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March 5, 2021


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His property episode 1

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{My One Night Stand}

By Crystal Oduwa (Author Bella)

I rolled my suitcase from the porche of his house. I had just gotten fired from my job as a cook. I really enjoyed that job but as always, I had to screw it up. It wasn’t my fault that men found me sexy, the owner wanted to claim me as his, his wife found out and of course he turned the story around and put the blame on me.
Being the cook and the third party, she sided with her husband and they threw me out of the house with nothing more than the clothes I had and the ones I was wearing, no severance pay what so ever. His last words to me as I packed my things in tears were….

“None of this would have happened if you just let me have you.”

Over the years,I’ve come to know myself as a commodity, most men make me feel like I’m sold. All of them want the same thing, to make the feel that I belong to them. It’s disgusting. I had no where to go, being their cook meant I lived with them, I didn’t have to worry about accomodations.
I walked on the streets aimlessly not knowing what to do next.


It was getting really dark, I had no where to sleep for the night, I was becoming desperate.
I got my phone from my pockets, I managed to get one a few months ago and I dialed the only number stored on it.
It rang and I waited for her to answer.

📞 Hello Sharon. I sniffled the moment she answered.

📞 Oh my God, Lina is that you? Her voice came out hoarse.

📞 Yeah, it’s me. I really need your help, I’m stranded. Could you come pick me up. I pleaded nearly in tears.

📞 Sure, of course I’ll come pick you up. Tell me where you are, I’ll be there right away. I smiled hopefully and quickly texted her my address. I cuddled myself feeling a little chilly waiting for Sharon.

I met her during my last job as a maid. Although she quit the job weeks after I started, we formed a bond and she gave me her number so we could stay in touch, I didn’t think to call her up until today.

Minutes later, I saw a car approaching. I sighted Sharon inside, she opened the door and I got in. The last I checked, Sharon worked as a maid with me, it’s nearly impossible she could afford a car.

“It’s okay, I’m here now.” She rubbed my shoulders tenderly before driving off.

“You what!” I fired after she explained. Sharon droved me to “her house” imagine my surprise when she had a mini mansion.
I got even more surprised when she explained how she got it.

“Lina, you need money just this once. You don’t need to do it over and over again, just have sex with the guy, once he’s asleep take as much money as you can and that’s all.” She says nonchantly.

“You’re actually suggesting I steal!”

“No, I’m saying you use what you have and get what you want. Lina it’s just the one time I promise.” I gulped and thought about it for a second.

“Ok…” I mumbled incoherently.

“Ok, I was going to have this guy for the night but since you need the money, I’ll let you and afterwards you can go away.” I nodded my head still unsure of what I was about to do. She reached into her purse and handed me a card.

“Stefan Pierce” I muttered.

“Yeah, that’s his name and here’s his picture.” She showed me a picture of him on her phone and it got stuck into my head.

“Ok, I’ll do it. Just the once, no strings attached right?” I asked for confirmation.

“Definately.” She beamed and I clicked my tongue.


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