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July 24, 2021


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His queen batch 3

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🥰 His Queen 🥰
They are perfect match ☺️

Episode 13

By: Evelyn Mba



💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
Finally, we got home

Yeah….. We, cause Chad decided to be a gentleman and drop me home.

Good night. He said.
Good night. I replied and smiled.

We stared at each other for a while till I decided to break the silence.

Uhmm.. See you tommorow then.
Yeah. He replied.

He got in his Car and drove out.

Mom am back. I said turning on the lights.

Yeah, I can see that and who was the guy that dropped you. I couldn’t see his face.

Uhh… He is my Prom date, the one I told you about.

And this Prom date does not have a name.
His name is Chad. I replied.

Chad, the name sounds familiar.

But, you are late Lilian, where the hell did you go.

Mom, we were at the Fashion Hall. I replied.

Yeah, you said that earlier but I don’t believe you. So tell me where that guy took you to . She yelled.

Seriously Mom, we are talking about this again.
I didn’t go anywhere and why the heck are you bothered by it. It’s not as if am doing anything wrong. I yelled too.

Lilian, am just trying to protect you, don’t you get it.

No Mom, I don’t.
Sometimes I just feel as if am just a tool, you merge with any company you want. I said as a tear dropped down my face.

Sweety, am sorry. She said.

I ran to my room, Mom never understands me.

But I don’t care anyways.

I took my bath and fell on the bed, just then a message popped in.

💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
Me: Hey, you asleep?
Lilian: Who is this?
Me: Ohh… Sorry. It’s me Chad.
Lilian: Chad, how did you get my number?
Me: Took it from a friend.
Lilian: You mean Stacie.
Me: Yeah. So, how are you doing?
Lilian: Am fine and you.
Me: Always fine and handsome too.
Lilian:No one asked you if you were handsome?
Me: Yeah. But it’s always In my category.
Lilian: Bye Chad, am feeling sleepy now.
Me: By, sweet dreams.

Lilian Lilian. There’s this part of her that I love.

Could it be that am falling for her. No, it could just be infactuation not love.

But why do I keep thinking about her.

Oh God. I muttered.

Yeah, tommorow is the day. A smile curved on my lips..

🥰 His Queen 🥰
They are perfect match ☺️

Episode 14

💖 Stacie’s Pov 💖
Two minutes remaining to open the big party, come on in people. The announcer yelled.

Where the heck is she, have been waiting for her for over 30 minutes now.

Just then, a flashy car arrived and first a security opened the door and there was my Princess.

Lilian, OMG you’re amazing. I said.
Thanks. She said.

Have you seen Chad? She asked.
Yeah, why are you looking for him? I asked.

Uhmmm. He is my Prom Partner for tonight. She said making my gasp.

You mean your Prom date, when did you two get super close.
And why am I Knowing this now. I asked.

Uhmm.. am sorry babe, things just got crazy, I’ll tell you all about it later. Okay.

💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
Okay, let’s go in. Stacie said.

We got in and a WOW escaped my lips, this is amazing.

I mean I never knew it would be like this, with this decorations.

I was still looking around when someone pulled me, making me embrace him.

Seriously Chad, what’s wrong with you. You almost ruined my dress.

Almost is the keyword babe. He said and winked at me.

Babe, that new.
Can you let me go now. I said softly.

You are beautiful. He said.
Uhmm.. Thanks. I said.

For the big party to begin, I would like to call on Chad Dante and his Partner to begin this amazing night with a dance. The announcer yelled.

Are you ready? He asked.
Yeah, but am kinda nervous. You know?

Don’t be, you’re with me. He said and I rolled my eyes.

But yeah, I couldn’t ignore they butterflies that danced in my stomach when he said ‘ you’re with me, it made me kinda feel special somehow.

We walked to the spot light, the music started.

His hand was on my waist, while his other hand was holding my right hand, and my left hand was on his shoulder. He pulled me close to himself.

His breath was fanning my face. I couldn’t move my body.

He was staring at me and I couldn’t take it anymore I looked at the floor.

He released my hand and raised my face making me look at him.

What are you doing? I whispered.

Making sure you’ll never forget this night. He said and smiled.

A night spent with me. He said again.

🥰His Queen 🥰
They are perfect match e

Episode 15

I smiled, I won’t forget. I promise. I whispered making him chuckle.

They changed the music, his two hands was now on my waist while my hands were on his shoulders.

🎵 I love you babe…. Forever you are mine. I was born to love you…..🎵
They music continued.

I wish I could say the same thing to you. He whispered.
. what did you say? I asked.

Nothing. He replied.

🎶🎶 I was born to kiss you. The music continued.

I looked at his lips, then his face. Lilian what are you doing. I said closing my eyes.

I was forced to open them when he closed the gab between us and kissed me.
I tried pushing him but he was stronger.

I don’t know what came over me, I just gave in and kissed him back..
He tightened his grib on my waist, while I wrapped my hands on his neck.

I didn’t care about the student’s taking pictures or what mom would say.

All I thought of was just me and him.

He stopped and stared at me, my breathing increased.

I love you. He said and my eyes widened.
I don’t know how it happened or when but I can’t stop thinking of you. He said again, I couldn’t say anything that moment I became dumb.

Don’t give me a reply now, think about it first, okay. He said again.

He kissed my hand as we left the stage.
My heart couldn’t help but dance.

💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
I couldn’t help but smile, she kissed me back.

Dude, don’t tell me you don’t love her. Troy said giggling.
That was the best dance ever. Josh said.

Stop it, already guys.
So, are you gonna tell us that you don’t love her or what.

I do and I confessed my feelings already. I replied.
OMG, I can’t believe my ears, is this Chad talking. Troy said again.

Bro, that kiss session was hot.
Shut the fuck up.

Yeah yeah yeah.

😈 Vicky’s Pov 😈
I won’t let that bitch get Chad first. I said.

Am gonna make sure Chad becomes mine.
Just then I saw her coming down the stairs.

Hey, your dance was perfect. I said.

Ohh…. Thanks. She said.
Do you love Chad? I asked her.

What if I do? Wait, why the question.
Do you love him. She asked.

Yes, and I can do anything to make him mine. So if you have any feelings at all babe, please let it go.

Are you serious. She asked laughing.
Yeah, I am
Okay then, bye. She said still laughing.

I will make sure you pay for everything you’re doing Lilian.

Chad is mine and mine alone..

🥰 His Queen 🥰
They are perfect match ☺️

Episode 16

💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
I took my bath and sat on my bed.
‘ I love you’ it kept ringing in my head and I couldn’t help it but smile.
Just then Nanny came in.
Nanny, can I ask you a question?
Yes, go on hun.

Nanny, how can you know, that you love someone?
Lil, if you love someone, every minute you spend with that person makes you happy and you keep thinking of that person.
But why the question. Are you in love?

Nanny, I know I love Chad but I don’t want to accept it.
Is it because of your mother?
I don’t know Nanny, everything is just up side down. I don’t know what to do.

If you love him, then chose him. Don’t place your happiness on what your Mom wants.
I smiled, thanks Nanny you are the best.
Peep….peep. A message popped in, speaking of the Chad. Nanny said looking at my cell phone.
Thanks Nanny. I said and hugged her.

It’s okay, make sure you go to bed early, okay?
Okay. I replied.
I opened my message box

Chad: Hey, beauty.

💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
I was waiting for her reply.

Lilian: Hi Handsome
Me: How are you doing?
Lilian: Am good and you.
Me: Am always great
Lilian: How was Prom for you today, knowing it’s once a lifetime.
Me: it’s was amazing because I got to spend it with the one I love. What about yours?
Lilian: t’was incredible. Thanks you for today.
Me: No, am the one to say thank you for making me to know the basis of life. Thank you
Lilian: Awwnn, I feel like tearing up.
Me: Go on.
Lilian: I know you’re laughing right now.
Me: And I know you just rolled your eyes. Now we’re even.
Lilian: Good night, sleep tight
Me: Sweet dreams.

Have been standing her for like 15 minutes now D, but you’re still chatting. Olive my younger sister said.
Uhmm… Sorry, you didn’t tell me you were there.
I did not want to disturb you and your girlfriend. She said again.

Geezz…. You’re 11 for God’s sake, who is teaching you all this words.
Mom said you should come down for dinner.
Okay, am coming. I said signalling her to leave.

You’re coming with me. She said
Because Mom said I should come with you.

So hurry up, you know I hate cold food…

🥰 His Queen 🥰
They are perfect match ☺️

Episode 17

💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
We got to the dinning, I pulled out my chair and sat down.
The look delicious Mom. I said and winked at her.
What took you guys so long. Mom asked dishing out the food from the huge glass plate in the middle of the table.

T’was Chad, he was busy chatting. Olive said and I gave her a glare.
Ohh Mom, guess what. Chad has a girlfriend.
Oh Jesus. I muttered.

Will you shut up and eat. I half yelled at her.
Why? You don’t want Mom to know about your girlfriend. She said and rolled her eyes.
She’s not.
Nevermind. She said cutting me off.

Who is she? Mom asked.
She is just a friend of mine. I said giving Olive deadly glares.
Okay, enough talking. Your Dad is coming down soon. Mom said.
I’ll deal with you later. I whispered to Olive

Whatever. She said and started eating.

💖 Fast Forward 💖
The cool Breeze hit me as I stepped down from the car, yeah today is Saturday, Mom and I were at the beach waiting for her friend and her daughter.
We arranged everything, the umbrella, the chairs and the fruits. Few minutes later, the arrived.

Her friend came and so did her daughter.
OMG, Lilian. I half yelled.
Hey, Chad. What are you doing here.
I couldn’t take it anymore, I walked up to her and hugged her.

💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
He walked up to me and hugged me and I reciprocate the hug.
Ohhh…. You two know each other. The two women asked at once.
Yes Mom, he is my friend and he was my Prom date as well

Are you serious. Mom said smiling.
Wait a minute. You are the girl Olive was talking about. His mom said.

Who’s Olive? I asked.
His Junior Sister. She said.
Olive said you are Chad’s girlfriend. She said giggling.
Uhmmm…..Mom, can we talk about other things…. please. Chad said.

Ohhh…. My baby’s shy. She said and we all laughed.
Enough of the talking. Let’s sit.

💖 Patricia’s Pov (Lilian’s mother)💖
Wow, so the know each other. I whispered to Rita and she chuckled.
That means, there’s no too much Job here.

We should just give them a little privacy. Rita said.
Lilian, sweetie we are coming okay. I yelled.

Okay Mom. She said

.🥰 His Queen 🥰
They are perfect match ☺️
🔥~~~~~~written by Evelyn Mba

Episode 18

💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
So, we meet again Chad Dante. I said.
You know when I think about it, it looks funny. He said.
What’s funny?

You’re the one my mom has been pestering me about all this while.
Yeah, it looks funny to me too. I said.

Uh…uh… So, have you given a thought about my proposal. He asked.
Uhmmm… I don’t know. I replied.
It’s okay, I can wait. Am ready to wait for you. He said.

I couldn’t help but smile, gosh I love him too.

💖 Vicky’s Pov 💖
Mom, I hate this life. I yelled crying. I love him mom for a year now.

Have done everything possible to gain his attention but he doesn’t even look at me.

But instead he love another girl. I really want to die mom. I kept on crying.

So, what do you want me to do. Mom asked mockingly.
Mom am in pains here. I yelled.

So, you know if you didn’t look like me, I would say that you’re not my daughter. Mom yelled back.
I don’t have a weakling for a daughter.

You watched the new girl take away your what belongs to you and then you ran home and expect me to do what, go get your man for you.

Stop it Victoria Alegre you are better than this.
If you truly love him, go get him. Mom said.

Wow…. Never knew mom could give such a good speech. I said.

I will never stop unless Chad is mine, that I promise.
Good. Mom said smiling.



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