December 4, 2020


Mind blowing palace

His property episode 65 & 66

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Episode Sixty five

I knew I could trust him because within the next five minutes, I received a text message containing the address. I zoomed off in that direction with hopes of finding Lina.

It was a good Twenty minutes drive to get there. Twenty minutes to think of what I’ll say to her when I eventually arrive. I literally threw her out and now I’m driving like a mad man to go find her. If I didn’t know better, I’ll say that maybe I’m loosing my resolve.

“Hi, Lina…”

I said to myself right before I smacked my head. That sounds terrible and absolutely cliche. She must still be hurting and I can’t just say “hi” But then again, I wouldn’t want to come off too strong.


I grunted in frustration. The worse part is that I tried to offer her money. The look in her eyes wouldn’t go away. Her eyes glistened with tears right before they spilled.

“What were you thinking!”

I exclaimed still annoyed with myself. I’m driving to go find her but what if she says she’s doesn’t want to see me?

What if she hits me? What if she shouts at me or curses me?

Those would hurt really bad but there’s only one thing I can pray for right now. It’s that She doesn’t hate me. I’ll never forgive myself for that.

“Stop beating around the bushes and just admit the truth.”

My subconscious scolded. I exhaled then sighed.

“If I admit the truth, I’ll go nuts. I can’t think of the feelings I might have when I’m not ready to act on them. It’s not fair to Lina.”

“So it’s fair to chase her when you know there’s no future?”

It added again making me rub my temples with one hand, the other on the wheel.

My subconscious is right. I should just leave her alone. It’s selfish but why can’t I help myself.

“I just want to make sure she’s okay. Once I’m sure, I’ll leave…”

I said out loud.


It mocked. I shook my head scoffing lightly.

“It’s now or never.”

I looked at the house in front of me. I actually owe a lot to Sharon. I’m glad that I got to be the one that night and not so crummy old man. Regardless of the circumstances that led to our meeting, I would never change history for nothing.


Coning up with nothing so far, I mustered up courage and walked to ring the doorbell.

“I’m coming.”

A voice came up from inside. It wasn’t Lina.

A thought creeped in that maybe she’s in her room crying or maybe she’s hurt. I felt a pagn in my heart at that thought.

The door knob twisted and Sharon’s face was revealed. Her eyes widened with recognition, she immediately tried to close the door with her foot but I was too quick.

“Please. Let me in. I need to see her. Please.”

I practically begged not caring how I sounded.


“Please. I just want to know if she’s okay.”

Sharon bit her on her lips as if contemplating on something. She sighed before speaking.

“Lina’s not here.”

She responded. Three words which drove a spear through my heart. Oh no.



Red. All I see is red.

“What do you mean she’s not here!”

I thundered in rage. Sharon whimpered and I felt a shred of pity. This is my fault yet I’m lashing out on her. She’s obviously innocent. The feeling was gone as soon as it came when I realised the possibilities of where Lina might have went. Did she do the stuff again? Sleep with another man. I cringed at the thought of someone else touching here.

“No! No! No! She wouldn’t!”

I shook my head vigorously clearing the silly thought from my mind. Lina doesn’t know much people. When she left, I’m sure there’s only one place she’s go, one person she’ll turn to. Sharon.

“You’re lying.”

I fired in rage.

“Do not lie to me. I just want to see her and know she’s okay then I’ll leave at least tell me if she is. Don’t leave me hanging here please.”

I softened my tone at the last part. Getting angry and screaming isn’t going to get me anywhere.

“Stefan, I will not let you harass me in my own home. Lina isn’t here I swear it!”

She screamed back. My heart pounded furiously against my chest. Everything was moving much slower now. My hands were tugging at the roots of my hair.

“What do you mean she’s not here.”

I repeated my earlier question only this time I sounded like a broken record.

“She called and I didn’t answer. I left my phone somewhere when I called back, she said she was with a friend…”

Sharon gulped threading lightly.

“What friend?”

I asked in a low tone.

“I have no idea. She said she would stay with him.”


I screamed getting angry again.

“Who’s him?”

I added. She stepped backwards frightened.

“I don’t know.”

“You’re lying. I’m sure Lina’s upstairs right now. You’re saying these things so I’ll get angry and leave. Lina wouldn’t go to another man. She’s here and you’re hiding her. I’m sure of it.”

I stormed into the house checking every corner going from room to room. Sharon threatened to call the cops screaming her lungs out but I was determined.

After almost ten minutes of searching, I accepted the fact that Lina wasn’t here. Sharon was telling the truth. But what man could she meet with?

The only people she know are me, Sharon and then….

“That f**ker!”

I yelled.

“She wouldn’t….”

I couldn’t completely statement. I got my phone out boiling in complete rage.

“Lina wouldn’t…”

I repeated and dialed Ethan’s number.

“I’ll kill her.”

I swore waiting for him to answer. The moment the answer tone clicked, I screamed.

📞Tell me Lina isn’t at your place! Tell me!

He took a deep breath at the other and end and my thoughts were confirmed. I threw my phone at the wall smashing it to pieces.


I deluded myself into believing I needed to clean up Ethan’s place as a means of paying him back for letting me stay here it’s the least I could do. I was in the middle of they when Sharon called.

📞Hi. I’m sorry I didn’t call you back after yesterday, I…

📞There’s no time Lina!

Sharon raised her voice slightly out of breath.

📞Are you okay?

I ask startled.

📞Lina…. Stefan knows.

She stated.


I stuttered unable to breath.

📞He knows you’re with your friend. He also knows who the friend is and seems really mad. He just left here a while ago. You should’ve seen the way he was driving, I…

We were interrupted when the door was kicked open. My eyes darted towards the entrance and landed on him.

“He’s there isn’t he?”

I nodded although she couldn’t see me and let the phone slip out of my grip


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