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His nagging wife episode 6 & 7

( My pastor is my God)
True life story.
Aishat short story series
Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Episode 6
Authoress p.o.v
Am I dreaming what’s happening, cath and Samuel that’s not possible. Am sure is one of Samuel joke.
I will wait here for them happiness said and went inside the kitchen to prepare food.
Madam good morning it has been long I saw you Samuel maid greet happiness.
Yes darling am very busy this days happiness said. Thank God you are here,
you see that woman Mr Samuel brought home have make this place a hell hole for me the maid said.
You mean it has been long she came here happiness asked. Yes am sure they will be getting married soon.
So am looking for work elsewhere I can’t stand that woman she behaves like a witch the maid said.
Am sure they’re not dating isn’t possible, how can Samuel leave me for her, and she’s not even his taste happiness said.
Babe we have been waiting for your mother for the past two hours.
I thought you said you inform her that we are coming Samuel asked. Yes I do, I don’t know why she’s not here.
That woman will surely here from me, since she wanna disgrace me Cath said to herself. And what are you doing in my husband house.
I thought you said you aren’t coming here again you have found yourself a husband Cath mother asked.
Oh mother good afternoon. Welcome let me hold you with your bag Cath said.
Cath mother was surprised of her sudden change. Good afternoon ma Samuel greet.
No wonder cath mother muttered, but loud enough for Samuel to hear.
Good afternoon, and how may I help you Cath mother asked politely. Am Samuel, cath fiance Samuel said politely.
Oh Cath go inside the kitchen and prepare some food for your fiance Cath mother said and sat on a chair near Samuel.
How are you my son Cath mother asked. Am fine ma and nice meeting you Cath has told me Alot about you Samuel said.
Really that’s nice Cath mother said. Don’t you think you guys aren’t compatible,
I saw you as a very good guy, I don’t want you to fall into wrong hand cause am also a mother Cath mother said.
I understand you ma, am a very good guy so you don’t need to be afraid Cath is said with me Samuel said. Cath mother shake her head you’re so dumb,
am Cath mother I gave birth to her and I know my daughter very well, can’t lack manners, Cath is not someone you can get married to,
Catherine can’t make a good wife Cath mother said. Ma’am am surprised to hear this from you,
Cath is your daughter you shouldn’t be saying this about her Samuel said. I knew but think about it well,
am her mother and she’s my only child but I don’t want you to fall in a wrong hand I saw you as a good guy
Cath mother said.
Mother therefore no food stuffs in the house Cath said. Oh my bad have forgotten,
you can stay with your fiance let me prepare food for you guys Cath mother said and went inside. Cath muttered a thank God. We are leaving ma Samuel said.
Oh so fast Cath mother said. Yes mother we are still going to his parents house Cath said smiling. Alright safe journey,
but Samuel don’t forget what I discuss with you Cath mother said.
Mother Samuel said and hug her mother happily, how are you my baby boy Mrs John said and Pat his back am fine mother Samuel replied.
And where’s happiness I have really missed her,
Mrs John said and Cath roll herself Mrs John saw her but smile. Mother we have breakup. Samuel said.
You must be joking, break up when did you guys Breakup Because she called me day before yesterday to inform me she’s pregnant Mrs John said.
Mother no that pregnancy is not mine Samuel said. And Mrs John burst out into laughter.
You’re so funny, how could you tell me the pregnancy is not yours, you took after your father cause he’s also funny Mrs John said.
Mother am not joking me and happily aren’t compatible. This is my new fiance and we are getting married soon. Samuel said. Good afternoon ma Cath great smiling.
Hey greet your greeting for those who need it cause I don’t need it Mrs John said.
Mother why did you talk to her like that I don’t like it Samuel said. Mrs John ignore him and asked.
How did you know you and happiness aren’t compatible?
Mother my pastor said so, he said if I marry Cath I will be very rich Samuel said smiling. Oh I see Mrs John said. Your pastor is crazy and you are foolish.
Samuel when did you became this greedy aren’t you rich enough.
The last time I checked happiness have help you win many contract,
what did you need this fool for, listen to me, if isn’t happiness, there’s nobody Mrs John said.
Mother if you don’t accept Cath we will do the marriage without you Samuel said.
Samuel what has gotten into you, you haven’t raise your voice at me before,
can you see what this Cath or dog doing to you now Mrs John said. Mother I won’t watch you insult my fiance like that.
I will be on my way and my regards to father Samuel said and went out.
Cath slap happiness on her face and she jerked up from her sleep, what are you still doing in my husband house.
And you’re even sleeping on the couch are you that local Cath said.
Samuel did she just slap me happiness asked. You deserve it what are you still doing here.
I don’t need you anymore, go and give that bastard in your womb to the father Samuel said.
Samuel you called our child a bastard happiness asked crying.
Point of correction your child and not mine. Get out of my house and never come back I don’t want to see you around me again Samuel said.
But is late I will go first thing tomorrow morning happiness said. Get out before I get the security for you Samuel said.
Samuel you can’t do this to me this is past 11pm and you knew I can’t drive at night happiness said crying.
It’s none of my business. Stephan Samuel called his security. Take her out Samuel order.
But sir you knew is dark and miss happiness can’t drive at night the security said. Keep quiet did she employ you or I do Samuel asked.
You employ me sir the security replied. Fine if you still need your job take her out of my house this moment Samuel said.
This way man Stephen said. Happiness took her bag and went out. Madam can you sleep in my room for this night,
you have helped me Alot and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you, I don’t mind risky my job for you Stephen said.
But he will knew am still here happiness said crying.
Cry no more madam, I will drive your car outside just go inside my apartment and sleep Stephen said.


Authoress p.o.v
Happiness wake up early the next day and prepare to go.
this is too early I can’t allow you to go now, Stephen said.
it’s not early I can go I will be fine happiness replied him.
you won’t be fine I no that, I knew you can’t drive when it dark,
I will manage happiness replied.
fine if you insist you are going home by this time let me drive you home Stephen said.
no don’t worry yourself I don’t want your boss to get angry or sack you because of me happiness said sadly.
I don’t care you have helped me Alot I don’t care losing my job because of you.
this is when you need my help and am ready to help you. you’re a very good woman but my boss is just too blind or should I say greedy to see it Stephen said.
so if you don’t allow me to drive you home you’re not going till the day get bright Stephen said.
fine you won, you will drive me home, but am not going to my house am going to my mother house Happiness said.
anything for you my lady Stephen said.
smile you don’t need to be moody for someone that Doesn’t know your worth.
you are a very beautiful woman, beautiful in and out am sure you will see someone much better than my boss cause he doesn’t deserve you Stephen said.
thank you Stephen I really appreciate your kind gesture.
you’re always welcome Stephen replied.
so hope your wife and your child is fine now happiness asked.
yes they are fine all thanks to you Stephen replied.
Stephen, happiness called,
yes madam Stephen replied.
there’s replied I will like to ask you happiness said.
go on am listening Stephen replied.
what’s your qualifications, is there no work apart from this security work you’re doing. cause am sure the salary you get from this work can’t sustain you and your family, I replied don’t mean to be rude happiness said.
am a graduate, unemployment make me do security work, at least that’s better than being idle Stephen said.
what if you see work that’s more better than this will you do it happiness asked.
why not am ready to do Stephen said. fine you have gotten a job,
I need personal @ssistant, can you do that, the pay is much happiness asked. I will do it thank you very much,
you’re God s£nt, when will I resume work Stephen asked. anytime you like happiness replied him.
thank you very much Stephen thank her happily.
my darling how are you doing have been calling your line since yesterday evening but you’re not picking your calls.
that got me worried that I have to call Samuel but he didn’t pick my calls.
I called Charles this morning to asked of you but he said you’re not with him,
am sure he will be on his way to this place by now happiness mother said.
happiness burst into tears and her mother was surprised and worried at the same time.
darling what happen to you why are you crying happiness mother asked worriedly. mother have I become ugly happiness asked.
who told you, you’re ugly, you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen happiness mother said.
no mother you’re deceiving me am not beautiful anymore happiness said and Charles enter. happiness,
why are you crying? who makes you cry Charles asked.
if I am not ugly Samuel won’t breakup with me and he will not deny our unborn child happiness said crying.
you mean you are pregnant, you’re carrying my unborn grandchild. happiness mother asked happily.
yes you’re happy when the father of the baby reject his unborn child happiness said.
don’t mind Samuel am sure he’s joking, how can he breakup with a beautiful lady like you Charles said.
Charles I knew what am talking about he has gotten hiself a new girlfriend they are getting married soon happiness said still crying.
hey you get me my phone happiness mother Said. here’s it ma the maid said and handover the phone to her.
Hello who am I speaking with Samuel said. hey dont tell me you don’t have my number happiness mother said.
who are you to question me Samuel asked. it happiness mother she replied.
and so what, how may I help you Samuel asked.
Samuel did you realize is your fiance mother you’re talking to like that happiness mother asked.
fiance, didn’t your daughter tell you we have break up she is not my fiance anymore.
am getting married with the love of my life very soon Samuel said and cut the call.
what did Samuel just cut the call on my ear happiness mother asked herself.
that bastard Charles angrily. how dare he do this to you Charles said.
I will be right back I need to talk some s£nse into his brain Charles said and went out angrily.
don’t fight with him please happiness said but Charles ignore her.
Samuel is that not happy mum you just spoke with Chris asked.
yes and so Samuel said. are you crazy how could you talk to your fiance mother in that manner Chris said.
we are not dating anymore. I have gotten someone better than her Samuel said. what!! what did she do to you,
that makes you break up with her Chris asked him. she didn’t do anything to me we aren’t not compatible.
who tells you, you guys aren’t compatible. this girl have contributed so much in your success. this girl really understand you than yourself,
you guys have been dating for the past 4 years is it now that you knew you are not compatible. I have seen someone much better than her,
and we are getting married soon. my pastor said I will be very rich if I get married to her,
that’s the main reason am getting married to her Samuel replied. are you poor before cause I don’t understand you Chris said.
enough of this talk this is my life and I choose to leave it any how I like Samuel said.
Chris wanted to talk but Samuel glare at him. anymore words from you and I will kick your @ss away from my company Samuel said.
and Chris shut up immmediately.
Charles barged into Samuel office. oh welcome sir, how may I help you Samuel asked.
sir am sorry I have tried to stop him from entering your office but he doesn’t listen to me Samuel secretary said.
don’t worry about that he is the C.E.O of C and M one company, he is the one that award that last contract to us Samuel said.
sir you can have your sit, you didn’t tell me you are coming, what should I offer you Samuel said.
so you’re not more than this. oh am surprised, love is very wicked. I don’t want happiness sees in you Charles said angrily. am more richer and handsome than you are Charles said. sir we aren’t Fighting, and we still working on your work. Samuel said. just keep quiet Charles said angrily. why did you make happiness cry why did you break her heart Charles asked him. am sorry for that you’re a man like me am sure you will understand, am not just interested in her anymore. and who’s happiness to you sir Samuel asked calmly. happiness is my best friend and she makes me gave that contract to you Charles said happily.
I need to surprise Samuel today, you Know I need to pretend like a good wife even though am not one,
I need to cook for Samuel but I don’t know how to cook Cath said to her friend on the phone. that’s small thing.
all you have to do is to buy food from a restaurant that you know there food is very good her friend said.
wow you’re a genius I haven’t thought of that, thank you I will call you later Cath said and end the call.
hi baby Cath great oh my love how are you doing Samuel replied her am fine, I bought your lunch, wow that’s nice.
Samuel said. Cath look at her front and saw the Angry Charles. wow this guy is so handsome she muttered.
and started giving Charles a seductive glare.
don’t tell me you Leave happiness Because of this whore Charles asked Samuel. point of correction sir,
she’s my fiance and not a whore same replied. oh I should have withdrawn the contract from you, but I don’t want happiness to get angry at me.
am sure you will regret this, am sure before you realize you’re a fool it will be late by then Charles said and went out.
I knew I hurt happiness, but there’s nothing I can do, I pray she found someone more better than me,
cause I really need to be richer than this I want to be the only rich man on Earth Samuel said and smile to himself.
baby are you hearing me at all Cath asked samuel. yes what are you talking about Samuel replied.
that man that just left your office, who’s he and what did you do to him that makes him so Angry Cath asked.
don’t mind him, he is happiness friend Samuel replied. happiness must be lucky to have this handsome guy as a friend am sure he will be rich as well Cath said to herself.
you guys are the one delaying the story am ready to post twice a day, but the likes aren’t encouraging. so if you want me to continue with twice a day, you guys need to likes and comments. to those who always likes and comments on my stories. may God bless you all, you guys have a special place in my heart. I love you all


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