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February 27, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His property episode 11

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I stay silent as the driver takes us “home.” I cringe at the thought of having to call a place like that home.

I’m kind of like a prison taking orders from “my master”

I just lost the only opportunity I had to be free a little.

I knew the risks but I thought he wouldn’t find out. I was dumb enough to consider the possibility that I could make a clean escape. Now Sharon gets affected by the choices I make. No matter how I look at it, I owe it to her not to destroy her life.

I was so deep in thought that I hadn’t noticed we reached his “house” I stepped out of the car walking in. I didn’t know if I should feel upset or numb.

I was stuck with him and it’s began to Dawn on me that I’m not getting away no matter how hard I try.

I locked myself in my room hitting the showers spending nearly an hour in there.

By the time I get out, my feets are cold and I’m ready to crash in bed but it’s barely 7pm.

I’m so bored, I didn’t have a phone or a game to keep me busy. Since he fired and threaten me, he might as well give me my things back.

I muster up courage, finding myself marching towards his room. The only problem was that I didn’t know where it was so I had to search for it.

Then, I saw his bodyguard.

“Umm…Rio right?”

His shoulders tense a little and he nods his head in affirmation.

“I need to speak with Stefan, can you show me to his room please?”

I ask tenderly.

“Last room down the hallway.”

He responds plainly.

“Thanks…” I mumbled and walked away.

Following his directions, I find his room about to knock. I stop my folded fists in mid air deciding that if he doesn’t knock at my door, there’s no reason why I should knock at his.

I creak the door open and walk inside. Hearing the running water, I realised he was taking a shower. This was perfect, I could easily grab my phone and get out of here.

I began to search his room but it’s no where to be found. Just then, I find something interesting.

A hidden picture of a woman. She looks really pretty and I wonder how she’s related to Stefan. Lost in her beauty, I hadn’t noticed when the water stopped running and Stefan walked out.

“What are you doing!” He snaps yanking the photo from my grip.

“Umm, I-i was just checking for my phone. I’m bored there’s nothing to do.”

I cower in fear shivering.

“Never touch my things again Lina. Never!”

He draws out making me scared. He reaches for a cabinet and throws my phone on the bed.

“There’s your phone. Get out!” He fires coldly making me sniffle.


He adds, I grab the phone from the bed running out his room without a single look backwards. Then, I realise how much his cold demeanor affected me. I hated this side of him, it’s not like I meant to search his things. I stumbled onto the picture and that leaves me to question, who is that woman and what does she mean to Stefan Pierce….

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