November 30, 2020


Mind blowing palace

His property episode 55 & 56

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I threw my head back admist yet another round of laughter. It felt good to let out some steam after a really long day. I felt exceptionally drained after the whole ordeal with Stefan. From last night up until this morning, it’s been one whole big bag of mess.

Having Ethan over was the biggest relief ever. Occasionally, my mind would drift off to him. Wondering what fake deal he was signing or who he might be meeting up with. It’s no matter, when he comes back I’ll find out apparently. It’s really hard not to get curious, I had to keep it together and control myself.

“My throat feels a little dry. I’ll go get some juice. Be right back.”


He grins flashing his teeth. I get up from the couch moving towards the fridge pouring myself a glass of orange juice. I sipped a little before moving back to the living room. Ethan had my phone in his hands furrowing his brows to something on it.

“Is everything okay?”

I asked getting frightened.

“Y-Yeah. Why wouldn’t it be?”

He asks admit a stutter and a slight hint of nervousness. I’ve been around a lot of people to know why a person answers a question with another question, it’s bad news. Ethan is definately hiding something.

“I would like my phone back. Ethan.”

I demand with gritted teeth.

“Alright. Just one moment. I just want to…”

I reach over and swipe my phone from his grasp halting his statement.

“What are you…”

I trail off staring at the screen. The juice nearly slips from my grip. Nearly. It’s takes the last bit of self control in me to gently place it on the nearest stool as I fall into the couch making a plopping sound.

I blink my eye lids rapidly. My subconscious convincing me that I’m definately seeing the wrong thing. It just isn’t possible. Stefan is holding a baby in his arms. The look on his face deducts compassion and kindness, sincerity and most importantly, true and absolute love. The look of a father. I just know it.

It could be a charity event but there aren’t other people around him. The scenery doesn’t look like one. It looks like a home. A home for a mother and child for example.

Stefan is a father. One of the not so shocking things I didn’t know about it life. It could be that or I’m being an extra paranoid person with nothing to worry about.

I look upwards and the countenance of Ethan’s face tells me I’m most definately not paranoid.

Wow, just wow. That’s all I can come up with right now. Wow.


I carefully placed my phone on the table and folded my arms putting on my best nonchalant face ever. I wouldn’t give anyone the satisfaction of knowing this affected me. For all I know, it might just be a charity event like I presumed. I won’t let myself get carried away with what might be.

Stefan and I aren’t an item. I lost sight of the fact that I’m here to do his bidding. I got cosy and now I’m paying the price. Little things hurt. If Stefan does have a child that I didn’t know about, it’ll hurt like hell. I don’t know why, it just will.

“Lina, you shouldn’t….”

“It’s fine. Like you said, Stefan had something or things to tell me. I’m sure an explanation for that picture would be in there somewhere. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.”

I smiled, shrugged and went back to my juice. Most nonchalant look ever. Within me I know how much this hurts. Like f****ng hell.



Daniella had returned from her room suspiciously. By that I meant she kept smiling like someone who had won a lottery. Her face was literally glistening. I concluded it was the fact that she’s going to have me all to herself after months of scheming. I just didn’t think she would take it this far.

It clicked in my mind that I’m supposed to be back home already.

I gently placed Justin back into his cot and faced her.

“About the wedding…”

She grinned once more confirming my suspicions. Still, I felt something amiss.

“I’ll make the necessary preparations as agreed. My lawyer would be here for the signing and I’ll inform you of my arrangements.”

She squeeled happily and rushed to hug me.

“I love you so much Stefan. You won’t regret it. I swear, you won’t.”

I feel so uncomfortable watching her rain kisses on my cheeks moving towards my lips. I gently pushed her away with a fake smile. I didn’t want her getting annoyed before I can be assured Justin is mine

“I have other things to do. I really should get going.”

I chuckled nervously, spun around and left.

Once again, I had entered my car and was back to driving like a semi mad man home. The longer I wait, the harder it becomes. I’ll just waltz in there and tell her the whole truth. That’s what I’ll do.

I twisted the knob and walked in. The aura in the room was making me shiver down to my spin. Lina and I glanced at each other. Then, she looked away and bowed her head sadly.

I shifted my gaze to Ethan. He only shook his head sadly. I gulped and froze where I stood.

She knows.


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