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His nurse episode 16

😈 Monica’s POV 😈
“Sharon take it easy. We need to leave now, Mr Smith is really vexed with you, we can’t stay here anymore.” I said leading her to my car.
“I swear for the very first time if I later know who is behind this, I will tell Donald to slit that person’s throat.” She said clenching her jaw, and I felt scared instantly.
“Are you going to encourage him to kill after he has become calm?” I asked as we drove out of the compound.
“I will give him my full support if it is in this kidnapping, even if it is my best friend!” She smacked and I shivered.
This lady has really become brave and smart. But one thing she doesn’t know is that, I am smarter than she is.
“Donald is a very smart person. He will find his way home soon, so you just go home and rest while I head back home.” I said giving her a reassuring smile.
“Yes, thanks.” She replied coldly.
“Is she suspecting me? She is behaving kinda weird.”
“But I don’t care, she didn’t catch me doing it, so I am free!”
We drove to Donald’s house in silence and I saw she had an angry face till we got there.
“Sharon please smile, you are destroying your beauty.” I said as I switched off the car engine.
“Smile? You expect me to smile? Donald is in the danger of having a kidney transplant and you expect me to be happy? Hell no!” She smacked storming out of the car.
“It is none of your fault Sharon, its nobody’s fault.” I said trailing behind her.
“Oh yes its somebody’s fault. Someone gave Mr Smith a wrong message, we were kidnapped, we were separated, the house didn’t have any guard when I was awake. This is all a plan of somebody who knows Donald’s family and I!” She rapped firmly.
“Wow that is so bad.” I said putting on a pitiful look.
“You know what, Donald won’t be the one to kill the person. I, Sharon will do the killing. I don’t care if it tarnishes my image. Excuse me, I want to be alone.” She said and walked into the house leaving me shocked.
“Wow, Sharon is so smart. She scared me with those her empty threat. Whatever, she can never know I am the one.” I thought happily walking to my car.
🌹 Sharon’s POV 🌹
I sat in the living room on the floor crying profusely. My love where are you, this is 5pm, he should have used his drugs since 3pm.
“Donald please come home, I miss you.” I mumbled in tears.
This is all whosoever it is fault. Who could have even sent a wrong message to Mr Smith that I was going on an outing with Donald and I won’t be able to come.
That person is a close person to us and I keep suspecting Monica. Why was she at the crime scene?
She doesn’t live around that place at all, so what was she looking for? I know its wrong to suspect without evidences but I don’t know, it keeps ringing in my head.
There was a knock on the door, who can that be?
I rushed to the door and opened it to see Donald looking at me weakly.
“Donald!” I called hugging him very tight.
“I thought I lost you, thank you for staying alive. Please come use your medications.” I said and before I knew it I felt all of his weight on me.
“Donald.” I called fearfully.
I held his head hand checking his pulse and I saw they were faint.
“Shit!” I looked around the compound, the I saw he drive the car home.
Instantly I moved him to the car and placed him at the back seat. I ran to the driver’s seat and started the car.
Thank God I learnt how to drive.
I drove down to the hospital roughly and in less than 10 minutes, I was there. I ran into the hospital calling on the nurses.
They ran out with a stretcher and placed Donald on it. Hurriedly they move him into the emergency ward and I couldn’t help the tears that escaped from my eyes.
“I am sorry Donald, please be safe.” I prayed pacing in front of the hospital door.
The watched the Doctor’s operate on him in fear. I pray he doesn’t need a transplant.
I was still pacing when I heard Frank call my name from behind me.
“Sharon.” He called.
“What is it?” I asked still looking into the ward.
“I heard what happened.” He added.
“Okay.” I replied coldly.
“Sharon you shouldn’t have gone on the outing, you endangered his life and your job.” He said.
“Frank get out.” I said firmly.
“What?” He asked in shock.
“Get out!” I yelled making him flinch.
“Fine I will, but just know that I will be the best now.” He smirked. I walked up to him grinning evilly.
“Best hun? I pray you are alive to have that title.” I smacked in anger.
“So you want to kill me? For what?” He asked angrily.
“Ask your mother, Motherf**ker!” I yelled and I saw him shake.
“Get out, or I send you to the grave before your time.” I yelled and he left me immediately.
Why will every one blame me for what I don’t know about. I swear I will strangle anyone who tells me nonsense now. I looked at Donald and my countenance softened, I love him and I can’t bare seeing him like this.
I sat on the floor backing the wall very close to the door. I placed my head on my legs and hugged my body with my hands.
I was sobbing silently when I felt someone tap me. I raised up my head slowly to see one of the janitors in front of me.
“Nurse Sharon.” He called bowing his head.
“Hi.” I replied wondering why he came to me.
“I am sorry for Mr Donald’s state now, but I really want to see you.” He said.
“See me? For what?” I asked.
“Ma’am please it is very important, it will answer almost all your questions if I am not mistaken.” He said firmly.
“Okay, what is it?” I asked eagerly.
“Please we can’t speak here. Follow me.” He said walking away.
This is really weird but since he said it will answer my questions then I want to here it. I stood up and ran after him
I walked into Frank’s office feeling so happy. Immediately he saw me, he swept me off my feet kissing me.
“The plan worked out well.” He said happily.
“It has too when it comes to Monica.” I said trailed my fingers down to his dk.
“Monica not here too.” He said within gritted teeth, but I didn’t answer him.
I pulled him to me kissing him aggressively and he reciprocated almost immediately. I moved my hands to his trousers zipping it down.
I slid my hands into it grabbing his dk making him groan in my mouth. We both started breathing hard and he couldn’t take it anymore.
He roughly dropped me on the table scattering the stuffs that were on it. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he raised up my gown.
He pulled off my pants and I swept his trousers to his feet. He started to kiss me again and I was already dripping wet.
“Dig it inside me now!” I moaned pulling his dk to my passage. I felt his dk move into me and I couldn’t let the scream that came out of my mouth.
I held my mouth so as not to scream and call people attention to us. He increased his pace and I felt like dying.
My eyes closed themselves and I threw my head backwards as my tummy tightened.
“Faster.” I moaned holding unto his head. I knew I was very close to cuming and slowing it down will spoil the pleasure.
I tightened my psy against his dk as I felt my wet juice on me. I released the grip gradually and pulled him to me kissing him again.
🌹 Sharon’s POV 🌹
“Okay, I am here now what do you have for me?” I said folding my hands under my b**bs. He nodded walking to his table.
He brought out a cell phone and punched the screen before stretching it to me.
“This picture was taken by me when someone came to spray a poison in Donald’s ward.” He said and I took it in haste.
I saw someone in all black at the back of the hospital carrying a nylon.
“I can’t see the face.” I said looking at him.
“Sweep to the right.” He said firmly.
I sighed swiping it as he said. I looked at the picture closely and I saw a familiar Lady removing the cloth.
I swiped quickly again and I saw her move to the waste bin. Her face was a little visible, I enlarged the picture and what I saw made me feel faint.
“Monica!” I yelled in shock.
“You are correct, that day during the chaos I was at the back of the hospital disposing the waste, when i saw nurse Monica removing a strange costume. She walked to the dustbin and dropped this.” He said wearing a glove.
He opened a drawer and pulled out an hand glove carefully. He stretched it to me blocking his nose with his arm.
I moved my nose closer and I perceived a choking odour. I moved back coughing, and he quickly placed it inside the cupboard.
This is how the poison diagnosed my the doctors smell. How dare Monica! I trusted her and she could betray me? After all I have done for her.
“Not only this Nurse Sharon. Since this day I decided to start stalking her to know every of her plans. I overhead her telling Frank that she would send Mr Smith a message as you, telling him you would be going on an outing with Donald so as to execute their plans.” He said and I felt my legs wobble.
“What!! No wonder she was at the crime scene.” I said thinking about it.
“She and Frank planned it all, this is a prove.” He said showing me printed pictures of both of them talking to the masked guys that kidnapped us.
I feel to the ground in tears, Monica you are a devil.
“They planned all these so you would lose your job and your relationship with Donald.” He said finally sitting down.
“Oh God! I was blinded by my love for her. Donald told me but I didn’t listen.” I mumbled in tears.
“I am telling you this now because I wanted to have enough evidences against her.” He said angrily.
“Thank you so much for telling me this. I need to leave now.” I said walking out of the basement.
I walked to Donald’s ward fuming in anger. I will kill Monica with my own hands and I will leave Frank to Donald to help ke slit his throat!
I got to his ward and I saw the doctors walking out of the ward. I ran to them and I saw Mr Smith there also.
He looked at me with so much disgust and I was so hurt.
“Because of you I son will need a transplant!” He yelled angrily.
“Sir I swear I don’t know anything about it.” I said in tears.
“Oh shut up!” He yelled making me flinch.
“Sir we need a kidney as soon as possible or his life will be at risk.” The doctor said to Mr Smith.
“I will give him mine!” I said before thinking.
“What?” Mr Smith asked me looking very surprised.
“I am not doing this because I am at fault. I am doing this for the love i have for Donald.” I said as tears rolled down my eyes.
“You need to know having one kidney, you need to be mindful of it.” The doctor said.
“I am a nurse doctor, I know what I need to do to keep myself alive. All I want to see now is Donald smiling at me.” I said admits tears.
“Sharon.” Mr Smith called but I didn’t reply him. Telling him anything now will be useless until I show him all what I have seen today then he will calm down.
“Are you ready?” The doctor asked.
“Very ready doc.” I said.
“Follow me.” He said leading the way, while I looked at Mr Smith for the last time before following him..
One more Episode to go 😩


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