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His Lucky star episode finale

( On The Wings Of Love… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.




Being the husband of an heavily pregnant lady is the h@rdest task Austen has ever come across.

Nikita is frustrating, always demanding for impossible things even in the middle of the night.

Immediately her pregnancy was detected two months ago, their wedding took place in the grandest style ever.

Her belly started protruding after the wedding and the baby started growing well, she wants a girl but Austen wants a boy.

It’s a cold morning, Nikita is sitting on the couch, Austen sat on a stool, m@ssaging her toes.

“Austen” she suddenly called.

“What again?” He asked, looking at his troublemaker of a wife.

“I love you” she said and he smiled.

“Are you sure you really don’t have something Impossible to demand for again?, Like the wo-mb of a c0ckroach?” He replied and she pouted.

” Are you getting tired of me?” She said.

“Why would I?, I planted the seed in you so I’m all re-ady to bear the consequences” he smiled.

” You didn’t tell me you love me too” she pouted again.

” I love you a lot, I love Kelvin too” he replied.

He has planned to name the unborn child Kelvin

“I’ve told you it’d be a girl, her name is Bianca” she replied.

” Ok mocha” he win-ked and she smiled.

“Thanks for not getting tired of my troubles” she said.

“I’m glad you’re aware that you’re troublesome” he replied.

” I want water” she said.

” I knew it” he replied and went to get it.

She drank just a little before handing the cup back to him.

The doorbell rang and one of the maids went for it, Skye c@m£ in with Sunny.

“Is dinner re-ady?” Skye smiled.

“You c@m£ here for the dinner?, Not us?” Austen replied.

” Don’t talk to me” Skye said and Austen scowled at him.

“Funny” Sunny giggled, tou-ching Nikita’s hair.

“How’s she doing?, She’s not being troublesome in your belly right?” She asked.

” She’s not giving me problems at all” Nikita replied.

” She?” Austen said.

” Yeah, it’ll be a girl” Sunny win-ked.

“Joke” Austen scoffed and Nikita giggled.

Eddy c@m£ in with BB shortly.

“Baby’s mother” BB smiled cheerfully, hvgging Nikita.

Eddy only pe-cked her cheeks.

“So now she gets all the attention, I got nothing” Austen said.

” He’s jealous, I’m glad” BB laughed, and stuck hands with Skye.

“Hi here!’ Regina c@m£ in.

” Mum!, At last someone who treasures me” Austen smiled and wi-de-ned his arms, expecting Regina to hvg her.

Regina p@ssed by him and went to Nikita instead, she hvgged her warmly.

Skye giggled as Austen dropped his arms in disappointment.

“I’ve been forgotten” he whispered.

“How’s the baby doing?” Regina asked.

“Just fine” Nikita smiled.

” I’m here” Das said, coming in too.

” Ok at least…dad will recognize me” Austen said.

Das walked to him and Austen smiled.

“Tell the maids to get me a gl@ss of water’ Das said and left him, going straight to Nikita.

He t©uçhed her belly delicately.

“My granddaughter is kicking well right?” He said and Nikita nodded, glad that she’s receiving lots of love.

“Granddaughter?, After ignoring me…now granddaughter?” Austen mumbled.

” It’s just starting, wait till the pregnancy becomes maybe seven to eight month, you’ll dehydrate” Skye giggled beside him and Austen glared.

They all moved to the dinning when dinner got re-ady.

They say to eat the delicious meal. It was actually Austen who invited everyone for dinner.

“Eat well plea-se” Regina said looking at Austen .

Austen smiled.

” So now you see me” he said.

“I was talking to my Kita” Regina said and Austen looked at Nikita who’s sitting beside him.

“ban-g” BB said and started laughing with Skye and Sunny.


Next day, sunshine high**

It’s break time, students poured out of the cl@sses in multi-ple to the cafeteria.

BB looked everywhere for Eddy but couldn’t find him.

“Where did he go without informing me?” She wondered and got her phone, she texted him.

*Cupcake where are you?*

No reply after five minutes.

“Damn it!, We were supposed to eat lunch together” she complained and walked back to cl@ss.

On her way back, she sighted Eddy in front of the science lab, talking with Lorie… she’s their cl@ssmate.

BB stood jealously, staring at them

“He’s with her, that’s why he’s not answering my messages, what are they talking about anyways?, How can they stay so close?” She thought and started walking to them

She knowingly bu-mped into their middle and they both staggered.

“Bright” Eddy said surprisingly.

“scre-w you” she said and walked away.

She went into the silent cl@ss and sat.

Eddy c@m£ in and she turned her back on him.

“Let’s go and eat” he said.

“Go with Lorie” she replied without looking at him.

” And why are you talking about her?” He replied.

BB smiled and stood.

” You ignored my messages cos you were talking to her, I dunno what you both were talking about anyways and I really don’t wanna know” she rolled eyes.

” So this is it, can you st©p being jealous alre-ady?, I was talking to her about you” he replied.

” That’s not funny, too flimsy” she sm-irked.

” I heard her telling some girls that you’re too arrogant and rude, I had to warn her to st©p spre-ading false rumors” he said.

” What!, I’m arrogant and….oh jeez I need to kill someone” she said and started leaving but he held her quic-kly.

” plea-se..” he said pleadingly.

“St©p looking into my eyes” she said, turning away from him but he turned her back to himself.

“I’ve talked to her, she won’t dare do it again… it’s a promise” he said and she sighed.

” Ion like when you stand close to another girl” she said, avoiding his eyes.

” Ok I’m sorry” he said and she smiled.

” What should we eat?” He asked

“Anything you want us to eat” she replied, finally looking at him

He pe-cked herl-ips and pu-ll-ed her out of the cl@ss.


CALIFORNIA, BJ studios**

“More feelings on your face Drew, more feelings” the director of the shoot said and Drew’s eyes bec@m£ more affectionate as he stared at Anna.

They’re currently in a lovers shoot for a new br@nd of couple Tee.

Anna is the only problem he has since the last two months and maybe she’s not re-ady to back off, she’s not stalking him or being clingy but whenever they meet by chance, she’s always re-ady to make him laugh…she’s funny and at the same time.. frustrating.

Maybe by fate, most of Drew’s shoots in the last two months were done with her.

“Ok last sh0t, last one, l@yon the chair Anna, Drew you need to fake a k!ss” the director said and they did that.

Anna kept staring at hisl-ips which was just in front of hers, it’s too tempting.

The shoot ended and they both changed in their changing rooms before coming back out.

“You did well, Anna is really the best female, you both match, I was imagining you both as real couples during the shoot” Theodore said.

” Hey Drew” she said from behind and he looked back.

” Oh she’s here again… trouble bag” he said.

“What should we eat?, I’m hungry let’s eat lunch together” she pouted.

” The last time I ate lunch with you, I choked, ion want a repetition” he replied.

“plea-se plea-se plea-se plea-se… plea-se Drew plea-se plea-se…

“I’ll call you” Theodore said and left.

“That betrayer” Drew muttered and Anna pu-ll-ed him out of the studio.

She got in his car with him and before he knew it, she pe-cked his cheek.

“You don’t know how h@rd it was to control myself during the camouflage k!ss, I almost k!$$£d you for real, how can yourl-ips look tempting” she gushed.

” St©p bickering” he said

” I’m serious” she replied.

” Whatever” he replied, smiling secretly.

“I’ll make you fall for me, just a little bit left” she said, interlinking their left hands.

” Can’t wait” he replied.

“Can’t wait too” she smiled and he smiled secretly again.

The car moved and he felt the need to return the pe-ck, he suddenly pe-cked her and her cheeks turned red.

“Drew …

” I returned it ok?” He smiled.

“Gosh I love you!” She said loudly and the driver smiled as she hvgged him so ti-ght.

“I love you Drew” she said.

“I think I’m starting to love you too… Anna” he thought, hvgging her back.




Her baby bu-mp looks so big as she sat regally on the chair prepared for her.

Her bu-mp was expo-sed cos the go-wn she was wearing left it out.

She has a happy smile on her face as she moves slowly to the songs.

The living room is full of family and friends and she can’t be more happy.

Maybe tommorow or the day after, she’d give birth to her long expected baby

“Hey mocha” Austen bent beside her and k!$$£d her stomach.

“My Kelvin is coming soon” he said.

“It’s Bianca dear” she said.

” Let’s wait and see” he replied and gave her an apple which she took and took a bite from.

“Baby’s mum” Skye said from the middle of the room.

They both looked back.

“Bianca’s mum” she said.

“Kelvin’s mum” Austen said and Nikita covered his mouth.

” You said you have a song for your baby” Skye said

” Sure” Nikita replied.

” You didn’t tell me” Austen said.

“Listen while I sing” she replied.

” Nikita can’t sing, better cover your ears” Eddy said beside BB.

Das and Regina listened with ra-pt attention as Kita started singing.

**My baby…My precious treasure**

“How long have I been waiting to see you**

**Nine months?, Yes. Can’t wait to k!ssyou, carry you in my arms and give you a warm hvg**

**can’t wait to hold your little hands together with your lovely dad, can’t wait to feed you**

**Watching you grow up is one of my biggest dreams, I really can’t wait to welcome you to the world… my baby**

She finished singing and Austen was the first to cl@p before the others joined.

“You told me she’s not good” BB said.

“Ion know how she did that” Eddy replied.

” Austen you don’t have a song before we start the game?” Skye asked.

” Arrgg!” Nikita suddenly gro-an ed and Austen quic-kly held her.

“Nik are you fine?” He asked.

“Oh no….ahh!” She g@sped again.

Regina rushed to them

” Kita calm down ok?, I think the baby c@m£ earlier than we expected” Regina said.

” The pains c@m£ suddenly…ouch!, My back!” Nikita gro-an ed again, scaring Austen.

” Nik plea-se be fine, mum she’ll be fine right?” He asked as he raised get up, guiding her out.

” She’ll be fine trust me, let’s get to the hospital first” she replied.


Malcolm’s family hospital**

Austen was restless as he paced around the hallway, likewise Das and Regina.

Nikita is currently in labor, it’s been an hour now.

“I should go in’ Austen said fearfully.

” Dude she’ll be fine trust me” Skye said.

“But it has been an hour” Austen said.

” Calm down ” Skye said.

Almost immediately, doctor Emmy c@m£ out all smiles.

“Doctor how’s it?” He quic-kly asked.

“Congratulations Mr Austen, it’s a boy, handsome one…the mother is fine too” doctor Emmy said.

” It’s a boy?” Austen said loudly.


“Oh my goodness! I’m the happiest in the whole world so Skye you can faint … Dad I won!, I deserve to be called sharp shooter…I deserve it!” He shouted and Regina smiled at his happiness.

“Can we go see her?” Austen asked.

“Give the nurses some minutes to clean her up then you can” doctor replied

” Can’t wait to see my mocha and our baby.. our Kelvin” he smiled.

” I’m jealous” Skye said and BB laughed.

” Get married to sunny then” she said.

“I’m so happy* Eddy smiled

“Today is my happiest day, I finally got a grandson” Das said.

“Me too” Regina smiled

They went in after a while and surprisingly, Nikita looks just strong as if she wasn’t the one who just gave birth.

“My Nik” Austen smiled.

“Sweetheart you cheated me, it’s an handsome boy” she smiled.

” Yeah, like me, thanks for birthing our baby safely, thanks for being safe too” he smiled.

” I love you so much Austen, thanks for staying” she replied and he hvgged her, pe-cking herl-ips.

Everyone else started congratulating the couple and checked the baby out.

“He has s*xyl-ips just like me” Skye said.

“He has my eyes” Eddy said.

” He has the shape of my cute nose” BB said

“Our cheeks look same” Sunny said.

“Hair color” Regina said

” Ears, he has my ears” Das said.

“It’s our baby not yours everyone” Austen said.

“I was about to say that” Nikita replied and everyone laughed.

” Seriously I give you the nickname sharp shooter” Skye said.

” Sure” Austen replied proudly.

“One sh0t, a healthy handsome boy… The great Austen Malcolm.. legendary sharp shooter” Skye said.

” That’s me” Austen said and everyone laughed heartily.


No epilogue.

Finally we’ve come to the end of HIS LUCKY STAR

What’s ur saddest, happiest, funniest and favorite scene?


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