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His signature episode 5 & 6

Written by me: Authoress succy
Episode 7
My driver halt the car after driving in, through the gates
I alighted from the car while my driver parked the car properly in the parking lot.
I came home quite early today, can’t bored myself to death cause of some office stuff and all that.
the guards who had my car in another car alighted from theirs while one if them got a hold of my briefcase.
I took steady and majestic steps towards the sitting room large Dior which opened on it’s own, u got into the sitting room and eye searched for mum but couldn’t find her, guess she isn’t aware that am back already.
“sir your phone” one if the guard handed over three ringing phone to me.
this stress is too much.
so much for being the only child.
I punch the answer button and the voice of the caller boom into my ears
#good day sir Xavier# my secretary called and I rolled my eyes
“#your presence is urgently needed at the office# her voice was damn loud and clear probably she shouting or something
#keep your voice low when talking to me am your boss, do you f**king get that?# I yelled into the phone and she reduce the volume of her ear piercing voice
#am sorry sir#she added
#I can’t get to the office now, whatever it is should wait till tomorrow#I spoke into the phone sitting my ass on a couch and the guys beside me like am some wild animal or something
#am sorry sir it’s urgent, the Chinese investors actually sent their representatives here and they planed on taking back the contract if you refuse to sign or stamp the deal today sir# she said and I stood up from the couch immediately
#what!, I can’t lose that contract, there’s no way am losing it # I yelled into the phone and she kept mute
#okay! you know what!, get my manager to sign the deal in my place# I retorted sighing in relief
#am sorry but the company already paid him his balance cause you said his services aren’t needed # she said and I kept mute trying to take in what she’s a saying
what the hell is she saying?
#what’s wrong with you huh?
will you do as I say or get your f**king ass off that office before I get there?# I yelled again and caught a glimpse of mum running down the stairs
she looked worried
there isn’t a day she doesn’t look worried
“Xavier !” she called and I shut her and angry glance and she shut her mouth up
#am sorry sir!
but you fired him three days back# she said and I slammed my palm on my forehead as the realization suddenly hit me
#you know what!
reinstall him and get him to sign the deal as fast as possible# I said and hung up not waiting for her reply
“Xavier!” m called again sitting close to me
“am busy mum!” I replied and stood up on my feet
“sir!” the guard called motioning for me to take the other ringing phone
luckily for me the last one has stopped ringing
#Sir!# a loud voice boomed out of my phone and I restrained myself from yelling at the caller
#what’s it again?” I cooed into the phone
#the registrar in charge of the business tutoring for industrial training just called from Miami she said and I furrowed my brow
#so…..!# I motioned for her to speak up
#so we need your presence here in the industry!
you haven’t been present for some time now and your needed to seal the deal so they can commence the tutoring# my industrial capitalist manager said and I frowned
#do that yourself!# I said
#i can’t sir!
your presence alone is enough to approve it# she said and I frowned
#do as I say!!# I yelled and hung up picking up the last phone which has resumed ringing
#good day Sir
#good day!# I replied coldly
#the client from Germany said he isn’t satisfied with our services and need you to personally” she was saying when I interpolated angrily
#sort it out your self!# I yelled
#but Sir…. #
#do as I said!!# I yelled slamming the phone on the wall and mum gasp
this people just don’t know how much they are troubling my life
they should all leave me the hell alone
I think I need an assistant!
a good one at that least I fall down dead someday
this lady got some nerves
she looks stronger than mum had described her
I quickly got off her before she shove that knife into my belly
she’s really gonna be a hard nut
I looked at the stairs to see mum smiling widely on seeing the lady
“good day ma’am” she greeted and mum smiled gesturing at her to sit,
which she did
“what’s your name?”
mum asked
“Elsa!” she replied roaming the house all over with her shiny hazel eyes
she’s pretty cute!
I will gat her sprawl on my bed very son
“okay Elsa!
I have a job for you!
and trust me the pay is good” mum said and a smile broke on her face
she’s obviously in dire need of the job
money controls women
with money, I can make her moan my name while I damage her legs
I grinned in self satisfaction
“what’s the job like ma’am?
is it something I can do?”she asked and mum smiled
“yes dear!
it’s something you can do so well
not different from what you did to me” mum said and her eyes shone
“Stealing?” she asked obviously in shock and surprise
“not at all my dear!
that’s way too harsh to call it, perhaps stalking will be okay!” mum said and a smile lit up the lady’s face
“all I need is his signature!
with that I can nail Xavier Orlando down to the ground” mum said and I smiled while the lady just looked on keeping mute
” so how do we go about it ma’am?
when do I start?” she said
“you’ve started already dear all I need is your full cooperation!” mum said
Episode 8
I walked out of the bathroom with a towel around my waist while another was on my hand and I dab my face with it before hanging it on the rails
I sat on my dressing table, picked up an hand dryer and began drying my hair.
I feel so not me today!
can’t wait to get an assistant, someone who’s gonna help out or perhaps help me in my office job from home
yeah! home!
have got lots and lots of assistant in the office
getting one here won’t be a bad idea
it will reduce my working stress least I fall sick or even stigmatized
so much for being an only child and the CEO of so many companies and industries
mum isn’t helping matters
all she do is sit and eat as much as she can.
she’s nothing near being a good mother though she’s caring and all that
but she doesn’t care about my feelings
she seems comfortable with my lonely life style
well, am comfortable with it too, so let’s see how it goes
who’s gonna cry at the end
perhaps she will be the one to cry over my corpse while I journey to another world
a world free from pains and hurt
maybe am gonna be able to forget all my haunting past then!
I placed the and dryer back into it’s position before applying lotion all over my body
I pulled the towel off me and before slipping myself into my clothes
I ran a comb into my hair before pulling my shoes Into my feet.
I got a hold of my already packed briefcase before running down the stairs to join mum for breakfast.
“good morning my Prince” she cooed ruffling my already combed hair
“morning mum!” I replied sitting on one of the dinette chairs while a maid dish out my meal
I got a hold of my cutlery and dig into my breakfast
“how is the meal son?
is it too hot or cold?” mum asked and I rolled my eyes at her
“it’s okay!” I replied nonchalantly and she smiled pinching my cheeks
“Do you like the sauce on it?
or i should call a maid to come clear it off and replace it with eggs?”she asked and I gulped the food down my throat
there’s no need for that mum, I like it this way!” I replied trying hard not to flare up and concentrate on my meal
“how about the fish?
you know how steamed fishes taste like, some how sour!
do you by chance like it steamed or I should get you one fried with vegetables and….”
“mum!!” I yelled slamming my fist hard on the table
” can you please let me eat in peace?”I yelled and she quickly apologized
“am so sorry Xavier!
am only trying to be a caring mum!” she said and I frowned
“and have told you times without numbers that this isn’t how to be a caring mum!
your marring my day” I rasp and she kept her head bowed
“am sorry” she apologized again
“I think you need a book on what bring a caring mother is all about!”I said sipping from my glass of water
“so are you really bent in getting an assistant from home?” mum asked and I shot her am angry stare
“I won’t have put up an advertisement for it if I don’t want one mum!”” I yelled and mum let out a frail smile
can’t a day go without anybody getting hook on my neck?
they are all beginning to piss me off and mum who’s suppose to make things easy for me, is busy making it super worst.
“about the advertisement stuff Xavier!
so many people are coming and calling for it, so i pick up an interview date which happens to be today!
don’t you think it will be fun if you conduct the interview yourself” mum asked and I stood up
I think this is the height of it, am damn fed up of her little tantrums and unnecessary questions
“come on Xavier!
your not done with your meal” mum said and I gave her a hard glare
“am fine!” I retorted and walked out
I took a last look on my clothes, took a deep breath before taking a bold step forward into the interview section of the house
what did I just say!
I mean Mansion!
it was a damn beauty to behold
the ineffable beauty of it glitters like a shiny gold
the whole surrounding was covered with flowers which trailed from the gate down to the mansion entrance.
I just pray I get this job and help Mrs Madison out with the job she assigned to me
I can’t believed am gonna be paid for two jobs
that’s killing two bird with one stone in idioms right?
wait a minute!
the advertisement shows clearly that am gonna be an assistant
that’s the more reason why Mrs Madison asked me to go for it, that way I will be closer to her sin and get the signature easily
but what do they need it for anyways?
well, that’s not my job!
my job is to get it and that is all that …….
“Next!!”I g
heard a loud voice that disrupt my thoughts and I rushed into the main hall for the interview
we are more than a 100 jobless fellows here
I pray I get chosen
I rushed into the room and sat down in front of a lady who looked well dressed
that’s his mum right?
Xavier’s mum!
cause Mrs Madison showed me her pics
“what’s your name” she asked staring at the system in front of her
“Elsa!” I replied and she frowned
“so rude!
that’s not a polite way to answer a question” she said and I kept shut
“why do you wanna work here?” she asked and I frowned
is she okay?
” Because I saw the advert!” I said and she pop up her head at me in surprise
“well then, what do you like about my son?”she asked and I frowned
“nothing!”I replied and she scoffed
“how are you gonna serve my son?” she asked and I almost rolled my eyes
“I will serve him the way am suppose to” I replied and she rolled her eyes at me, stretching out her hands
“your qualifications!” she said and I froze
I didn’t thought of that before coming
“I don’t have ma’am
Elsa oo


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