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His personal maid episode 5 & 6


# Episode_5





( I want her )

Madam Marguerite

I was in my room going through some article when someone knocked on my door, while I ushered the person in behold it was Grayraud.

Good day mum” he greeted

Good day my handsome boy, have you eaten? I asked smiling

Yes mum. Mum I came to discuss something with you” he sounded serious

Okay, go ahead. I’m all ears”

Mum your remember you promise to give me anything I want” he stated

Yes, I remember. so tell me son, what do you want me to give you?

I want to have Oprah as my personal maid” he blurted out

What?….bu..but sh…she’s not a property to be transferred’

I know but since she respects you alot, I think she will listen to you. Plea….se mum

But it will be difficult convincing her, since both of you don’t get along well

Don’t worry about that mum, I will fix that”

Okay son, I will tell her” I said and he left

I hope this ends up well. I know Oprah is only free with me and my husband. But I pray they change and end up as couples, I can’t afford to see another man take Oprah as a wife.


Oprah’s POV

I was playing a game on my smartphone when someone knocked on the door. I opened up and saw madam Marguerite standing with a faint smile.

Ma’am you need anything?

Can I come in

Sure ma’am, pardon my manners” I said and opened the door wider for her.

Oprah, I hope you won’t hate me after I tell you my reason for coming here. and you won’t grow resentful of me” she said


ma’am, you are like a mother to me. I will always see and respect you as one”

She opened up and told me how she promised to give Grayraud whatever he wants at the hospital.

So what does he want, that you can’t give him” I asked confusedly

It…its….its you Oprah”

What, how do you mean? I asked

he wants you to be his personal maid” she blurted out

Why would he want to hire me as his maid? what does he want from me? I asked getting pissed off already

I really don’t know, but Oprah no one is forcing you, I won’t force you either, because you are not a property to be transferred anytime. So what ever decision you make I will respect it” she said

madam Marguerite is very sensible and that is why I like her, she’s just like my mum. I thought for a while

but ma’am should I go with him ? I asked

If I may suggest, i think he needs someone to talk to, someone he can feel free with”..


( The flirt )

Grayraud’s POV

We left my parents house and came back to mine. After the introduction the butler took her to her own room, since mum said she doesn’t stay in the same room with others.

When we drove in she didn’t even admire my mansion even when it is bigger than my parent’s house. Its as if she just entered a regular type of home.

I know that she will do everything to avoid me now, but I will just flirt with her since she’s far more stubborn than I thought.


Oprah’s POV

I can’t believe that jerk is now my boss, all i have to do is to do my work diligently at least with that he won’t have any reason to bother me.

I dragged my bag upstairs to my room, thank God he didn’t put me in the same room with other maids. I don’t want anyone to pry into my private life.

It was evening already, I went to the kitchen and started cooking. Within few minutes I was done, I set the table and went to his room to call him, I got there and pressed the security button on his glass tinted door. It opened automatically and entered.

Good evening sir, I want to inform you that your meal is ready” I bowed and made to leave when he stopped me


that how you inform me? he asked

I turned to look at him with a confused look.

How do you mean sir?

You are suppose to inform me with a kiss don’t you think? he replied

What ? I should kiss you, just for you to eat? well if that is what you are expecting of me trust me it will never happen, besides you have lot of maids” I said and tried to walk away but he pinned me to the wall, while I starred at him confused

At lease you are my personal maid, everything about you is mine, don’t you think” he said with a smirk

Let go off me you jerk” I screamed

Even though you scream your lungs out, no one will hear you because my room is sound proof”

Gosh can this day get any better, is this how I’m gonna work here? I thought quietly.

I tried to push him off, instead he dragged me and we both ended on his bed, with his body covering mine..

I tried to free myself but gosh the guy is too strong for me. I was still struggling when he did the abominable, he kissed me and because my mouth was open at that time, he got easy access to my mouth.

I can’t believe I’m in this type of position with one of the creatures I hate the most. I got angry, gather all the energy I can monster up and pushed him off me before running out…


# Episode__6
( It just happened again)
Grayraud’s POV
What just happen a while ago? did I really kiss her or it is my imagination? but she was here to inform me that my food was ready that means that I really did it, oh my.
Grayraud what has come over you? is her powers getting you already? I thought silently while banging head real hard.
But the truth is anytime she’s around me, I feel different. Its as if I’m back to my soft self, I hardly get angry at her even when she’s disrespectful. I just want to be around her and to cap it all I love her smile
Does this means that I’m finally in love again after six years of pain and agony?
But whatever this feeling is called I don’t want it to end. Still I will have to slow down, since she’s still hurt by her past.
I went downstairs to eat, as soon as I was done, Oprah came out of the kitchen looking so angry. I guess I have to apologize to her. She walked pass me and headed to clear the table
O…Op….Oprah I’m sorry for what happened earlier, I didn’t mean any of that, it was a terrible mistake on my side and I’m really sorry. Please forgive me” I said fidgeting like a Servant, instead she nodded and left.
Oprah’s POV
I will never go to his room again, but wait I still have to inform him about his food, clean his room and pick up his clothes for Laundry.
I know that he will not apologize because of his arrogance but I was surprised when I came out of the kitchen only for him to apologize. I nodded because I was still furious at him.
It was still evening when a maid informed me that Grayraud demands I prepare a cup of coffee for him. Then I remembered how he deliberately spilled the one I made for him the previous day.
I prepared the coffee and headed to his room, I did the usual security thing and entered. There were so many files on the mini table and the bed.
Grayraud’s POV
She entered my room and her face darted to the files as she gently placed the mug on another glass table, I started looking at her cute face , I wanted to kiss her again but I remembered what happened earlier and I decided to control myself.
She wanted to leave when I pulled her back by her tiny waist and placed her on the bed, she tried her best to free herself but I was not ready to let go. I kissed her for about an hour, later she broke out from the kiss and left…….
(Sweet revenge)
Oprah’s POV
Like seriously did that punk just kissed me again ? . But what was I thinking, I couldn’t bite his lips and let him bleed.
I went downstairs to get a cup of water when I bumped into him. Now is the time to know if he will apologize. He looked at me sternly before heading upstairs
Oh oh I get it, he’s trying to act smart with me. Too bad Oprah Hewitt, doesn’t take nonsense, from anyone.
So because he thinks he’s my boss, he can toy with me right? don’t worry I will deal with you.
——– Next morning
I guess Grayraud isn’t going to the office today, and this is a perfect timing on my side. I prepared breakfast for him, soon he came down, had his meal and went back to his room.
Afterwards I received a message from Grayraud telling me to prepare a cup of coffee. Wow now is the time to have my sweet revenge.
I entered the kitchen to make the coffee, after preparing it, I poured seven teaspoonful of pepper inside the coffee, before heading up his room.
Since he likes drinking his morning coffee hot, he emptys the whole content into his mouth at once. I knocked and he ushered me in. I handed the coffee to him, while he innocently gulped down everything.
Within few seconds he face turned red like over ripe tomato . He started coughing real bad
Op..Op..Oprah what did you add in my coffeee? he said stuttering and sweating profusely despite the cold air conditioner
Oh about that I added some pepper to make the coffee spicy” I replied
Pepper to make my coffee spicy? you are wicked Oprah” he said coughing and crying at the same time.
I know I’m wicked, you don’t have to remind me”
Oprah you are a witch”
oh did you just find out, wow I’m a first class witch”
Oprah you are a murderer”
Yeah I murder my enemies”
I hate you Oprah” he said with a groan
But I hate you more sir’…
Grayraud’s POV
The pain Was unbearable, I felt my whole body was on fire, it was terribly hot. I decided to take a bottle of water, at least that will calm my nerves. the moment water touched my tongue
Arrrghhhh….. …tongue is on fire, my anus is on fire. Oh someone help me” I said sweating, crying and running to and fro While she just watched me with an expressionless face.
This girl is a witch, I brought her here with the intention of torturing her but reverse is the case..
( The price )
Grayraud’s POV
If I had know I shouldn’t have kissed her for the second time, it not my fault though she’s just too cute.
After 30 mins of passing through hell, I was so weak. She came closer and forced my mouth open and dropped a syrup in my mouth and I swallowed it, within few minutes I was calm again, the pepperish pain vanished. She took the mug and left.
Next morning I was clad in all black outfit. I wanted to go and report her to mum but no way, mum might take her back. I will think of a way to punish her. I later found out she’s scared of cockroach, I sneaked into her room and emptied a full bottle of cockroach on her bed and left.
After few minutes she ran out of her room sweeting, I wanted to laugh but no I can’t risk my life by laughing.
Oprah’s POV
I know its the work of this jerk don’t worry I will deal with you. I managed to spill a slippery substance on the floor in no time I heard a loud sound and Grayraud screaming. We all ran to meet him on the floor,
Arrgghhh…. my waist, my waist ooo” the guards tried to help him up but he screamed the more
Sir are you pregnant? why are you screaming like that? I asked with a smirk.
Right now I need a masagge, Oprah meet me in mini room. You will be my masseur for today’ he said
Oh my world, he took this act of mine to his advantage. This man is something else, I angrily went to the mini room and there I saw him shirtless and was putting on a pair of shorts.
Oh gracious Lord, Grayraud has a great physique. I’m sure he works out everyday. I started drooling foolishly
When you are done admiring my looks you can come and massage my body” his husky voice jerked me back to reality.
I can’t believe I drooled at this jerk, I’m sure he will starts thinking highly of himself. After some minutes of massaging him, he was complaining that I don’t know how to massage, which is not true. I don’t want to be the one to give him a massage.
Sir why don’t you hire a masseur instead’
yeah you are right, now describe the one I should get” he said
Okay, hire the one with big b**bs, big butts, fat thighs, big lips” I said
What are you saying? why should I employ that kind of lady” нe groaned
Because there are so many benefits. She can use any of those listed parts of her body to massage you, trust me you gonna like it” I said trying to convince him….
To be continued…
Oprah wan kill Grayraud oo🤣


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