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His signature episode 11 & 12

Written by me: Authoress Succy
Episode 11
“please help” she cried wincing in pain
suit her well
perhaps I shouldn’t have interfered
I should have gone the other way on seeing her so this thugs will teach her some morals that will sit in her head
I watch as the thugs turned their attention back to her and began dealing her punches and slaps
” I said let go off her!!” I yelled getting off from the tree were I had lean on
” and what if we don’t?” one of the thugs asked sizing me up with his ugly bulging eyes
” you won’t like my actions!” I said crossing the lonely road to meet up with them beside the road on the second lane
” what?
A Lady?” one of the screamed in mocking laughter
” she’s even a Lady” another of them chipped in and I pulled off the face cap I had wore
” woah!
what a beauty!” another one chipped in taking his bottom lips into his mouth lewdly
“too bad!
just a punch from me will spoil all that beauty” the first guy said and I smiled, making them furrow their brows at me in surprise and confusion
I took my gaze back to Mrs Orlando, who was already bleeding from her nose and her cheeks had already turned red from the numerous punches she had received from the thugs.
what if I hadn’t Come in here?
perhaps she would have been laying unconscious by now
such a pretty lady who unfortunately was mean and super wicked
the more I stare at her, the more I wanna walk out and allow the thugs to unleash a little lesson on her,but I just can’t ignore her
not in this state!
I needed to save her cause I have a mother at home!
I won’t rake it easy on any one who lay a hand on my mother!
though Mrs Orlando is rude, mean and evil, I can’t just bring myself to ignore her
she’s in danger!
who knows, this goons must have been sent to kill her, she’s a big wing!
the mother of a billionaire!
that eventually makes her a hot cake
” please help me” she called frantically and I took my gaze off her and placed them on the thugs
they are huge and well built!
with strong masculine frame
they have manly traits while am only a female
what if they gang up on me and Mrs Orlando?
I need to act fast!
the taunts took their attentions from me back to Mrs Orlando who’s crying hysterically
” get your hands off me you swine!”she cried as a slap fell on her lips making it bursted with blood dripping off nonstop
” I will get The cops at you!
my son will kill you
he will make sure your parents spends the rest of their poverty stricken life, behind bars” she cussed nonstop even as the thugs kept on raining punch and slaps on her
such a stubborn lady!
I got on the road and sighted a moving cab, coming in a high speed and I decided to play a fast one of them
“the cops are here!!” I yelled and the thugs dashed into the nearby shrubs on sighting the oncoming cab
” get into the car!!!!!” I cooed and Mrs Orlando leaped into the car
ignite the engine and drive!!” I yelled as the cab drove past
” my car is spoilt!!
it broke down a whole ago” she said and I slammed my hands on my cheeks
we are so dead!!” I cried
” lemme call my driver” she cooed and placed a call to her driver to send her another car
she dropped the call and I heard the sound of broken louvers
they came back!
the thugs came back!!!
before I could think, they got gold of my hair and tried pulling me off the car while Mrs Orlando was whispering already in fear
” let go off me” I yelled digging my nails into his wrist and the pain he felt on his hand made him loosen his grip on my hair
I got a hold of Mrs Orlando’s leg and she wore a surprise look on her face
” what are you doing?” she asked
” pls just shut up” I yelled pulling off the heels she had on
I threw one at her and opened the car door
” where are you going?” she asked in fear
” come out and fight!” I said and she looked scared
” I can’t fight!!’ she said and I frowned
” then get ready to die ma” I said and raise the heel, landing it straight into one of the thugs eyes
“arrrrrrrrrgh! he screamed in pain and fury
he lost his balance and fell into the shrub beside the road
I left him as he battled with his eyes
Mrs Orlando came down from her car and began swinging her heel up in the air while I menace towards the other three thugs remaining
I got closer to him and in a swift, I landed the heel on his head but he tried dodging it, when the sharp edge poke into his nostrils making him yelp in pains
a car drove towards us and stopped in front of us
the car doors flung open and two armed guards jumped out of it alongside a young man
” that’s my driver!!” Mrs Orlando yelled hysterically and in a flash she got into the car while the young man who happened to her driver was behind the wheel
the thugs all flew into the shrubs while the guards ran after them in a hot pursue
I got into the car panting heavily
“take me out of here!!” Mrs Orlando yelled like she was gonna bit off the driver’s ears if he delayed for a second
” you need to see a doctor ma’am” I said after a thick silence and she nodded in agreement
” thank you Elsa!
I won’t forget what you did today, I hardly show appreciation but your actions today actually changed it” she said and i smiled
” what would you want me to give you in return?” she asked and my eyes shone
is she being serious?
Episode 12
Mrs Orlando
” what do you want me to give you in return?” I asked and her eyes shone
nothing ma’am!
nothing!” she replied and I smiled taking a look at the rear mirror
I can’t believe those fools had the nerves to disfigure my face, something I spent so much in making it smooth and flawless
f**k! those ugly thugs and their f**king parents or wretch guardians
” alright then!
I will give you the job if you don’t mind!” I said and she smiled
” thank you ma’am” she replied staring around the car like she hadn’t got into one before
” but your gonna be my son’s personal maid, cause have gotten him an assistant already and she’s good in the job!” I said and she nodded
” that won’t be a problem ma’am” she replied and I took my lips in and wince on remembering those ugly dunce actually gave me an heavy laden slap that made it bursted
” alright then!
report to my house early tomorrow morning so I can introduce you to my precious son Xavier!
he will tell you when to resume when he had seen you
trust me, your gonna get is approval in being his personal maid cause I won’t mind telling him the selfless act you put on in saving my life” I said and she nodded beaming with smiles
the driver swerved the car into a bend and I placed a call across to my car dealer
I need another car!
there’s nothing am gonna be doing with a stupid car who flailed me and almost got me killed or perhaps hospitalized
that silly pretty face car was at fault!
if this Angel in disguise hadn’t come, only heavens knows what would have happened to me
but who could have sent them?
it’s pretty clear I had so many enemies
so many of them cause they are jealous of my son and I
too bad, they can’t get at us
not even an itch!
and this girl here……Elsa!
yeah Elsa!
she just won my heart
I will make sure she becomes Xavier’s personal maid or perhaps guard!
she’s quite strong, smart, brave abs fearless
she has won my heart already
” Elsa!” I called and she pop up her head at me
“you are welcome to my house, anytime, any day” I said handling her an entrance card
“that’s my private card, show it to any of my guard whenever your coming” I said and she smiled happily
“thank you ma” she replied
“I will drop here ma’am” she said and my driver brought the car into a halt
” do you live around here?” I asked staring at the tall buildings
“no ma’am I wanna see a friend!” she waved at me and my driver drove off towards the hospital
I wonder what Xavier is gonna say, when he sees my face covered in plasters and bandage
omg!!” Mrs Madison said in excitement when I had narrated all that had happened to her, her son kept mute, staring at me like he hasn’t seen me before
such a cute looking flirt
his eyes held many lusts
as he gave me so many eye signs and all that
too bad, I won’t even think of falling for him and if he tries shit with me, I will kick him hard on the balls
“Elsa!” i heard Mrs Madison’s voice as she gave me a happy smile while I returned it
I feel so excited!
even more than they can think!!
can’t wait to start up this job, get the f**king signature and dash out of this country far from their reach to live a comfortable life with my mum and dad
“don’t you think this calls for a celebration?” Mrs Madison asked and her son kept mute
” well ma’am, we can celebrate it if you want!” I said and she rushed off her sit towards the bar
“are you being serious mum!
like you wanna celebrate this?” her son asked and she scoffed
“come off it Samuel, there’s nothing wrong with it” she said getting hold of a bottled wine
“there’s everything wrong with it mum!
every single f**king thing” he said and I frowned
what’s wrong with this one?
he should better stop posing as a barrier and lemme get that wine trap inside my mouth
it’s been ages since I drank wine
what did I just say?
I mean to say taste!
I really can’t remember the last time I taste one and they are all if local brand!
unlike this one which seems classic in quality
I bet, the taste will be so sweet as it looks
I looked on from mother to son and that stupid asshole won’t just take his eyes off me
the last thing I was ever gonna do is to fall for him
I won’t stoop so low to get a one night stand with him if that’s what he wants from me
“I really don’t know what your problem is Samuel, but you should be happy she got the job
we were considering opting for plan B and you know how dangerous it could have been
life could have been lost” she said and I froze
don’t tell me this people are ready to kill all because of an ordinary signature!
of what importance is it?
I think I really need to be careful with this woman and her son, before they poison me to death
she’s dangerous than I thought
“hmm….ma’am! I would like to take my leave now!” I said and she frowned
you just got in here” she did and I smiled
” yes ma’am but I need to go prepare for tomorrow” I said and she smiled
” hmm….Samuel
can you please walk her to the door?”she said and her son stood up smiling sheepishly
” hey!” he called when we got to the door
” what do you want?” I asked irascibly and he chuckled
“chill baby!
your back on my bed will soothe my nerves
” go to hell!!!” I yelled
i will pay you well” he said
like mother like son!!
“f**k you!” I yelled and dash out of the house


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