November 29, 2020


Mind blowing palace

His property episode 61 & 62

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I thought today couldn’t be worse than yesterday. Granted I woke up with a massive hang over but still nothing could be worse than getting rejected and thrown out the day before. Absolutely nothing.

I brushed my teeth and put on my floor floops and karma decided to slap me right in the face. I was absolutely wrong. Something could actually be wrong and that would be that Daniella woman showing up with a baby in her arms.

The same baby Stefan was holding. I remember the child’s eyes, it was stuck to my memory as I slept last night but seeing the child and it’s mother in person just breaks my heart.

I heard footsteps coming downstairs. Stefan. I didn’t turn back, I couldn’t. My feets were practically glued to the floor boards.

Before I could say Jack, she’s running inside the house. Her baby on one hand. I turn my eyes flinching at the sight of them hugging.

“I’m sorry baby, I just couldn’t wait.”

Her shrill voice comes out. The words registers in my head making me realise this isn’t a surprise visit. They’ve been planning this for a while. He made me look like a f****ng fool. He probably wanted her all along. The mother of his child. I was just there to pass some time away. Tears brimmed at my eyes but I was quick to blink them back in.

My heart is broken but I won’t give him that satisfaction.

“I’m sorry I haven’t left yet. My things are packed and ready. I’ll leave now.”

I took slow strides towards my room. His eyes were stuck to mine. Unreadable expressions but I was able to catch just one. Sadness. I wonder why though he obviously has everything he’s ever wanted in this world. I exhaled and continued my movements as fast as I can.

“This will have to do.”

I said while changing into a plain gown. I’ll figure out what to do when when I’ve left this place. For now, there’s no next course of action.

Taking one last glance at the mirror, I spuned around finally ready to leave.


Stefan called out breathlessly. His voice knocked all the air out of my lungs. I was no way prepared for this. I turned around and a drop of tear slipped out.

“Thanks for everything Stefan. I’ll leave you to your new life now. Bye.”

My voice came out hoarse but I could care less about that right now.

“Lina. Please.”

“What Stefan!”

I exclaimed sarcastically.

“Do you want to tell me that the child downstairs isn’t yours. That you didn’t lie to me and make a fool out of me. That you haven’t been keeping me here while you had another woman. I’m the stupid one trust me, I actually thoughts….”

I cut myself short and let out a scoff.

“f**k it. I’m leaving.”

I cleaned up my tears and moved towards the door.

“At least let me write you a cheque or….”

Before I could control myself, my hands were in the air slapping him across the face.

“Taking your money was what got me into this mess remember. Never. I mean never will I make that same mistake ever again. Goodbye Stefan Pierce.”

I walked past him out of the place I called my room for a while, rushed down the stairs before he could pursue me.

“Never come back.”

Daniella whispered as I ran past her.

“Trust me I won’t.”

I responded reaching the door. I walked out and slammed it shut.


I blurted out sarcastically.


Being alone and on the road brought a sense of deja vu. Just like yesterday when I did exactly the same thing. My next move would be to call Sharon like last time. Maybe I would even make the same mistake and have sex with another man. I chuckled sadly at that thought.

I have to do things a little differently this time. I don’t want Stefan to find me and Sharon would be the first person he’ll call. As much as I hate to do this, there’s only one person I can call right now. I’m just glad I saved it.

He picked up at the third ring. He must be busy, maybe I shouldn’t have called him.


I sniffled lightly.

Hi Ethan. I’m sorry for calling this early if you’re still in bed or resting.


He asked as if unsure.

Yes it’s me.

I croaked out chuckling once again. I’m being too emotional. Imagine crying while on the phone.

Oh my. You sound terrible.

I know.

I added chuckling while sobbing lightly.

No, I didn’t mean it like that really. What’s wrong?

It’s Stefan.

I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore.

Where are you right now.

I hurridely gave him directions.

Stay right there. I’m coming to get you.

He hung up. I rubbed my palms against one another frantically as I tried to get warm. Like I said, frigging deja vu.


Ethan maintained eye contact while I sipped from my cup of coffee. I’ll give it less than ten seconds before his curiosity gets the best of him.

“She came?”

He finally enquires. I dropped the cup facing him.

“Yup. Arrived in full glory with Stefan jnr.”

I chuckled again.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine Ethan. Once again, I’m so sorry for burdening you with my problems. I’ll think of some place to stay right now so I can get out of your hair.”

“You can stay here.”

He offered making me choke.


“I’m out on work most of the times. I have a guest room that’s not in use and I promise to be a gentleman. I don’t want you staying in some crappy hotel. Please Lina.”

If he only knew I didn’t even have enough money to afford a hotel.

“Ethan, this is too much. What if Stefan finds out…”

“You aren’t his property anymore. You never even were. He might be my friend but no one deserves to be going through what you’re facing. I’ll handle Stefan if he finds out. For now, you just need to get yourself together.”

He reached across the table, holding my hand. I didn’t oppose letting his body hear spread across my fingers.

“No matter what, I’m right here. I’m here for you Lina.”

He declared staring right at me. I looked away.

“It’ll just be for a few days.”

I gave in earning a small smile.

“I’ll go set the room up.”

He dashed away making me smile lowly.

My phone began ringing. Sharon was calling.


I greeted too tired to make an effort at sounding ok.

Did something happen? Stefan Pierce just came here looking like he was going to go mad. He was searching for you. I told him you weren’t here but he didn’t even listen. Are you ok Lina?

I sighed placing my hand on my forehead.

I’m fine Sharon. I’ll explain everything tomorrow.

“It’s all done.”

Ethan said from the hallway.

Who’s that?

She asked in a high pitched tone.

A friend. I’ll explain tomorrow Sharon. I have to go now.

I hung up before she could drag the topic any further and stood up with my bag safely tucked away under my arm.

“I just hope this won’t create yet another problem.”

I silently prayed.


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