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July 24, 2021


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His Mrs clumsy Episode 1 & 2

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Mrs Clumsy 👑

Episode 1



📿 Roxanne 📿

” Grrrrrr”
Argh! I covered my ears with the pillow. Why does this alarm has to wake me up when I was in the dream la Land
I was eating shawarma together with meatballs in my sweet dream..

” Grrrrrr”
I hit the bed loudly using my hand to search for my phone turning off the alarm with my eyes closed ..

I need to go back and continue eating that sumptuous meal .
With that, I went back to sleep.

I woke up at 7:50am. Holy Christ of Nazareth!

I jumped down from the bed rushing to the bathroom but I slipped landing my butts on the floor ..
Who the hell sprinkle water here?

Oh! I can be very crazy! Who else lives in this room except me?
I poured water here last night and lazily pass it by to the bed…

I helped myself up and resumed running again… God! Don’t let me fall please ..


I dressed up in my usual boyish dress code, I don’t have time to apply makeup as its of no use to me..

I just got a job at King’s Enterprise and so I’m dressing up for my first day . Starting the job with tardiness…

” Sis come out already you are getting late ” Zoey my younger sister yelled from the door ..
I’m already late.. it’s 8:15am..
Way to go Roxanne, good impression on your first day ..

” Yeah I’m coming ” I said picking up my bag

I wore my canvas on the big over size trouser I was wearing going out of the room

” Morning sis ” Zoey greeted

” How was your night amigo?” I asked ruffling her hair like normally

” It was fine, now sit and eat before you go. I know you too well, you won’t eat when you get to the office” she whined

” Amigo you know I’m running out of time, I promise to eat in the office. Where’s captain ?” I asked referring to Cory my younger brother.
Well I have names for them aside their real names, don’t ask me why ….

” I am here sis good morning ” he said coming downstairs

” Morning captain, this is some change you both can take can with to college. You are running late too ” I said giving him 3 out of my last 5bucks . Did I have any option?

” Thanks sis and don’t forget to behave yourself today, it’s your first day and I don’t want you to be fired ” he said sternly.
Sometimes I wonder if he’s the big brother or I the big sister

” Don’t worry , I will try. Take care of Amigo ” I said to him while I did our sisterly handshake with Zoey….

Leaving for the door, I think my leg hits one of the couch which made me fall…

I smiled at the floor standing up, well that’s my best friend

” Careful sis ”

” Yeah, my friend only wanted to wish me a good luck. Till I’m back. Don’t forget to cook before I come amigo ”
With that I left taking a baby step, I’m not preventing myself from falling but I want to reach the company as soon as possible

” Where to ma’am ?” The cab man asked

” King’s Enterprise ” he nodded and ignited the engine

8:30am… Is devil not at work?

” Drive faster please, I’m late already ” I said in a haste tone

” Okay ma’am ”

Time for introduction……

I am Roxanne Williams, a true definition of cackhand . I am the first child of my parents and as you already know, I have two siblings Cory and Zoey . 23years of age while Cory is 21, he’s extremly handsome and we’ll built that people mistake him as my elder brother while Zoey is 17. There is a big difference in their age ..

We lost our parents in an accident leaving me to cater for my siblings….
I am very very lazy, clumsy and sassy too.
I am the type of lady who loves to make decisions on my own, I hate when someone makes decisions for me and I believe in hard work …
That’s all for now, you will know me better when the going gets tough

” We are here ma’am ” he announced
I paid him and left into the building

Is this really a company? It looks like a princess castle or rather a very big palace..

Gosh! Roxanne snap out of it first, you are getting late. No! You are late …

” Good morning ” I greeted the receptionist . She took in my appearance and shook her head before smiling at me.
Wait! Am I smelling?

” Morning, how may I help you ” she asked in a cheerful tone. Wow! Hope I’m sure this lady is mentally stable?

” Am I the new assistant of the boss ” I replied

” Oh! Roxanne Williams right?” She asked and I nodded. Thank God she knows me. That’s a good step.
She smiled and in the next seconds covered it with a frown ..
Hey hello?

” But you are 40minutes late Roxanne, Mr Kings hates lateness and might reduce your first pay ” she said..
What? Why will he do that?

” Anyways, you are welcome to King’s Enterprise. The boss is at the 5th floor, make sure you use the general elevator. No one uses the private one except him ”

” Okay, thank you ….”

” Julia ” she cuts in and I nodded

” Thanks Julia see you around ” with that I dashed out of her sight


I knock repeatedly on his office door before I heard a faint ‘ come in ‘

I gently opened the door trying hard to compose myself. I might just embarrass myself right here ….

With my head hung down, I entered into his office…

” Good morning sir ” I greeted waiting to hear , ” miss Roxanne you are late on your first day and you are hereby charged half of your salary ” but nothing like that.

I don’t just want to raise my head , is he looking at me?

” Miss Williams, it’s your first day and you just gave me a poor impression. Don’t you know I hate tardiness? ” He yelled..
Okay! Mr CEO is a little rude …

” I’m sorry sir ” I replied blankly.

” This should be the last time you will come to work this late but that doesn’t mean I won’t punish you fo this, you will have to work extra time today in the office. The next time you will come late, I will deduct one quarter of your salary” he said and my head snapped up..

How can he deduct that amount from my salary? That means just a change will be remaining for me.. what the hell?

My head snapped to him and no! I took a step backward making me step on a tin and I stumbled falling down…

What? I quickly stood up embarrassingly but with my eyes glued to my boss..
I pinched myself to see if I’m dreaming but no! The reality niggled at me.

” Rex?” I called skeptically with my eyes bulging out of it’s socket. I mean the Rex I once dated? My ex? Wait! How?
He broke up with me because of his wrong assumptions. He didn’t even give me a chance to explain myself when he saw me with Marcus 7years back.
He got mad and broke up with me for a silly mistake or was it?
That should be a story for another day

” It’s Mr Kings to you miss Williams ” he smirked and I batter my eyelashes in disbelief…

God! Why did you have to make him my boss? Will I be able to work under the same roof with him? Like I have any choice

” Your office is right opposite mine and your work is to schedule my appointments, meetings and receiving the emails ”

” The first thing you do when you get to the company is to bring my coffee, I like it thick with less sugar and black coffee in particular ” he said monotonously…
Wow! He really pretend like he doesn’t know me?
I’m sure he will make my life hell for me. I wish I can leave but there is no job out there that’s very easy to get…
Sighing, I nodded

” You don’t go nodding when I talk to you miss Williams, your mouth isn’t zipped” he snapped..
This is going to be tough…
Considering the fact that we don’t have anyone to help us, I have to work for the sake of Cory and Zoey.
” Y….yes sir ” I replied and began making my way out of his office.
What can be worst than your ex turning your boss?

” And miss Williams ” he called while I stopped with my hand on the door knob

” You shouldn’t dress like a mad person to my company from tomorrow, this is a company and not a psychiatric home. You may no leave ” with that, he went back to his doing his work ..
Roxanne, you have to be patient……

Mrs Clumsy 👑

Episode 2

📿 Roxanne 📿

Oh God! Yawning for the hundredth time, I closed the files. I didn’t eat in the morning and now he denied me my lunch on my first day .
My stomach grumbled while I sighed. How will I be able to arrange all this meetings before closing time? What am I even saying, Rex already told me I will do extra time…

I went back to calculating his free time to set the numerous appointments but I couldn’t concentrate. My stomach won’t let me, I feel so hungry right now..

I can’t take it anymore, I can’t kill myself all in the name of work. If I slump and die now who will take care of Cory and Zoey?

Rex can’t kill me can he? I stood up with my body visibly shaking. It’s 4pm and I still haven’t eaten. What sort of wicked instruction was that?
That I have to finish my work before I can eat, the work I won’t be able to finish today…

I stood up and headed to Julia. I need to eat, I don’t want to die now..

” Roxanne I didn’t see you at lunch, why?” She asked . Maybe we can be friends

” I was just busy with work, Mr control freak asked me not to anyways but I want to eat now ”

” Seriously? Mr control freak?” She asked laughing . The name suits him very well

” Don’t let him hear that and the cafeteria is down there ” she pointed while I nodded…
I have to be quick or better still buy a take away .
Rex can be very annoying and I don’t want him getting my ass fired …

Forget the insults this morning, I only endured because of one thing if not, trust me. I won’t let anyone insult me . Not even my ex . That pighead….

What does he thinks of himself? Because he’s the CEO he wants to control everyone under him? No not everyone, me. I’m sure he hates me for what I am innocent of .

🏓 Rex 🏓

Even after 7years, she’s still as gawky as she used to be. She’s really a clown
Roxanne used to be my girlfriend, she was my everything. I loved her, u cherished her like I ought to.

The way I felt for her, I have never felt for anyone. That’s why I am still single up till now, the media believes am I a gay but I’m not.

My world was shattered when I knew she was cheating on me with my younger brother. I was broken, I trusted both of them. Marcus was my only brother and I loved him but he betrayed me by taking away the one thing that means a lot to me .

He knows how much I love Roxanne, still he stabbed me at the back ..
He was dating my girlfriend, the only lady I was madly in love with…

They both tried to explain what I saw them doing. I mean who does that? Making out with my brother and you want to explain? I mean what exactly?

I couldn’t bear the pain, the ache was unbearable and so I broke up with her. It was a wrong but right decision because it was hard to…
And Marcus, we aren’t close as we used to be. Hell! We can never have that bond again .

And now, she is here working with me. I will make her miserable for what she did to me 7years ago. As much as I still have a soft spot for her, I hate her …

I hate her for creating the mentality of all women are same, nothing but gold diggers like her …
I was afraid of going into another relationship because of heartbreak, the fear of the past repeating itself won’t let me…

Sorry my mistake!
Am I Rex Kings, I will be turning 27 next month. The current CEO of our family’s company in New York while Marcus works in Netherland, we have our company there too and he comes home occasionally…
I have an elder sister Eva. I live with my parents but I have my penthouse I stay during week days..

Am I a workaholic, I love working and I am very cool with people even my employees … But Roxanne, she will have quit when the humiliation becomes unbearable
I walked to the window and caught a glimpse of her eating in the cafeteria. What the hell? I’m sure I gave her lots of work so she won’t have lunch. Have she finished it up?

I hastily went to my sit and picked her file, taking her number.

I stared at her with the phone on my ear ringing but she isn’t picking up. She was so focused on the whatever food she was eating … Is she that hungry?

Ah! She picked after the third ring.

📞 Hello.
Her voice echoed in. How much I missed it

📞 Will you stop shouting Miss Williams? Did you want to break my eardrum?

I asked coldly while watching her, her face dropped and she stood up immediately..

📞 Rex..no I mean Mr Kings, I’m sorry…

📞 To my office in 2minutes ..

I instructed and hung up… I saw her picking up her bag plus a nylon and began making her way to the elevator.

That’s what I want, I want her to be afraid of me. As long as she continue to work here, she will never have peace of mind..

📿 Roxanne 📿

I just hope he didn’t see me eating. Wait! Even if he does, he won’t do any damn thing than to fire me, reduce my salary or give me extra work….

I didn’t forget to take my food along with me though. I quickly dropped it in my office before coming to his ..

” I gave you 2minutes to be here Miss Williams but you spent 5minutes. Can’t you be conscious of your time? ” He snapped. What’s with him and getting mad at me ? It’s just my first day and it looks like a year already..

” I’m sorry Mr Kings, the elevator stopped and I had to wait ” I lied clearly..

” That’s a stupid excuse Miss Williams, I thought I gave you an instruction?” He asked while I nodded.. oops!

” yes sir ” I quickly replied

” Good, I believe you are through with the work I gave you ” he said without glancing at me ..

” Uh… uhhm no sir ”

” And you left it to eat? Did you know how important that is?”

” Yes sir but I was hungry, I had to eat ”

” How does that have to be my business Miss Williams? Does this looks like a place were you can fill your stomach with food?” He asked and I kept mute…

” You don’t come here to play with your job, this is not a relationship arena where you toil with people’s heart and jumping from different guys” he said with a cold expression and my heart clenched.

What is he trying to say? That I am a heart breaker? And a slut? That hurts! I Am can he anything but not that…

How can he? He even thinks low of me to that stage?
Tears welled up my eyes, I hate to be belittled ..

🏓 Rex 🏓

Okay! That was extreme… I couldn’t have said that… Seeing her she’d tears supposed gladden my heart but no, I feel guilty…

” The fact that you own this company doesn’t give you the effontry to abuse me Mr Kings . What did you expect me to have done? Die of hunger because of your business? I am not a heart breaker neither am I a slut ”

” If you are judging me from what happened 7years ago then you need a mental checkup. You never gave me a chance to explain myself and you think you can humiliate me with it? ”

” You were so blinded by cowardice that you chose to ignore me even after I pleaded with you ”

” You know what? You can think of anything you want Mr Kings ” with that she turned the knob in tears and left….

That was harsh! It’s true I never gave her the chance to explain nor my brother. What do they have to say? That it was a mistake?
She was my girlfriend for godsake and I caught her kissing my brother, I mean my very own brother….

If it was any other person, they will react the way I did …
I don’t have to listen to her, she’s a gold digger. Who knows if she wasn’t after our money..
She broke the the relationship I had with Marcus and she thinks her tears will affect me?
I can’t get over it. The scene kept flashing in my head..

” I hate you Roxanne Williams ”


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