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March 5, 2021


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His property episode 13

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You’d think I would fall asleep after what just happened but I can’t. I lay in bed and my eyes are fixed on the ceiling.

I wonder why I let him touch me after what happened. I also wondered why I enjoyed it with everything In me. I’m craving for more, the whole thing. My insides are throbbing with desire and I can’t deny it.

I close my legs tightly pushing every thought back down doing my absolute best to fall asleep.

When I eventually do, I see him in my dream. A f****ng wet dream.


I got up a little later than usual, it’s not like I had anywhere to be since Stefan ordered me to quit my job. Correction, he fired me.

After the dream I had last night, I wasn’t surprised when a wet patch formed in my undies. I quickly took them off to wash while taking my bath.

“Miss Grant, Mr. Pierce requests your presence downstairs for breakfasts.” Rio’s voice came through the door.

I’m glad he was “requesting” for me instead of giving me orders like I’m some robot.

I put on something loose and it was hard to find, like I said Stefan got me tight clothes. I would talk to him about that later on.

I unlock the door and walk downstairs. He’s alone making me wonder why he got a table set for a breakfast table when he lives alone. Works in my favor right now.

The cook served us.

“Morning…” He says after a while.

“Morning…” I respond biting my lips slightly.

“How did you sleep?” He asks taking a bite from his pancake.

“Like a baby?” I respond grinning.


“Yeah, I’m sure.”

“Our rooms aren’t that far apart as you think.” I choke on my food understanding what he meant.

“Oh God, tell me I didn’t touch myself last night. Oh sh*t!”

“Umm…ok.” I said not knowing how to respond.

“Next time, try to lower your voice.” He said in a whisper making my face flush.

“Now eat, you’ll need your strength.”

“What do you mean? What fun job do you have planned for me to do today.” He smirks before setting his forks down.

“Today’s job isn’t that fun but I’m sure you’ll love it. Eat and we can leave.”

“I’m leaving the house?” My voice hitched in surprise.

“You are, go put on something.”

“Where are I going? I need to know where to pick a dress.”

“I’m taking you to my office.” My lips parts again in yet another wave of shock.

“I don’t know anything about business, why would you take me to the office. I’ll be of little use to you.”

“Actually, you will. I’m signing a deal with an Asian woman. She’s a feminist and all and would only do it if my wife is there.”

“Spoiler alert. You’re my wife.” He says, cleans his lips and stands up.

“You’re joking right? You can’t seriously want me to pretend that we’re married.”

“Yes I want you to because you’re what….”

“I’m yours.” I complete earning a smile from him.

“Good, get ready. We leave in less than a hour.”

His tone is back to being commanding as he strides away.

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