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February 27, 2021


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His property episode 26

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I tried to blurt out an explanation but I can’t speak.

He rushes towards us and yanks the strange man off me. They seem to know each other, friends maybe or co workers.

“Are you mad!”

He fired, his eyes blazing red.

“What man? Aren’t you done with her for the night or didn’t you have enough hehe?”

He says chuckling making me gulp.

“She’s not one of my slut you dimwit. She’s off limits.”

I cringe when he says “one of.” For a while I actually forgot how we met.

He wanted a “one night stand.” Which means he has alot of them.

“Go get dressed Lina. This won’t happen again.”

He grabs the man by the collar and they both walk out making me feel a little relief. My hand is on my chest trying to get my breathing to return back to normal.


I had a business proposal I had totally let slip my mind this morning. The only way to fix it was to call on my best friend. Ethan.

He would come here in the morning and explain the details of the contract so I wouldn’t look like an absolute fool in front of investors.

The maids had announced his arrival. Strange because he wasn’t in the living room so I figured he went to my room. He’s been there a couple of times so I wouldn’t be surprised.

I got to my room and he wasn’t there. I was about to check downstairs when I decided to check on Lina first. I won’t have any time after now.

Imagine my shock when Ethan hovered over her pinning her to a wall with only a robe on.


“Man, that girl is smoking hot. She isn’t one of your sluts so did you hire her for the week or month or something? When can I have a taste, just one or maybe if she’s good, I’ll want more. You won’t mind right, by that time you’ll be done…..”

I clenched my fists at his words. They were making me so angry and I didn’t even know why. Probably because Lina belongs to me.

I’m not sharing her with anyone even my best friend.

“Don’t talk about her that way. You came over for the contract, hurry so we can get to the office.”

I snapped and he didn’t utter another word.


I stayed in my room for a short while before walking out towards the stair case.

They seemed to be packing up to leave. The strange man got his briefcase before noticing me.

His eyes slightly widened and he locked his gaze on me.

“I believe we haven’t been acquainted.”

He says walking towards me. I wanted to move back but I decided to wait.

“Ethan Bryan.”

He stretches his hand forward. With shaky hands I give him a weak shake.

“Lina Grant.”

I introduced myself. From the corner of my eye, Stefan glared at us both. I removed my hands immediately and looked away feeling nervous.

“Ethan, let’s leave.”

He snapped rudely.

“Alright Miss Grant, I’ll be back for you. Real soon.”

He says before walking back to Stefan.


I mumbled. Stefan ignored me and walked out of the house closing the door a little too hard.

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