December 3, 2020


Mind blowing palace

His property episode 28

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My thoughts were whirling. In need of a quick distraction, I logged back into Instagram checking through some pictures.

Out of curiosity, I checked if Stefan was on. I searched on his name and it popped up. He looked really hot in his profile picture.

My gaze was locked on it for almost five minutes. Not only was his shirtless making his abs display, he seemed to be on the beach.

The photo was a little old though, about a year ago.

I finally clicked back checking on some of his old pictures when one caught my eye.

He wasn’t alone. There was a woman with him. She held onto him making a pose and they took a picture.

He was smiling.

She was smiling.

They looked f****ng happy. Who the hell is the woman.

Then it snapped, the resemblance was unmistakable, she’s the woman from the picture in his room. If she was with him, why did she leave?

What happened to her? I have to confront him about this.

“No, he won’t tell Me anything!”

I reprimanded my thoughts and sighed.

“I got it! I’ll talk to his friend, he might know something but how? I’ll figure something out but I have to speak with Ethan. That’s what I do.”

I smiled after concluding my plans.


I cleared my throat turning towards him.

“I hate alcohol. If I hadn’t gotten drunk you wouldn’t know about Daniella and my son.”

“You’re avoiding this question but I’ll let it slide, for today. And whether you were drunk or not, I’m your best friend you would’ve told me about it.”

“Cocky much.”

He slightly snorted.

“But yeah, the secret would’ve eaten me up. I would’ve eventually told you ”

“Man you f**ked up big time. How could you forget to put a condom on your D***. Was the p***y that good?”

He teases and I roll my eyes.

“We went out for a date. I had too much to drink, trust me I wouldn’t have knocked her up with my clear mind. Although the sex was amazing. ”

“And you’re a man with moral principles bla bla bla, she can’t have an abortion.”

He mocked again.

“You know why Ethan. I’m never abandoning my child. Yes his mother and I will never be together but he won’t ever feel like I’m not his father. That’s a promise.”

“Are you sure dude. You could just marry the chick.”

“No, Daniella isn’t the one. I can feel it, if we got married, the sex would be nice but above that, she’s not the one.”

“Well you’re even thinking of settling down. My goal is to f**k as much as I can.”

He licked his lips and I shake my head in disbelief.

“You haven’t met her yet. When you do, f****ng would be the last thing on your mind.”

“So have you and Miss Grant, you know….”

“Forget about Lina you dimwit!”

“I have my reasons. It’s because if you two haven’t, f****ng is the last thing on your mind and we both know what that means….”

He trailed off elbowing me.

“You know what! Shut it until we get to the office.”

I scolded refusing to pay heed to his words.

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