His property episode 17

“Tovia. Wait plea-se.” I beckoned on her to st©p. I hated mysteries and she just placed my head in one big one.
When we first me, she referred to me as “ma’am” as a symbol of respect to a woman in the house brou-ght by Stefan.
If she’s referring to whomever owns or owned that room, it means I’m not the first woman Stefan brou-ght home. But if Daniella isn’t the girl in the picture maybe it’s the mysterious lady, that’s why he got furious when I t©uçhed it.
What happened to her? I have to know.
I’ll wait till tomorrow and confront Tovia again there’s no way I can ask Stefan, he’d probably flare up at me or something.
I wasn’t bored anymore, I simply strolled to the balcony and continued to think about this mysterious woman.
I know what I did to Lina was really unfair but the money for the contract pays more than what she took for me. She helped me get it so we’ll definately be splitting it in half but if she finds out that she’s almost done paying her debt, she’ll be getting re-ady to leave and I don’t want her gone.
I nee-d her close to me, I want her close to me and I always get what I want.
She was calling again, I tried avoiding her calls but it was of no use. She just wouldn’t st©p pestering me. She’s the reason why I went out that night and had S-x with Lina.
She’s also the thing I want out of my life and I regret with all of my being but I can’t get her away, we’re stuck with each other.
Daniella is my full time baby mama. I got her pregnant two years ago and I couldn’t ba-re to have her ab-ort the child. I also couldn’t abandon my child like my father did to my mother.
I had no choice but to take up the mantle. I provide for the both of them but I get a feeling that Daniella expects more from me and I can’t ever give it to her.
It was one night, a mistake and it cost me alot.
I told my driver to pu-ll over two streets away. I never let him take me directly to their house. I step out and walk for a minute or two before getting there.
Ringing the doorbell, I wait for her to appear from inside. I’m spending the night here not because I want to but because if I don’t she might go to the press or something.
Daniella is impulsive and if I hurt her, she’ll definately act out.
Seconds later, I hear the door knob twist and she appears holding my baby in her arms. The moment I look into his eyes I know I made the right choice. This baby is never going to know what it’s like to grow up without a father no matter what. That’s a promise.