December 2, 2020


Mind blowing palace

His property episode 39 & 40

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Ethan seems to be really pushing it with the best friend factor. I swear to the Almighty, if he wasn’t I’ll beat the crap out of him.

I know Lucia wasn’t much of a secret but she was sacred. I preferred to keep her and her memories to myself. I didn’t expect my very own best friend to go blabbing about to Lina.

“Before you go nuts. I didn’t bring it up.”

“Oh, am very sure you two were casually talking and it came up right!”

I shot at him.

“That’s not it. I swear that’s not it. I didn’t even make the first move. It was all her. I tried to, she made me choose between Daniella or Lucia, if I didn’t tell her about Lucia she would keep digging and you know the things Lina finds out won’t be pretty.”

I scoffed and paced around.

“What exactly did you tell her!”

“Just the basis, I promise you.”

“You f**ked up badly! How I am going to face her, what if she asks questions. How am I going to respond, what do I say. You know very well I don’t like to talk about Lucia! What the hell did you do!”

I snapped enraged.


“Well, that’s the end of story time for us. I’ll get to packing now. I estimate I have less than twenty four hours in this house.”


I halted her movements.

“I made a promise to you. I assure you. Stefan wouldn’t find out I know about this much less you told you. I promise you, nothing will happen to you or your mother. You barely know me so don’t trust me but let me actions prove it you. I swear it.”

She hesistantly gave me a quick nod and departed.

I’ve had enough secrets in my head for the day. Trying to open that door and gain any knowledge about it would literally blow my mind. What I need now is a really long nap. I need a really, really long nap.


I woke up to the sound of objects crashing. It was coming from downstairs so I quickly rubbed my eye lids fully alert and rushed there to find out the source of the ruckets.


Tovia trailed off with a Yelp of sheer fright.

Stefan’s gaze met with mine and his face softened.


I called from the stairs.

“What’s wrong with you? Calm down.”

He huffed and brushed past me walking up the stairs. From where I stood, I heard the door slam shut.

“Like I said, in the end you’ll only care about yourself. I’m extremely stupid to even think your word might mean something.”

Tovia sniffled lightly before walking away herself.


I carefully picked the items he destroyed from the floor. I got the garage can and disposed of them. It’s the only way to distract myself from the pain I’m currently feeling. The guilt eating me up.

Guilt from disappointing Tovia and guilt in realisation of the fact I’m currently causing Stefan pain.

Calling Sharon was not an option and neither was sleeping.

After I cleaned up the place to the best of my abilities, I climbed up the stairs knocking on Stefan’s door. I did that unconsciously.

“Go away!”

His gruffy voice fired through the door.

“I need to talk to you Stefan. I’ll go once you hear me out.”

He didn’t reply my statement, I felt ignored and was about to walk away when I heard footsteps until he finally opened up.

His eyes were red, I averted mine unable to look at him in this state.

“You wanted to say something! Here I am, speak. I have an idea on what but let’s leave you with the benefit of doubt.”

“I’m sorry.”

I spoke in a baby voice. My voice low and shrill.

“For what exactly?”

“For prying. I’m sorry for poking into your personal lives. It was wrong of me, I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry.”

I finally met his gaze and it softened just a little.

“I swear I didn’t do it to make you feel bad or mock you. At first I thought I was doing it out of curiosity but that’s not it. Maybe at first but the real reason was because I’m trying to understand you. Deep down I know you’re not this mean person. The real Stefan is the man who’s scared of rats. Who took me to a carnival. That’s Stefan Pierce. That’s the man I’m trying so hard to bring back. The only way to do that is if I know why you you’re cold.”

I paused and took a deep breath.

“I was just too scared to ask you straight up. I didn’t want to slip up or say something out of point so I started digging. I forgot it’s your past, you’re the one who’s likely to get hurt and you did. I found out a fraction of what you’ve been through and even I’m in pain, I’m so sorry Stefan. I’m sorry.”

I teared up at the end and tears started spilling.

“I’m sorry.”

I mouthed and his face returned back to normal before he pulled me in for a hug. In his embrace, I let it all out crying hard.

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