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His nagging wife episode 12 & 13

( my pastor is my God)
True life story
Aishat short story series.
written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Episode 12
Authoress p.o.v
Samuel Mrs John called, but he ignore his mother. caro Can you see what your son is trying to do Mr John said.
pastor this woman here’s my wife and she’s carrying my baby Samuel said.
Samuel are you out of your mind what are you saying happiness asked.
the crowd standing talking, enough everyone Cath shouted from the crowd.
don’t mind this girl he is crazy I forget to lock him up Cath said. Cath how did you get here Samuel asked.
same way you get here fool Cath replied.
don’t mind this man, he is my husband, though he has mental problem,
but I don’t know his mental has gotten to this level. this lady here isn’t his wife am his legal wife.
so you can go ahead and join them together Cath said.
which evidence did you have to show us that will make us believe that this man here’s your husband the priest asked.
I think our wedding pictures will be of help,
Cath said searching her bag, yeah I found it thank goodness I always take it with me anywhere I go Cath said and show everyone there marriage picture.
why did you lie to us the priest asked the speechless Samuel.
I haven’t planned for this to happen, how’s he going to defend hiself now he thought.
chaii this crazy wife of mine have put me in trouble Samuel said. I hope you aren’t letting him to go unpunished.
he have to be punished. Cath said and went to sit among the crowd. this is the man arrest him Charles father said.
yeah he need to be arrested, but you guys should please don’t beat him too much,
he is still my husband and I love him Alot. you can keep him in your custody till he learnt his lesson cause he’s crazy Cath said
by the power invest in me, I pronounced you two as husband and wife you can now klzz the bride the priest said and Charles slam his l!ps with happiness.
congratulations Cath said.
thank you, and thank you for saving me the other time happiness said.
it nothing you deserve someone better than Samuel cath said. and your husband really loves you.
cause I have tested him in many ways but he p@ssed Cath said.
tested him as how happiness asked confused. you don’t need to know,
all I knew is that you deserve to be happy, enjoy your marriage Cath said and went out.
why did you bring me to your matrimonial home, Cath concubine asked.
oh that idiot is in the police custody and I can’t sleep alone in this big house.
you knew I love s*x Alot, I can’t do without it a day, Cath said. hmm I trust you the guy said.
what about the money I asked from you the guy said. I will give you before you leave,
am sure you will be spending two to three days here Cath asked.
anyhow I want it, as far as you gave me the money I asked for the guy said.
don’t worry you don’t have problem with that Cath replied.
darling it has been three day since they arrested Samuel and you didn’t do anything about it Mrs John said.
what did you want me to do about it.
I have disown that child of yours a long time ago.
do I don’t have anything to do with him again Mr John said. you just have to do something for my sake Mrs John cried.
oh did you know how influential happiness father in-law is. no Mrs John said.
I see he is the president best friend. he is very rich. quarter of his money can buy us
am sorry to disappoint you there’s nothing absolutely nothing I can do, and if there’s something I can do,
I won’t do it cause he have to learnt his lesson Mr John said. hmm what will I do I need to call happiness Mrs John thought.
Charles don’t you think Samuel have suffered enough happiness said. yes I have been pledging with dad to release him, but he refused saying Samuel wants to disgrace him,
he said if you asked him to release him he will Charles said m@ssaging happiness foot.
hi happiness greet Samuel how are you doing Samuel replied. as you can see am
very fine all thanks to my husband happiness said and smile at Charles.
so why did you do that happiness asked. an sorry Samuel muttered.
you’re sorry did you know you almost spoil my day all thanks to your wife, you are happily married but you don’t want me to be happy happiness said.
am sorry am just frustrated Samuel said. and am I the cause of your frustration happiness asked.
darling you don’t need to talk to much let straight to the point Charles said. alright darling happiness replied.
am ready to release you happiness said. really thank you very much Samuel said.
but on one condition happiness said. condition which condition is that Samuel asked.
the condition is you will promise to stay away from me and my family including my unborn child happiness said. that will be h@rd Samuel replied.
then you’re not getting out of here anytime soon Charles replied. calm down man I promise Samuel replied.
fine you need to sign an undertaking that you won’t disturb us again happiness said.
father am tired of the wife you gave me cause am sure it not God that gave her to me. I never believe In all this stuff.
but I believe because money is involved Samuel said. brother Samuel you don’t need to say that.
I never gave you a wife it God that give you and what did she do this time the pastor asked.
father Can you imagine I spent five good Days at the police custody and that animal I called a wife didn’t came to visit me once in those days Samuel said.
that’s bad but what have gotten over sister Cath. don’t worry I will talk to her the pastor said.
father you need to go with me cause am just coming back from the police custody.
I can kill her if I set my eyes on her cause am just coming back from the police custody Samuel said.
I rebuke that in Jesus name you shall never kill the pastor said. fine brother Sam I will go with you the pastor said.


Authoress p.o.v
Father let go to Cath mother house, so she can also talked to her.
cause am tired of her behavior, she know longer fear you Samuel said. alright brother Sam the pastor replied.
good afternoon mother Samuel greet. afternoon how may I help you, Cath mother asked reading a magazine.
please I need you to go to the house with me Samuel said.
to do what Cath mother asked still going through the magazine.
Cath have been frustrated me I no longer have peace of mind again in my house Samuel said. is that all Cath mother asked.
no ma can you imagine I spent three days in the police custody and Cath doesn’t came in check on me Samuel said. and how’s that my business young man.
I allow you into this house because I knew you. did I give my daughter to you,
am I there on your wedding day. you need to sort things out yourself.
or better still go and called your pastor, cause I advise you then but you didn’t believe me.
you went to report me to your so called wife she came here to insult me.
I can’t help you in anyway that’s your cross you need to carry it Cath mother said.
but madam, don’t but me pastor, are you sure you’re s£nt by God or you s£nt yourself.
that’s how you convince my friend daughter and she end up getting married to a monster. you have destroy many home.
you think I don’t know you and Cath are sleeping with each other Cath mother said.
mother how could you say a thing like that to a man of God may Almighty God forgive you cause you don’t know what You’re saying the pastor said.
you’re the one that doesn’t know what he’s doing.
brother Sam let go the pastor said and went out with Samuel.
Samuel apartment.
hey Stephen wait up. just one more round and I will let you go. Cath said. did you want to kill me,
I haven’t rest since I came into this house Stephen said.
And what are you doing in my house wearing only boxer Samuel asked.
Jesus Cath shouted and ran into the room to put on some cloth.
Jesus don’t tell me you brought another man into your matrimonial home the pastor asked.
father this is none of your business this is husband and wife matter we will solve it amicably Cath said.
sister Cath am very dissapointed in you the pastor said.
you should be dissatisfied in yourself, you’re taking as if you are better Cath said.
sister Cath this is not proper in your matrimonial house the pastor said.
father tell me you haven’t have s£× with any woman in your matrimonial home before, did you want me to count the sisters you have slept.
you lied to Samuel that I am his God s£nt wife, just because happiness refuse to have s£× with you,
don’t come here to preach to me, am even tired of this marriage cause Samuel is broke now,
he can’t take care of me any longer Cath said. and am not interested in you anymore,
but before you go I have a gift for you, I gift for being the best wife Samuel said with a smile.
samuel went inside the room and came back with his belt, he wipe Cath with it and Cath started running around the sitting room.
Cath carried the center table in the living room and throw it at Samuel for safety.
but the table mistakenly hit the pastor and he fell down. oh you have killed him Cath shouted.
what killed who, are you put of your mind aren’t you the one that hit him with the table Samuel yelled.
Cath ran out of the house. oh no she has escape am in trouble Samuel lament.
I need chocolate happiness and and pout her l!ps. chocolate, but you just finished the one I brought a while ago Charles replied.
yeah I knew am not okay with that one I need more happiness said. but is late hurried,
where did you want me to get chocolate by this time of the night Charles said.
I knew you don’t love me, you’re just deceiving me all this while happiness said crying.
fv¢k I love you happiness and you are the best thing that has ever happen to me.
you just need to reason with me this is 1:00 am where did you want me to get chocolates Charles said. just leave me I won’t talk to you again.
and Don’t ever in your life talk to me again happiness said. fine I will go and check the supermarket down the street Charles said and happiness jump on him happily.
yeah happiness cry out. what happen, I said I will go and get it for you Charles said.
no my back is paining me happiness shouted. your back Charles said trying to touch her back.
oh no don’t touch my back. ahn my leg happiness shouted again.
what’s happening to you, let go to the hospital Charles said and went inside the room to pick his car key.
ah my water just broke happiness said. water broke what does that mean Charles asked feeling confused.
the baby is coming dummy. happiness shouted.
Charles carried happiness on his arm and headed to where he park his car, happiness Keep hitting him, but he’s not feeling the pain.
Am sorry I can’t post the next episode today as I promise am very busy. two more chapter to go


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