November 29, 2020


Mind blowing palace

His property episode 63 & 64

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When I first met Lina, I considered the fact that I might be feeling this way towards her because she was Stefan’s “property” Then, I got to know her and I just can’t help myself. I’ve never been this smitten about a girl from this long. It barely lasts a week, two weeks at best.

Now, she’s all I can think about. Somehow, I knew Stefan might have feelings for her and if it came to that, I would be at the loosing end. I can’t fight my best friend for her but I also feel like I won’t be able to let go of her so easily. She confuses me even more by coming to live here.

I understand that he threw her out because of that other b***h so she has literally no where to go but still, it’s giving me just a little hope that maybe I stand a chance with her and I don’t want to see that hope get destroyed. It’ll crush me.

I laid in my bed thinking of all these things and yet another problem. The reaction Stefan has when he finds out. He’s a f****ng billionaire, I’m sure it won’t be too hard. He bruised me when he thought I told her about Daniella, one can only imagine what he’ll do next.

That’s tomorrow’s problem. For now, I’ll just try and sleep knowing the woman I’m starting to like is right down the hall. With me.

*The Next Morning*

My alarm clock rang out signifying it was Monday morning. I wonder if Stefan knows and how he’ll treat me at the office. I sighed and got of of bed moving towards the bathroom to brush my teeth. When that was done, I stepped out of my room and immediately froze. The scent that covered my nostrils was amazing.

The house smelt like a f****ng bakery or something. Usually, a cook comes in the morning to make breakfast but in all the time she’s worked here nothing has ever smelt this good. I followed the scent and it led me to the kitchen.

A smile covered my face and I watched her cook whole humming a song. I wonder more each day on how someone can be so perfect.


I greeted still smiling. I seemed to have startled her a little, she jumped in fright but smiled noticing it was just me.

“If you keep this up, I won’t let you leave.”

I joked. Her eyes widened and I immediately regretted saying those words.

“I didn’t mean it that way, I just…”

“It’s fine. I understand. It’s just a joke, I shouldn’t be so uptight. This would be ready soon, go get ready for work.”

“Alright ma’am.”

She chuckled this time and I’m glad the sour expression has left the room.


She called out softly. I turned back and faced her.


“Thank you for letting me stay here. It means a lot to me. But if Stefan tries to bring you any trouble, I’ll leave right now. It might take today to make plans but I’ll start packing my bags if he tries to hurt you or something.”

“Leave Stefan to me Lina. Just stay there, cook and look f****ng beautiful as early as this.”

I smirked and she blushed slightly.

“Thanks again.”

“Stop saying thank you.”

I scolded playfully and headed back to my room to get ready.

“Who says Mondays are the worse?”



Six hours. That’s how long it’s been since Lina left without another word. I couldn’t stop her. She’s gone. Maybe it’s a good thing but who am I kidding?

Lina’s gone and Daniella’s here.

“So is your son.”

My subconscious adds making me feel a little better.

After she left, I stayed in her room for the first two hours just standing there. Have you ever felt a feeling of numbness that prevents you from literally doing anything?

That’s his I felt for one hundred and twenty f****ng hours. I just stood there. I faced her bed and just stood there. I didn’t know how much time had past until my knees grew weak and gave out. I slumped to the ground hitting my head.

For the next two hours, I had to put up with Daniella. Apparently she had already gathered her things and was ever ready to move into my room. Unfortunately, I was too tired, drained, mentality unbalanced to argue with that decision.

I spent two hours listening to her babble about her unconditional love for me, the one that doesn’t die and soon she’ll prove it with a ring on her finger. I gave her a nod or two like I was paying attention.

Truthfully and in all honesty, I was tired.

The last two hours, I spent back in her room touching the little things she left. Inhaling her sweet scent before it fades away for good.

I was this close to fall asleep imagining her body beside me on her bed when Daniella showed up tapping me continuously. She said Julian wouldn’t sleep. Lina faded away for the second time while I ran upstairs to go check on my son. When I opened the door he was making small noises.

I cradled him slowly until he fell asleep in my arms. My legs were so wobbly. I dragged them to the nearest bed and literally passed out.

*The Next Morning*

Twenty Four hours.

That’s how long it’s been now. My alarm clock was blaring as at eight am the next morning.

Being the boss, I could decide to stay in and sulk but that would only allow me drive myself crazy. I needed a distraction, anything at all.

Somehow Daniella ended up wrapping her arms around my body. We slept in that position. I’m bring cautiously not to speak to her until everything has been properly finalized. The moment I open my mouth to speak, I’ll lash out at her.

She didn’t seem to mind at all. Infact, she had already begun giving the maids orders upon orders. I shook my head ignoring that problem until later. The only comfort I have is my son.


“Let me help you with that.”

Daniella offered trying to touch me. I curved her adjusting my tie myself.

“I can do it thank you.”

I responded coldly grabbing the things I needed.

“Have a nice day at work baby.”

She tried to place a kiss on my lips. I curved that as well and it ended up as a peck.

“Bye baby.”

I said smiling at Julian before exiting the house.


I got into my car, ignited the engine and took a deep breath.

Just then, I began thinking of Lina. How my Monday would’ve gone so much more differently if she were the one home instead of Daniella.

I sighed in defeat and began driving. A notch rose up in my chest. The closer I got yo work, the harder it was. I pumped the breaks panting unable to breath or think properly, I’m driving myself nuts.

I dug out my phone dialing a number.

“Get me the address of Sharon Tate in the next two minutes.”

I blurted out and hung up. I know it’s selfish but I can’t take it, I just have to see her. I put the car in reverse with a goal in mind.


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