November 29, 2020


Mind blowing palace

His property episode 4

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{My One Night Stand}




“Thank you, come again.” I grinned fully, staring at the customer. She gave me a satisfactory look, turned around and walked away. I opened the register, placing the money in smiling to myself.

It’s been two months since I “sold my body out” and became a theif. With the money, I got a small apartment and was about to get a job as a salesman at a plaza. It’s been great, I don’t have to worry about men since my boss was a lady unmarried.

Every night, I lay in my bed and wonder what happened to Stefan. Did he report me to the police or maybe he didn’t notice the money gone, Sharon said he was very rich.

Speaking of Sharon, she finally quit that life months ago, opened her own shop, invited me to work there but I wanted to be independent so I said no. That life was in the past, I wanted to forget about it and move on. A part of me knew that it’ll catch up to me but I never wanted it to.


“So Mr. Bruce on a scale of 1-10, how stupid are you.” I sat on my chair, he sat across me already shaking.

“I-i don’t get you Sir.” He stuttered.

“I asked, on a scale of 1-10, how stupid are you?”

I repeated, my tone showing I wasn’t kidding around.

“Umm, I’m not sure Sir.”

“Okay, I’ll answer that question for you.”

I stood up with my hands in my pocket, walking towards him. I stood behind him, he was clearly cowering in fear, already caught.

“1-10 isn’t enough to say how stupid you are, trying to siphon funds from my company!”

I thundered, he shook and went on his knees.

“Am sorry Sir, please don’t fire me. Please” He begged and I scoffed.

“You’re lucky am not pressing charges, get out!”

I fired, he got up immediately.

“You can collect you severance pay from finance.”

I added, his face fell.

“Get out!”

I nudged my head towards the door, he ran out immediately and I went back to my seat.

“f**ker” I cursed taking a deep breath taking out the bracelet.

“Two months and I haven’t found you yet. I made up my mind to call my P.A investigator and call it off.”

Just then, my phone began ringing. It was him, probably to give me the report he does everyday.

“I haven’t found her Sir.” I mocked. I answered after a few seconds.

📞 I found her Sir. He said and I jumped up immediately.

📞 Where is she! I exclaimed.

📞 She works at a place called Raina’s Shopping plaza.

📞 Good, I’ll meet you there. Wait for me. I hung up and called the driver.

“Get the car ready and make enquires for a place called Raina’s Shopping plaza, we leave in three minutes.” I commanded and hung up. I dropped everything I was doing, strode out of my office.

“I found you.” I smacked my lips and took the elevator.


“We’re here Sir.”

He announced, opened the door and I stepped out. The place was fairly big but too crowded.

“Clear the whole place.” I commanded. He moved into action, everyone knew who I was. It didn’t take more than three minutes to do that.

“It’s done sir.” I nodded my head and marched towards the door. The whole place was empty except for the workers, the girls locked their eyes with me. I averted mine, they weren’t her. I just knew it. My P.I walked towards me.

“She’s at the back.” I gave him a small nod and walked towards the entrance. I pushed the door open and there she was. Her eyes met with mine, they twinkled with recognition. Then, she did the most unexpected thing.

She ran.


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