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His signature episode 13 & 14

Written by me: Authoress succy
Episode 13
I walked down the stairs with steady steps, screwing one of my phones.
I felt so alive probably because of the fact that have gotten an assistant and my office work and duties have been reduced drastically though the new assistant seems work a holic.
I took my gaze up from my phone and it fell on mum,
hold on!
she isn’t alone, she’s with a young lady and mum is having a chat with her, like mum is smiling with her.
what brought about the sudden likeness?
the mum i know hate and detest commoners how come she seems drawn to this lady?
what could be so special about her?
and from all indications, she isn’t anything different from commoner, judging from her dress sense, she had on an almost fading gray top, a light blue trouser and a green snickers.
she look more than a clown with the multi colour dresses she had on.
and her hair is kinda messy, though long and she tied them up in a band and placed a red band on her hair.
I huffed at her though she haven’t seen me, fixing my gaze back to my phone.
“good morning sir” one of the maids greeted immediately I had settled down on a couch with my legs intertwined together.
the maid bowed slightly and from her dressing, it’s seems she’s a kitchen maid probably a chef cause she had on an apron and a kitchen cap.
I sent her a glare while mum looked on along side the funny visitor she had with her
“sir!” the maid called again and I pop up my head at her, more out of anger
“can you please tell me why your here instead of pestering me with your ugly croaky voice?”I yelled taking my gaze back to my phone
“hmm…am sorry sir!” she apologized and I kept mute like I hadn’t heard her voice out a thing
“what would you like for breakfasts Sir!” she asked and I scoffed my eyes still on my phone
” i have a food menu don’t I?” I asked irascibly, giving her a cold glare
” am sorry sir!
you do have one but I felt you won’t be needing it anymore” she said and I restrained myself from yelling at her
almost every soul in this mansion is piggy headed and senseless
how could she think of preparing me another meal without checking up on my food menu
for goodness sake who’s she to do that huh?
my doctor?
” sir!” she called and I paused for a second
” get out!” I ordered more like whisper and she saunter away.
the next time any maid will disturb my peace, I will walk out through the gate and never come back till they all come back to their senses
I took my gaze to mum and her guest and mum stared back to while the guest kept on talking nonstop
perhaps she’s mums live jester
or perhaps a local comedian cause she’s nothing different from one
“good morning Xavier!” mum greeted and I kept mute snubbing her
i aren’t in the mood for tantrums, brawls or argument of some sort
” how was your night son?” she added and I forced out a smile
“it was great mum!” I replied and she smiled broadly
okay, why’s sh being happy?
Xavier meet Elsa!” she introduced and the so called Elsa of a girl,kept on taking her gaze from me to the house, the interior and the designs, then back to me
” Elsa meet Xavier my son!” mum said and the young Lady or perhaps the young comedian, let out a loud ‘hi’
where the hell did mum got her from?
” she’s gonna be your personal maid, she will do your laundries
make your meals
your bed
prepare your bats
you will definitely love her” mum said and I frowned
hold on,mum!
did you just said love!?” I asked angrily and mum gasp
” oh! no Xavier!
that isn’t what I mean
I mean she’s good and tour gonna like her” mum said and I frowned
” there’s no point liking her cause her appearance alone pissed me off and am glad to say I don’t like her
so she can leave!” I said and mum wore a frown
” come on sweetheart!
you can’t possibly dislike her at first sight!
she’s she’s the same lady I told you had rescued me from the hands….”
” come off it mum!
there’s no need having this conversation cause I don’t want her and that’s final” I said authoritatively taking my glare back to my phone
” you will do no such thing honey!” mum said and I huffed getting off the couch
” I placed an advertisement for an assistant, not for some desperate personal maid
besides have gotten an assistant already” I said defiantly for goodness sake, I don’t want people around me not even friends
worst still have gat so many females around me
I don’t need them cause they are the brain behind my ugly past
” just give it a trial son” mum coax
” I said I don’t want her mum!
can’t you get it!” I yelled
” there’s nothing I can do about that son
am using the job as a pay back for her kind gesture” mum said and I frowned
don’t tell me mum is choosing a Lady over me?
worst still a commoner!
I shot her a hard glare before storming out of the sitting room
Episode 14
I let out a pretty long yawn, tossing right and left on my bed.
I pray this job shouldn’t turn out to be an evil night mare cause her son doesn’t seems to like me,or perhaps he doesn’t like the idea of me being close to him.
he’s kinda cute, cold and grumpy and from the conversation he had with his mum yesterday, it seems they’ve found an assistant for him
maybe she’s gonna be my tool in getting his signature,
can’t wait to get that which I came here for! and go out into the world to live my dream life
I took a glimpse of the time and gasp
first day at work and am late already
I ran into my bathroom, wash my mouth and face before taking my bath in that miserable bathroom
I got out minutes later with my clothes on and walk ran out of my prison like home
” Elsa!” dad called looking transfixed probably because of my resenting outings and late comings
” where are you going to in such a hurry?” dad asked and I couldn’t reply immediately as I placed my left hand on my chest trying so hard to catch my breath
what am I gonna tell dad now?
I don’t want he and mum to know about my new found job
they would freak out and probably lock me indoors if they get to know about the nature of it to them every thing is ‘risky’
life itself is risks and am ready to take that risk, even though it will take my life, I don’t care!
provided my parents are strong, hale and healthy
they’ve done so much for me
perhaps the only thing they haven’t done for me is laying down their life for me and I bet, they are gonna give it all for me when the need arose
” Elsa!” dad called again and I came back to my senses
I wanna take my usual stroll
yeah! my morning stroll” I said and dad gave me a disbelief look and I could tell he doesn’t believe in the shit I had just said
am pretty good at telling lies and flimsy excuses but today seems different
I couldn’t even find my tongue and my well packaged lies seems to have dissolved out of my head
you don’t go out for your morning works with your handbag!
and you don’t wear makeups!” dad said and I froze
I just spoilt everything unknowingly
” listen dad!
this isn’t makeup okay!
it’s just a lip gloss!” I said getting damn impatient
hope I won’t get hurt?
why’s everybody acting like some sort of obstacles or something!
but you don’t go out with handbag!” dad said and I frowned
“come on dad!
I just wanna take it along with me cause I would be needing it to hide in some gambling cards, if I go gambling today” I lied ruffling my well packed hair
you still go out to play gambles?
after what your mum and I told you about!” dad almost yelled looking disappointed
I better go pull off this clothes cause am pretty sure I won’t be going to work today
cause dad has already opened another chapter
all thanks to my stupid brain who couldn’t bring out a little perfect lie
” you know what dad!
have gat something I wanna catch up with
see you and mum later, bye!”I cooed and dash out through the door running to get a cab
today please be nice
I took the cup of coffee I had ordered for and i smiled immediately the maid left
I sipped out of the coffee and took a glance at my wrist watch
it feels so good to be free from all work shits and all that, having a funny looking personal maid feels super good cause am gonna make her spend time here and hell for her
after all I never asked her to help my mum from some crazy hungry looking thugs
who knows, it might be one if their numerous plots to draw attentions of bigwigs to themselves
I took a hold of my cup of coffee and brought it closer to my mouth to get a sip from it when my room door flung open and that godforsaken maid of a girl, rushed in looking wide and I ended up spilling the hot coffee on my thighs
“ouch!” I wince
clenching my teeth in anger
“am so sorry sir!
there was a huge traffic jam Sir!” she apologized trying to take the coffee cup from me and I threw it at her but she cleverly dodged it
” you swine!
is this when your suppose to resume huh?” I yelled staring at my messed clothes
luckingly for me, I didn’t suffered a burnt, I would have strangled her to death myself
“am so sorry sir!” she kept her head bowed
“oh! please!
get out of my sight you trash!” I yelled and she wore a frown
” i really don’t get why your throwing words at me
I came here to work!
not to get lectures from my grumpy boss!” she said rolling her eyes and I blinked severally
did she just said that to me?
what the hell !!!
“hold on! did you just talked back at me?
like you have the guts to talk back at me huh?” I yelled restraining myself from hitting her
“I think I just did!
and i believe you don’t have problems with your ears sir!” she said and I felt my breath seized
hold on!
is she saying all that to me?
our Elsa haff started oo


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