December 5, 2020


Mind blowing palace

His property episode 49 & 50

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The sound of the door closing wipes the smile right off my face. I should feel elated he’s gone right?

I mean I have the whole house to myself, personal space and all. I don’t have to see his annoying face for a couple of hours. It’s perfect so why do I feel so discomforted.

“Maybe it’s because you’re wondering where he ran of to.”

My subconscious teases and I sigh admitting defeat. He said it himself. It’s Saturday, a work free day. It could be an emergency but then again, he confirmed my doubts stating he wasn’t going into the office. It could be the signing of a business deal but that’s work related so it’s still not possible.

A part of me knew he was going to someplace different entirely. That part was really curious and couldn’t help her mind whirling.

The person besides me had the answer to all the questions in my mind but asking him was a risk I wasn’t prepared to take right now.

Minutes later, the burning sensation within me was too much to bear. My curiousity was at it’s literal peak.

I turned my head to face Ethan giving in but he was already staring. He cleared his throat and look away, I did same but bowed my head afterwards.

“You’re staring.”

I stated, he coughed but said nothing.

“Well you haven’t been watching, you seem to be thinking about something else. Someone else.”

He raises his brows at the last part. I make no effort to try and deny it.

“I’m just curious. It’s a Saturday so he should be resting at home or something so I find it strange.”

“I can’t tell you where he went.”

Ethan says, my face falls in response.

“I’m sorry Lina. I just can’t.”

“It’s that bad huh?”

“Not bad. It’s just something Stefan should tell you by himself. It shouldn’t come from me.”

“That’s if he’s ever going to tell me anything.”

“This time, I assure you he will. It’ll be good news too because you might be out of here.”

My eyes nearly pop out of their sockets.

“What are you talking about?”

“Stefan might let you go soon. Any debt your owing him would be paid in full.”

“How? I don’t understand.”

“He’ll tell you everything when he gets back.”

I rest my back on the sofa thinking about his words.

“I think this place is growing on me. Now I might leave soon?”

I question myself a little tired.

“And when you’re out and free, I really hope we can talk and get to know each other. I’ll like that alot Lina.”

He mouths after a few seconds. I slowly turn my head to meet his gaze. There’s no hint of mock or humour in his eyes. He meant every word.



Ethan and Stefan are close so maybe he’s right. I might get out of here soon so what harm would it do to anyone?

“Yeah. You just say when and where.”


He asks with wide eyes.

“Of course. You’re really fun to be around. I’ll like more of that.”

“Even if Stefan doesn’t approve?”

He asks carefully. I can tell by his tone this is a very sensitive topic.

“If what you say is true, Stefan wouldn’t be in charge of my life any longer. Then I’ll be free to do whatever I want.”

“You stayed here long enough, you should know him. You might leave but he’ll never let you go.”

“His property.”

I mutter under my breath.

“That’s going to be my cross to bear. I might what I said, I’ll really like that. A lot.”

I smiled happily and he laced our fingers together. I didn’t protest.

“Lina, i do have to ask. It might seem really sh*tty but curiousity is eating me up.”

“Then, by all means ask away.”

“Do you have feelings for Stefan. Any at all? Small, little, big, huge?”

“Why would you…..”

“Because I really want to know if I’m falling in love with a girl who’s heart belongs to my best friend.”

His gaze is locked on mine and his eyes done hide anything. I let out air from my mouth letting his question occupy my mind. I have no answer.


I drove like a mad man. Like I literally felt like a mad man with the way I drove. No respect for the signs and all, I’m.just glad I didn’t hit anyone on the way.

I needed to get back home soon. I cringed my nose thinking of Ethan and Lina together. The thought absolutely disgusts me. I can’t explain it but it does. I feel like puking. I need to talk to Daniella and get back to the house.

I have this nagging feeling Ethan will slip up. Heaven knows what I’ll do to him if Lina finds out the truth from anyone else but me.

Finally, I reached my destination already catching sight of Daniella. My face fell slightly when I noticed our son wasn’t in her arms.

“Let’s get this over with.”

I gulped and marched towards her.

“Stefan, I’m so glad you decided to talk.”

“Well blackmail is a really good motivator. Let’s go in.”

I said coldly. She led the way and I followed until we were properly seated.

“I accept your terms.”

I stated, her face broken into a grin and she squeeled attracting attention to herself.

“But….. I have my terms. Terms I expect you to follow.”

“Anything Stefan. But I also have my terms too. Terms which you must follow.”

My lips parted slightly. She definately came prepared.


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