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July 24, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His queen batch 2

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🥰 His Queen 🥰
They are perfect match ☺️

Episode 7


💖 Stacie’s Pov 💖
We walked around the Pool, taking pictures and dipping our hands into the pool.
Am cold. Lilian said.
Are you serious, but it’s warm here. I said.

I have bad memory for large body of water, I don’t go near them. She said.
Okay… Let’s go back to the Park.

Look where you’re going. A guy said.
Why don’t you look where you’re going. Lilian retorted.
Wow.. Princess can talk uhh. He said.
What if you swim in that water. He said again.

Make me. She said and hissed.

He pushed her into the water.
What, you’ll pay for this. I yelled.
Somebody help, she’s drowning. I yelled.
Oh God, I can’t swim too. Please help us I kept on yelling.

Just then, someone jumped in to the pool and brought her out.
Who are you. Thank you so much. I said.
Uhhh…… Chad, how did you…
Will you shut up and take her home. He yelled.
Uhmmm. Thank you. I said.

And you… Who do you think you are to do that to her. He asked the guy.
He’s so gonna get it.
What are you gonna do. The guy asked .

That’s it.
Chad punched him, he fell on the floor. He climbed on him and kept on punching him.

Stop it already, do you want to kill him. Lilian said waking up.
Lilian. I said hugging her.
After what he did to you, you want to let him go like that. He asked.

Yes, so let him go. She said again.
It’s okay, I don’t care anyway. He said walking away.
Let’s go home. Lilian said.

💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
I got home, Nanny make me a hot tea, please. I said.
Why are you drenched? Nanny asked.
Nothing. I said.

I mistakenly fell into the pool earlier. I said.
What were you thinking going near water. Nanny asked again.
Nanny am okay now, so stop it already.

I entered my room, locked the door. I don’t want Mom to come in.
Just then, I remembered, I did not even thank him for saving me.
God. I muttered.

I’ll tell him tommorow. I said.
I just need a good nap. Now.



Episode 8

💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
Geezz, why did I even say that ‘ I don’t care anyway, I know I care.
Oh Fuck, what am I even saying.
I don’t care…..yeah, I don’t. I said.

Son, what’s wrong. Mom said looking at me.
Nothing. I said and walked to the pool, I dived in.
Oh God… This water is damn cold. I said.

Hey, make this water damn hot, Now. I ordered.
Okay, sir. They said.
Am just taking my anger on them, Lilian or whatever her name is, she’s making me go crazy.

I saved her for Pete’s sake but all I got was cold words.
I don’t care anyways.

💖 Fast Forward 💖
Hey, watch it. I said as I pushed Lilian out of my way.
Hey are you dumb, how about a sorry. She said.

Why, you were on my way. I said.
She walked to me and said.
I don’t know what’s wrong with you but I’ll let it pass. But there won’t be a next time. She said walking away.

I’ll get you. I said.

💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
That girl is getting on my nerves, she’s always glaring at me as if I stole something from her.
By the way, where they heck Is he. Have been looking for that guy for an hour now.

I walked to his private class, the guy sure is a King. It was classic, I mean a chair, a table. Wait a minute, is this a class or an office.
I was still going round the class, when his cold voice came out.

What are you doing here. He said giving me a deadly glare.
A..am here to say ‘ am sorry and Thank you. OMG, I was stuttering all this while because of this Jerk.
Okay, bye now. He said sitting down.

Dude, am really sorry, I wasn’t myself that day, that’s why I yelled at you even when you were the one who saved me. Pleasee. I pleaded giving him puppy eyes.

Okay I’ll think about it. He said.
Okay, bye. I said walking out.
Phew….. I said.
Just then I recalled what I said.

I’ll do whatever you want me to do.


Episode 9

💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
I shouldn’t have said that, what if he says I should do something crazy.
Aaarrgghh…. Lilian, you’ve fucked up big time.

Bang Bang Bang. They bell rang, come out for announcement. Mr Andrew yelled.
Seriously, what announcement this time. I half yelled.

We all gathered, waiting for the big announcement.
Prom is two days from today. Mr Andrew said.

What, are you serious. Echoed from the whole hall.
It’s too fucking short to do anything. Vicky said with her dolly voice.
Oops, too bad for you doll. I said walking pass her.

They should have told us about it earlier. Stacie Complained.
But, it’s okay we can go shopping tomorrow. Right? I asked.
Yeah, maybe. She replied.

💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
Dude, what’s popping. Josh said grinning.
As you can see, nothing much. I said.
Ooohs. Have you heard about Prom. Troy asked with a silly face.

Yeah, I heard about it. I said.
Who’s gonna be your Prom date David. I asked laughing.
Oh God, am screwed. David said laughing too.

Dude, can’t believe you broke up with three girls within a month and you expect one to be your Prom date. I asked still laughing.
I have not found her yet. He said closing his eyes, as if she would come out from nowhere.

Keep looking bro, she’s on her way to you. Troy said laughing out loud.
What about you Chad, where the heck is your Princess. Josh said looking at me.

Trust me, she will come when it’s due time. I said smiling.
Or maybe she is here, but you don’t want to accept it. Troy said.
Yeah bro, she’s here she’s here. David sang like a child.

Seriously, I thought we talked about this guys.
Lilian and I….. We’re not even friends, so please stop your crusade. I said.
Wow. Josh said smiling.
Nobody talked about Lilian here, so why the hell will you bring her name up. Troy said laughing.

I….I thought you were talking about her. I said trying hard not to stutter but no I did stutter.
Dude, did you just stutter for a girl. Troy said with widen eyes.

This just go interesting. Josh said.


Episode 10

😜 Troy’s Pov 😜
This just got interesting. Josh said.
What did she do to you bro? I asked and hit Chad’s shoulder playfully.

Am going home. Chad said taking his bag from the lawn.

Oh no, bro we have to go to the party tonight. Right? I asked.

Nope, am not coming. He said.
Why? David asked
I don’t feel like, okay. He said walking away.

What should we do. David said.
Let’s get the two hot troublesome fellas together. Josh said.

Speaking of hot, I was thinking if asking Lilian out, you know she’s beautiful, hot and gosh, she’s sexy. I said.

Are you serious. David said looking at me.
What a perfect idea Troy. Josh yelled standing up.

Uhh…. What’s the idea? David asked.

😌 Josh’s Pov 😌
We’re gonna make Chad Jealous. I said.
Troy, all you have to do is make Lilian be your friend and tell Chad you’re dating her.

And boom, mission complete.

It’s perfect. David said.
Okay, I like the friend part. Troy said smiling.

Hey, don’t think of doing anything Stupid or else. I said.

Or else what, am gonna be grounded for a week Dad. He replied laughing.
Maybe. I said laughing too

It’s time already, let’s get going.

💖 Stacie’s Pov 💖
Who’s gonna be your Prom date Lil? I asked.
Prom date, am not even coming. She replied laughing.

Are you serious, but it’s once a lifetime. It will just be you and me pleasee….. I pleaded.

Awwnn, am sorry but I can’t come. She said.
You just spoilt my day. I said.

💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
Prom date my ass.
Am not even going, I’ll prefer to go fishing than that.

Mr Dante, the Principal is calling for you.
Okay, I’ll be there in a jiffy. I said.

Good afternoon Sir. I greeted
You called for me
Mr Dante, you are the one to open the Prom night. He said.

I don’t get you. I said with curiosity laced in my voice.

You are the one to open the Prom night with a dance.


Episode 11

By: Evelyn Mba

💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
A….a dance, you mean I should dance. I half yelled.
Yes and with a Partner too. He said with a straight face.

You’re funny. I said laughing.

No one is laughing here Mr Dante, it’s your school so you have to do it.

Someone can do it. Please. I pleaded.

It’s a No, you have to do it. He said.
Okay. I said leaving the office.

Seriously, why me. Gosh and with a Partner too.

This is so not okay
Just then I thought of Lilian.

Yeah! Phew I almost forgot, she owes me.
But how do I ask about it.

I walked to the class and stood in front of the classroom.

Lilian, will you be my…..
No no

Lilian, can you be my….
Oh God no

Okay, okay. Lilian will you be my Prom date… No
Lilian, will you be my….

Will I be what?

Geezz, you scared me. I said.
Will I be what? She asked again.

Uhmm… Will you be my uhmm…

Will I be your what, spit it out already.

Will you be my partner in Prom.

😍 Lilian’s Pov 😍

My jaw dropped, is it me or is this guy asking me to be his Prom date in a weird way.

Are you serious? I asked to be sure of what I just heard.


Stop stuttering and say something Mr Dante. I said and he chuckled.

Me, stuttering. Nah… You didn’t hear me well, I don’t stutter.
Okay, if that’s what you say.

So, about the Prom thing are you doing it.
I wasn’t coming to Prom but since am owing you, I’ll try so as to pay my debt. I said.

Thanks. He said.

You’re welcome. I said and smiled.

For the first time, ever since I landed on Dante’s High. Am smiling at Chad, I was surprised too when he smiled back.

Okay. I said walking away.

Uhmmm….. Lilian, can you check my outfit, I don’t have any idea on what I should wear.

Okay, let’s meet at Fashion hall, we’ll both pick our dresses there.

What time.

4:00 clock, don’t be late. I said laughing.

Okay Ma’am.



Episode 12

😑 Principal’s Pov 😑
We all know what tommorow is right, so be ready for your big night.

Enjoy, I wish you all the best.
Good day.

💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
Who noticed that, the man talks with his nose. Vicky whispered to her friends.

Well I do. The girls answered.

Good Lord, Bitches talks too much. I groaned and stood up to leave.

Oh my God, what’s that smell? Vicky asked.

It’s coming from her. Silver answered.
What did you say. I asked going close to her.

That you’re smell……

Before she completed it, I landed a slap on her cheek.

She held her cheek, are you crazy. She ranted.
Next time you try me or say something bad to me, I’ll make sure you eat the lawn outside.

I sighed and left them, that would teach her a lesson.

💖 Fast Forward 💖
Nanny, am going out.
Where are you headed to young lady.

Mom, am going to check my outfit for myself and my Prom Partner.

Wow, you got a Prom Partner. I would like to see him.

Mom, it’s not what you think, he’s just a friend, nothing more.

Bye now. I said running out of the house.
Mom with her questions.

I got there exactly 4 00. Looks like she came right on time.

What, Chad you are here already. I said.
Have been here for the past 30 minutes now. He said looking at his wrist watch.

Let’s go in now. I said.

This one is okay
No, I don’t like it. But I like it.

Lilian, am the one wearing it and I don’t like it.
Then chose whatever you want. I said sitting down.

What about the couple outfit. He said.
C.. couple outfit, but why on Earth are we to put on couple outfit. It’s for couples dummy and we are definitely not one.

Please, I saved your life remember. He said.

That again, I said thank you remember. So we’re even. I said again.

But we’re taking it. Give me a nice couple outfit. He said to a designer nearby.


T. B. C

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