this time he gr-ab my hands and draw me in for a hvg
” am sorry Lucia” tony said ” I wanted to call but I nee-ded space to redeem myself and hand that company to someone else” I run his hand throu-gh my hair ” plea-se forgive me ”
” I hate you ” I inhale his manly scent then stare at him ” I hate you so much ”
” am sorry ” he smile down at me ” but I can’t say I hate you ” he k!ssmyl-ips and almost everyb©dy yell
” go get a room ” I giggle and watch tony drag me to his car, locking us in, me on his l@p ” did you kill him ”
” yes” he stare at me, not even regret in his voice ” I killed him Lucia and I don’t feel sad about it, I only feel that I give him a quic-k and easy death ”
” tony” I covered my mouth and watch the hurt in his eyes
” I have gone throu-gh a lot Lucia and I have changed but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you ” he hold my hand ” I will forever love you but I nee-d you to tell me that you can still be with me after what I did ” he purred ” I don’t want you been ashamed of me ”
c@r£ss!nghis face I smile ” I can’t say that am not a bit surprised but I can never be ashamed of you and I will always love you ” I title my head to my left ” but why were you avoiding me ”
” preparing the company and tickets to Russia ” I open my mouth but he cut me off ” we are all going and we will have someone truth worthy for your company to be handed offer to for care ” he k!ssmy cheek ” I want to start over with you ”
” me too ” hisl-ips met mine and I melt into the k!ss, wra-pping my hands around his n£¢k and closing my eyes, his hands circle my n!pplema-king me g@sp and he use the opportunity to dive his ton-gue into my mouth, pla-ying and tasting my mouth
” fv¢k, I missed you ” hisl-ips lower to my n£¢k as he ni-bbled on them ” I missed this b©dy ” he take off my t©p in one swift motion and I whimper
” tony!!” I m0@n ed the moment I feel hisl-ips on my n!pplesu-cking me like his life depended on it, his other hands squee-ze my arse ti-ght ” oh god tony” my hands move to his short as I unZi-p them ” I nee-d you in me now”
” you want me to do what ” he asked withdrawing, I frown nee-ding his skin to my skin ” ask nicely princess ” he trace his f!ngersto my n!pplesquee-zing them
” plea-se tony, I want you to fv¢k me ” and just that his hands tuck my Sk-irt higher tearing my p@n-ts away while I free his c0ckout of his short and lower myself on him slowly
” fv¢k!!” He m0@n the moment I take all of him in ” can’t believe am fv¢king you in a car ” he move me fast on him, thrû-sting dee-per than usual ” I can’t get enough of you ”
” you feel so good princess ” he bite my n!pple” ¢v-m for me ” and just like that, my Orgasm hit me ha-rd , I could never get enough of him
In no time he join me sh0ting load and loads of ¢v-m into me ” I love you so much Lucia, don’t forget that ”
” I love you too ” I smile knowing that I have found my happily ever after, difficulties may come but I know we will overcome them, this isn’t the end but the beginning
” holy $h!t, you two are n-ked ” mark half yell and tony cover me up with my shi-t ” get out of here, old man ” mark chuckle shaking his head ” young children “I could feel my face heat up really ha-rd ” don’t listen to him, he’s a per-vert ”
In no time we were dressed and out of the car joining them in the picnic area ” Lucy st©p straddling your dad ” I chuckle pu-lling her away from tony before she kills him
” got you !!!” sam chuckle tickling peace I watch them pla-ying and wonder when Sam will realize he likes her and st©p testing her like a kid
” your big head ” joy yell while hitting kelvin head, they so much love fighting, stupid siblings of mine
My two mum sit gisting of things I don’t know of while mark and Elizabeth are talking about me and tony again
I wish we are remain happy like this forever, I wish nothing change, even if change come it should be a good change
” catch her daddy” Lucy yell and I watch tony fire towards me I rise to my feet and start running with f0rç£ while laughing