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March 5, 2021


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His property episode 8

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His Property – Episode 8

I held the hem of my shirt with trembling hands. The only time a man has ever since my nakedness was in college when I had sex and Stefan, my one night stand but apart from that, no one else.

My former employers all tried but none of them could ever succeed, one of the major reasons why I would always get fired.

“I- I can’t Mr Pierce.”

I say unable to speak those words properly.

“I didn’t ask you if you can or can’t, I said you should do it. I own you now or did you forget?”

He asks cheekily clearly enjoying this.

“Well you own me to work for you, not be your personal stripper.”

“Like I said, why have a personal stripper when you can be anything I want.”

He licks his lips seductively and a plan formulates in my head. Feeling a bit more daring than usual, I let go of my shirt and walk towards him.

He eyes twinkle in confusion clearly surprised at my actions. He was a bit taller than me so I had to raise myself to reach his height.

I pressed my lips against his softly, kissing him passionately, reaching for my clothes I was going to change into The moment he let his guard down, I grabbed the clothes quickly, turned around, ran into the bathroom and locked the door from the inside.


He thundered clearly upset.

“Well you aren’t going to stay in the bathroom forever are you?”

He adds raising his voice, I secure the lock taking off my clothes and stepping into the shower. I’ll deal with his problems afterwards.

I placed my fingertips over my lips where hers stayed just a few moments ago.

I wasn’t angry that she didn’t want to strip for me, in fact I didn’t want her to. I just wanted to rile her up a little. I was furious at the fact that she outsmarted me.

No one outsmarts me, I’m always one step ahead so I have to ensure it never happens again.

My phone started ringing, I check the ID and it’s the reason for all my problems, the reason why I had sex with Lina in the first place. A one night stand to forget all my problems. I click ignore deciding I didn’t want any of her troubles this night. I can call her back tomorrow.

Tonight, I’ll show Lina who’s the boss and who’s not.

I give the order to the maids to prepare a three-course meal waiting for her to leave the bathroom.

Half an hour later, I’m sure she must be dressed by now.


I call out to my bodyguard.

“Get Miss Grant here, tell her we’re having dinner.”

He nods his head professionally and disappear.

“Umm Sir…”

He says moments later.

“Yes Rio…”

“She’s refusing to come downstairs, said she’s not hungry.”

“Why that!……I guess I’ll just have to go up there and make her come then.”

I say standing up.

“Umm Sir, she says if you come to her room you’ll regret it.”

He looks a bit shaken after saying it.

“I’ll regret it! Why I’m gonna show that girl exactly who’s boss…”

“She says if you come there feets within her room, she’ll jump through the window.”

“WHAT!” I fired fumming in anger.

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