His Village bride 2 Episode 1 & 2

( ma-king her mine )
Book Two 📕
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Noel Innocent
Chapter One 📖
” what the hell are you doing Lucy ” I yell lifting her off the ground and giving her a glare ” you are getting yourself all dirty ”
” I wanna pl@ywith the other children ” she whine and I shook my head heading back indoors ” mum!!!”
” you don’t help me in washing those clothes okay ” I muttered dropping her down in the living room ” mum am back ” k!ss!ngher cheek her gaze avert from the TV landing on my face
” how is my jenny doing today ” she smile sitting up while I sit next to her ” it was great, everything is perfect but the deal with Mr jobson is taking longer than expected, the capital……..” Maria shut me up giggling
” is okay jenny ” she shake her head ” you don’t have to live your life working okay”
” mum I told you, I alre-ady have a daughter and it has been five years if those memory wish to come back its about time ” I said starring at Lucy pla-ying with her doll on the floor ” there must be a reason my memories don’t want to come back” I stare back at my mum, the kind woman that save me that night ” am jenny now, your daughter ”
Maria smile and open her arms ” come here ” nodding I rest my head on her che-st ” are you hungry jenny ”
” am famished ”
” wait right here while mummy fix something for you ” I watch her walk away and I just smile, sometimes I wonder if I have a family
Do I have a mother, is she alive, is she lovely and if yes are they searching for me
I won’t know because am living jos now, my old life is behind me and am all new, I just nee-d to protect my baby girl ” Lucy don’t stick that in your mouth ”
She stick her ton-gue out before pushing the doll hands in ” for a five years old you’re annoying ” running after her in the living room she chuckle
” mummy still love me ” she giggle continuously as I tickle her ” of course I do ” I chuckle
” come here jenny, take a bite ” maria called and I lift Lucy in my arms ” let’s have dinner okay ” she nod and I smile moving to the dining table
Its been five years, five years of constant nightmares that I refuse to say to anyone, five years of me struggling with myself but am grateful God made this kind woman to find me and because they don’t have a child they treat me as theirs
” jenny are you okay?” Maria asked bringing me back and I flash her a smile ” still not use to eating without your dad ” maria asked and I nod, she should be the one in pain. Her husband died from cancer that’s the reason am working in their company now. Their heir but that isn’t it, I actually feel sad for no reason. During this day every year I feel sad
Is something special about today that I forgot, what is it, why isn’t it coming to my head
“Am sorry ” I clean my tears ” am not use to it, am feeling strange that’s all ”
” mummy plea-se don’t cry ” Lucy said ma-king me chuckle then nod ” promise ” she straight forth her f!nger and I giggle more
” pinky promise ” I said and we all chuckle, maybe I should move on and forget my past
” grandma, grandma today I kick a guy bu-tt in school ” Lucy yell and I sh0t her a glare
” so that konfu is working ” maria said and I shake my head, like grandma like daughter
Dropping the last file I relax on my desk and breath slowly ” happy birthday Lucia ” I smiled turning my chair around and looking throu-gh my windows ” happy birthday ”
” and you’re still thinking of the dead ” peace muttered and I roll my eyes ” she is my wife fish br@in ”
” but she is no longer alive and you’re now in Russia ” peace stood in my front blocking my view ” it been five years ”
” and you are still annoying ” I gr0@nlooking at her ” do you want to marry me ” I furrow my brows and she act like she want to throw up
” of course not, you’re my cousin ” she half yell and I look at her expressionless ” then get the fv¢k out of my study room ”
” am never gonna make you laugh, am I ” she sign and walk out ” tell Lucia happy birthday for me “shutting my eyes I don’t even remember the last time I smiled or laughed
Five years ago all that left me, I just got sad by the growing minute and the nee-d to kill john with my ba-re hands
For five years I have been arranging everything, every move I will make, an-alyzing every detail
For five years my heart has shut down, couldn’t let anyone in, Lucia remains there and every night on her birth I stare at the sky asking God why he took the only light from my life
” you nee-d rest son ” mark voice echo and I turn around, he lean there on the door holding a cu-p ” we are returning to Nigeria tomorrow ”
” but not to lagos right ” I sit up ” why can’t we just go there right away ” I asked, the nee-d to see the look on john face is insatiable
” we are landing in Jos because I have a business meeting then we will fly to Lagos ” mark mumble ” like the saying, the patience dog eat the fattest bone ”
” maybe you’re right ” I turn around ” you go to be-d I will return in few minutes ” the sound of the door shutting I close my eyes. Preparing my self for tomorrow
Going back to my old life is a big deal.
Book Two 📕
Chapter Two 📖
Throwing my luggage in the car I look at Nigeria, jos precisely, it sure has been a while that I c@m£ here but nothing has change
No new development, everything remain the same and my hatred for this country remain the same
Locking me up even when they knew I did nothing, no b©dy in their right s-en-se will like it here ” how do you feel ” mark tap my shoulder and shrugged
” like $h!t ” responding I shove my hands in my pocket ” you can go ahead, I will like to look around for awhile ”
” I have a feeling you don’t know any place here ” mark voice seem worried and I nod
” if I get lost I promise to call you ” his laugh was de-ep before driving the car away. I look around the airport, everyb©dy minding their business
Walking I exhale and my gaze fall on a p@rticular couple, holding hands, laughing and walking away. Averting my gaze I wasn’t in the mood to think of childish stuff
I certainly do not know how long I have been working but I seem not to care, I stare at a hvge school building, shook my head as children run out as the bell for school closure rang
Again i Avert my gaze and keep walking but the cries of a little girl got to me, I turn to my left, she was sitting on a hvge rock and far from school which just dismissed
Normally I will prefer walking away but this child got my attention, she look pretty familiar, walking closer I stare at this kid ” why are you crying ” I asked gaining her attention
” my mummy!!!” She sob more ” I can’t find her ” bending close to her I think of several things to st©p her from crying but what
” come, let look for her together ” the child shakes her head and moves back a little ” what’s wrong”
” my mum told me not to follow strangers ”
” and why is that ”
” they use children for money rituals ” she look at me now and I was speechless and taken back, she look just like Lucia
Do people come back to live in another b©dy, I know am not mistaken, I will know that face anywhere, she looks like Lucia when Lucia was little
” don’t worry, I won’t kidnap you ” I straight forth my hand ” I just want to help ”
” pinky promise ” she said and I furrow a brow before nodding and instead of holding my hands she jump off the rock and climb my b©dy from behind
For the first time in five years I smiled, a sincere smile before rising to my feet ” where last did you see your mum ??”
” in the principal office but I don’t know the way back to school ”
” what’s your name little girl ” I asked
” Lucy ”
She wra-p her tiny hands around my n£¢k ” do you want to be my friend ” she whisper and I nod alre-ady getting a glimpse of the school and her woman standing there almost freaking out
” is that your mother Lucy ” I asked bending down while Lucy jump down nodding her head and running off to her mum
Glad I could help
Shoving my hands in my pocket I turn around re-ady to leave but her voice st©pped me ” mister!!” That voice
The Moment I turn around and watch her fastening her steps towards me, I could feel my heart beating fast than usual
” thank you so much ” she smiled ” I thought I lost her ” my hands was shaking and I wonder if I was dreaming
” Lucia ” the word c@m£ out in whispers and she turn behind and then face me again, confusion written on her face. I had to step closer ” Lucia, is this you ” I asked and she responded with silence
Herl-ips p@rted finally breaking the silence ” I just want to thank you, that’s all ” she tried walking away but my hands quic-kly gr-ab hers and draw her closer ” wh….wh…what are you doing ” she stammer and Lucy being hitting my leg
” let mummy go ” I didn’t respond to that, I draw my face closer to hers to have a clear look
” let go ” pushing me back she favoured me with one of her sl@ps ” who are you calling Lucia, you must be mistaken. Am jenny ”
I frown then step back ” excuse us ” she hold her child’s hand and walk away leaving me to my thoughts
What just happen?
” what made you this quiet ” peace mumble ” well you have always been quiet but why are you even quiet ” I still don’t know why she cane to Nigeria with us
” why won’t you leave me alone to think” I gr0@nsitting on the couch in the living room
I cannot forget how Lucia looks, she looks just like her and then her child. They is no mistaking
” hey peace” I said ” is they a possibility of someone looking exactly like you ” she furrow her brows smile and eagerly sit down and I just knew I made the biggest mistake asking her
” well firstly, yes there is a possibility ” she move closer ” are you looking for someone as pretty as me so that you can fall in love and since am I cousin, you can’t do that but don’t……. ” using my hand I knock her head s£nding her to the floor
” no wonder you don’t have a b©yfri£nd” i muttered while moving upstairs ” get a life peace ”
” right after you ” she yell back laughing while I shut the door and sit on my be-d, taking off my shi-t
They is no way Lucia could have survive that bomb. John said she pas-s out after he R@p£d her and then he bomb the whole place
Even if Lucia escapes she should be in Lagos not jos
It has to be someone else
” you can’t believe the nerve of that man ” I half yell at Sam ” am so angry right now ” Sam chuckle and hold my hands on the table
” am glad he didn’t t©uçh you ” he relax back on his chair ” I might have beaten him up, right Lucy ” Lucy mouth was fill with food as she nod her head smiling
” he is just a mad man that’s all ” I stare at Sam ” thanks for being here for us and for lunch even when I can buy for Lucy myself ” Sam face turn a little sad
” come on Jenny, I always told you that you should allow me take care of you ” his eyes search mine ” I love you okay ” I nod my head and flash him a sincere smile
Who is Sam to Lucia
Tables has turn