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March 5, 2021


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His property episode 18

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I glanced at my phone checking the time. I had my bath and changed hours ago. It’s 11pm and I’m in bed unable to sleep.

I couldn’t tell if it was because of what I knew or it’s because Stefan isn’t home. He’s with Daniella. I roll my eyes slightly and cringe thinking about what they might be doing. He’s probably thrusting himself in her and she screams his name.

I jump up from my bed gulping at the thought. I shouldn’t care about what he does in his past time. I should be happy right, one night away from him so he doesn’t act like he owns me.

Instead I’m here, sulking in bed and visualizing how he f**ks the hell out of the lady.

“Go to sleep Lina!” I mumble to myself but I can’t, I just can’t. My brain won’t rest until I know what he’s up to, for closure or something.

I tried to stop myself from taking my phone and calling him yet I’m dialing his number placing the phone against my ear waiting for him to answer. The phone clicks and my heart leaps for joy.

📞 I’m busy Lina. I’ll take to you tomorrow. He says then hangs up. I dared to call back and his line is switched off.

I faced my bed burying my head in my pillow, I couldn’t even tell when little drops of tears rolled down my cheeks. This is the second time he’s treating me like trash. Maybe I am.


He’s sleeping peacefully in my arms and it’s almost 11pm. He sure cries alot but maybe it’s because he’s not used to me around him.

I walk to his room and drop him in his cradle stretching my hand out to shake out my muscle. Afterwards, I sigh in relief. He suddenly stirrs in his sleep and I have to pick him up again when my phone starts ringing. It’s Lina.

I pick it up and “shoo” her away. I don’t need her hearing a baby’s cries. I’m cold I know but I have no other choice.

After a few minutes, he’s finally sleeping peacefully and I turn back to get some sleep on the couch.

I gulp at the sight in front of me. Daniella was wearing a transparent night gown and biting her lips. I trailed my eyes on her body and I have to admit, she’s sexy.

“Daniella, I’m tired. I’ll go sleep on the couch.” I tried to walk past her but she stopped me.

“But the bed is soft, come stay in my room.” She says inviting me and I know exactly what she means.

“Daniella, you know we can’t.” I said as she groaned.

“But why….” She pouted her lips and slid her hands down to my pants.

“You’re saying one thing but this guy over here says another.” She says suddenly grabbing my half erect D***.


“Come on Stefan, you know you want to, why resist.” She purred giving it a slight squeeze making me groan.

“Kiss me….” She whispered against my ear and I don’t think twice, I just give in and crash my lips on hers.


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