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His nagging wife episode 11

( my pastor is my God)
True life story
Aishat short story series.
Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)
episode 11
Authoress p.o.v
brother Samuel, how are you doing, it has been long we saw you in church. the pastor said. yes pastor I have been very busy Samuel replied.
you shouldn’t forget God the pastor said.
yes I didn’t forget God Samuel said. father am here to report Catherine to you, cause there’s no body to report her to apart from you,
I can’t even report her to her mother cause I knew she won’t answer me cause she warn me before her married her Samuel said.
brother Samuel what happen and what did sister Catherine did to you the pastor asked.
father Cath has been nagging too much, she doesn’t give me peace. always afraid to go to my own house.
and the most painful thing is I almost beat her up today but I restrict myself Samuel said.
brother Samuel is better you didn’t beat her cause I haven’t read in the scriptures that Adam ever beat eve.
it doesn’t happen only because he was man enough to control his anger.
human anger is like a wild animals it can kill if is not quickly tamed.
that’s woman from you, you have to learn how to leave with them.
this is the work of the enemy they didn’t want the word of God to manifest in your life, you need to fast and pray.
I will give you some bible verses and prayer points the pastor said. thank you Father I will really appreciate that Samuel replied.
bow your head and let’s pray the pastor said.
thanks for always being there for me happiness thank Charles.
you don’t need to thank me is my responsibility to take care of you and my baby Charles said and happiness smile.
they’re currently in a restaurant, they went on a bath. there’s something on your dress Charles said.
really, I don’t even know, I will be right back let me go and check it out in the restroom,
happiness said and went out. happiness went to the restroom to check her dress well,
she checked and checked but she didn’t see any stain on it.
but there’s no stain on my dress is Charles lying to me happiness said and went out.
happiness was surprised to see Charles on one knees.
Happiness, my joy my best friend, my only and last girlfriend can you do me a favor of being my wife forever Charles said.
what!!! happiness shouted when she saw her mother and Charles parents. don’t keep him waiting Charles mother said smiling happily at her.
but I don’t deserve you happiness said. don’t say that again, am the one that doesn’t deserve someone like you,
I don’t know how my life will be without you Charles said. but am carrying someone else child happiness said.
that Doesn’t matter just say yes am sure his knees will be paining him by now Charles mother said with a smile.
yes I will marry you happiness said and stretched her f!ng£rs forward for Charles to put the ring.
and she said yes Charles said dramatically and sl!p the ring to her middle f!ng£r.
congratulations my darling Charles mother said and hug happiness.
you’re not still a complete man until you get married to her Charles father said and Pat his back.
your are welcome to our family my darling Charles father said. thank you for accepting me happiness said crying.
we should be thanking you for accepting our son Charles mother said. this calls for celebration Charles said.
yes where are we going to celebrate it your house or ours Charles father said.
we are going to your house Charles said.
sir M and K said they can’t give us the contract Samuel secretary said.
but why I think we are qualified for it Samuel said. they said we delay there last work.
and they said they are giving you contract became of miss happiness. and now that you’re not dating her,
they can’t give us the contract again because they don’t trust us the secretary said. this is bullshit.
have bought the materials we are going to use for that work. what do I do now samuel asked hiself.
and one more thing sir miss happiness drop this card for you the secretary said. card for what? Samuel asked and open it,
what happiness is getting married Samuel said and removed his eye gl@ss shocked written on his face.
sir hope all is well the secretary asked. get out just get out Samuel yelled,
am sorry sir the secretary said and ran out. but I thought she’s carrying my baby,
she wants to get married with my baby in her womb he thought. the baby you reject his conscience said.
how am I sure she keeps the pregnancy Samuel thought.
good evening Samuel greet his wife, Samuel you have started again why are you just coming to the house Cath yelled.
Cath this is just past six pm now Samuel said. you know I don’t like shouting you makes me shout everyday,
Samuel what’s your problem can’t you be faithful for once Cath yelled,
woman I don’t have your time this evening there are many things on my head now Samuel said and try to walk away.
how dare you walked out of me Cath said and gave him a thurderous slap.


Authoress p.o.v
Did you just slap me Samuel asked Catherine. and so if you say anything again I will slap you again and again Cath said. bravo you really tried.
I will pretend as if you didn’t do anything to me cause am not in the mood today Samuel said.
you must be in the mood cause I am so much ready for you Cath said.
what type of woman is this, God haven’t i married a wrong wife Samuel said.
did you call me a wrong wife Cath said Angrily. Samuel pushed her out of the way and Cath shouted.
neighbors Samuel have killed me o who will save me from this monster I get married to Cath shouted.
Samuel shaked his head and was ready to go to his room. the knock on the door stop him. who’s that Samuel asked.
good evening we heard your wife voice from our apartment hope all is well the neighbor asked.
all is well learn how to mind your business me and my husband aren’t Fighting but playing Cath said.
but I heard you shouting that your husband wants to kill you the neighbor said. woman what is your problem, what did you mean.
did you mean my wife is lying Samuel said. no but I think you’re both lying the neighbor said.
how dare you disrespect my husband, who gave you the right to my Cath said.
calm down honey don’t make this woman spoil our mood Samuel said. what are you still waiting for Cath said and lock the door.
Honey happiness brought her wedding card this morning Mrs John said.
oh really that’s nice am very happy for her Mr John said. really don’t you think is too.
wins don’t go there don’t just go there at all she deserves to be happy.
and that lady is a role model to many young girl out there,
what did you want them to say when she gave birth to a baby without father. or put yourself in her mother shoe,
if you are happiness mother will you advise her to wait for that ingrate you called a son you just have to be happy for her.
give me the card I must attend the wedding mr John said. no my darling don’t get me wrong am very happy for her,
am just thinking is too early cause she’s still carrying Samuel child Mrs John said.
enough of happiness let talk about your son there neighbor called me that they’re disturbing the peace of the estate they said they
good evening ma long time, Cath greet, good evening is Samuel In Mrs John asked.
yes but you have to call and inform us that you’re coming to our house.
it’s not proper you can’t just come into someone else house anyhow you like.
we don’t accept visitors anyhow Cath said.
you must be crazy, I should call to inform you before coming to my son house Mrs John said. take it easy ma we aren’t Fighting. he is your son and he is now my husband,
so you should call to inform me before coming Cath said. anyway am not here for you. is Samuel In Mrs John asked again.
yes you can come in Cath said and open the door. honey your mother is here waiting for you Cath said.
alright darling I will be right there Samuel replied.
Mrs John was surprised. but there neighbors said they are always fighting she thought there’s only one way to know she thought.
mummy good evening Samuel greet. but Samuel, why are you behaving like a mad person,
how could you come outside without wearing a shirt Cath said. oh am sorry Samuel replied.
Mrs John open her mouth in awe. did you just asked your husband if he’s crazy Mrs John asked. mum it normal, she didn’t say am crazy it a question Samuel replied.
so the things we have been hearing about you guys is true Mrs John said.
what have you been hearing about us Samuel asked. that you guys fight everyday Mrs John said.
are the neighbors crazy, don’t mind them ma we aren’t Fighting.
we have never fight before. those people are just jealous of us Cath said. am I right she face Samuel.
Samuel are you crazy when am asking you questions you replied fast Cath said. oh I can see,
you have gotten married to your mother. I came to warn you guys, you guys should stop fighting.
you should stop disgracing us Mrs John said. ma you don’t have the right to come into our house to counsel us, with due respect ma,
you have to leave, your time is up, we don’t accept visitors here Cath said.
Samuel can you hear this idiot you called a wife Mrs John said. mother am very dissapointed in you, why did you called her an idiot Samuel said.
Samuel which side are you on, you have asked me to Leave and you didn’t do anything Mrs John said.
happiness wedding.
Charles was seen smiling sheepishly at the alter he stand with his bride. he is the happiest man on earth.
cause he’s happy he later married the woman after his heart. happiness is not exceptional, she’s happy, I mean very happy, Charles get married to him dispert carrying another man child.
she stand with her baby bump near the priest. if there’s anyone here is against this union,
he or she should talk now, or remain mute forever the priest said and Samuel shouted from the crowd. Hi Samuel said.
Mr why are you against this people marriage the priest asked. because she’s my wife and she’s carrying my baby Samuel said and point to Cath.


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