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September 25, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His little mistress episode 7 & 8

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💋 Irresistible attraction 💋

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Terence walked out of Amberle’s room and headed to the living room. He slumped on a couch and placed a call to Zachary.
📲 Sup Terry?
Terry chuckled
📱Did the African’s give you something to eat?

Zachary laughed from the other edge

📲 How’s Amberle?

📱she’s good.. Probably sleeping by now

📲 and you?

📱I’m at the penthouse.. but you don’t have to worry, I’m downstairs

📲 I’m not worried

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📱says who?

📲 I’m not

📱Then I want a small favor from you

📲 What is it?

📱it’s not really a small favor but you can help me out

📲 what is it?

📱where can I find my mom’s death documents in the penthouse?

📲 Are you crazy? Don’t think of searching the penthouse, just go home

📱Zac I really need it.. That’s why I accepted to join the game

📲 it’s not in the mansion.. Goldsax kept it elsewhere that I don’t know. No one knows

📱It’s here in the penthouse

📲 Then find it

📱Zac you’ve got to help me.. For old time sak

📲 believe me.. It’s not in the penthouse

📱Goldsax moved it to the penthouse few days ago

📲 Did he tell you that?

📱No.. I saw the message in his phone the night someone delivered it to the penthouse

📲 That was a fake message. Goldsax used it to trick you into joining the game.. He knew you would join the game as the only means to steal the documents is you thought they were here

📱So I was deceived

📲 Exactly.. And he succeeded

📱why didn’t you tell me?

📲 I couldn’t– he needed someone to watch the penthouse and cook for Amberle

📱I’m such a fool

📲 you’re not Terry, anyone would’ve fell for it. Goldsax knows how much you love your mom

📱then he failed.. I’m not going to take care of his stupid penthouse. I’m leaving here tonight and I’m never going to return

📲 what about Amberle? She’ll starve to death

📱few hours before you return wouldn’t kill her

📲 I may not be returning tomorrow.. Goldsax still needs my assistance for few days

📱Then I don’t care if she starves to death or not.. She’s Goldsax’s property

📲 you can’t punish her because of Goldsax

📱I don’t care. If you care so much, then come back and take care of her

Terry ended the call without waiting to hear Zachary’s reply. He was raging in anger and he felt stupid for letting Goldsax deceive him.
Terry picked his car key from his table and headed outside. He was leaving for good and he would never return again.. Not even because of Amberle, not to the game that led to his mother’s early death.

Terry got into the car and turned on the engine. He sat in the car contemplating, like something was telling him to do otherwise. He took in a deep breath, like he was summoning some courage, then he drive out.
Terry arrived home and soaked himself in the tub. A lot of things were going through his mind and there was only some person to cheer him up– Georgia.

He took his bathe and hurried out of the tub. He got dressed and sat in the porch to a cup of tea. Terry called Georgia severally but she wasn’t answering. He didn’t stop calling till she sent him a message and he read through it.

📥 it’s late already.. We’ll talk tomorrow.

Terry checked the time and it was 12:17 am. Probably late to call anyone but not Georgia. They always talked past midnight. He was really confused about Georgia’s sudden changes. He really loved her and didn’t want to think she was cheating on him again.


“How do I look?” Amberle asked Barbara, trying on the clothes Terry had bought. Barbara didn’t reply as she nodded to sleep.
“Barbara?!” Amberle shouted and she jerked awake “don’t sleep– I’m not done”

“Amberle it’s already past midnight” Barbara drawled sleepily

“I’m almost done”

“you’ve been saying that for the past two hours”

“Not this time.. I’m almost done”

Barbara sighed and said “the dress is pretty”

“isn’t the skirt a little too long?”

“At least it’s decent”

Amberle rolled her eyes “why do you guys care so much about decency?”

Barbara yawned “try on another clothes.. That’s talk for another day”

Amberle nodded and took off the clothes she was wearing.
Barbara slowly dozed off as she tried on another clothe.

“Barbara?!” Amberle shouted when she was done and Barbara jerked up “how is this one”

“Amberle they are all beautiful, you don’t have to try them on one after the other”

“you sleep a lot” Amberle hurled and too off the clothe

“it’s late”

“to you” Amberle said as she put on her night dress “Goodnight”

“Thank you” Barbara dimmed the light and quickly hurried out of the room

“Old Barbara” Amberle burst into laughter when Barbara locked the door and was gone “You’ll be needing more frustration”
She laughed then covered herself with the duvet up to her chest, then she gradually drifted into sleep.


⌚ 9:56 am ⌚

Terry stretched on the bed and sluggishly opened his eyes. He got up and checked the time then fell back to his pillow. He hugged his duvet tight and went back to sleep again.

⌚ 11:24 am ⌚

Terry yawned and tossed about on the bed, stretching his cramped muscles. He checked the time again and sprang up. Terry hurried into the bathroom and hurriedly brushed his teeth. He returned to his room and laid on the bed to pray.

⌚ 1:02 pm ⌚

Terry sleepily covered his face with a pillow as the rays of the sun came in through the window. The room was getting hot and he couldn’t sleep again. He got up from the bed and checked the time again.
“oh my god! Amberle” he exclaimed and ran into the bathroom. Terry showered quickly and got dressed then hurried into the kitchen. He microwaved his meal and ate.
When he was done, he got into his car and drove to the penthouse.


Terry prepared Szechuan shrimp and served in the cart. He pushed it up the stairs to the landing when he recalled telling Zachary the previous night that he wouldn’t by cooking for Amberle anymore. He let out his breath slowly and pushed the cart upon the second stairway. Terry served Barbara her food in her room then took Amberle’s to her.
He knocked on the door before pushing the door open and walked in with the cart. Amberle was sleeping when he walked in,
she was completely famished. He kept the cart beside the bed and went to wake her up. Terry squatted beside her bed and rubbed her cheek softly but she didn’t wake. He tucked the hair that was covering her face behind her ear so he could watch her sleep.
She looked so young and innocent in her sleep. But one thing was for sure, she was young, but not innocent.

“Amberle?!” Terry whispered into her ears “Amberle?!”

She stirred on the bed and sluggishly opened her eyes.

“I’m sorry I came late” he apologized and helped her up

“it’s okay.. You succeeded in killing the baby in my womb” she joked and Terry laughed

“I cooked”

Amberle stood up to feet and dragged her feet to the cart with Terry supporting her.
“what took you so long?”

“I was busy.. The situation was inevitable” Terry lied

Amberle sat on a chair and Terry set the food on the table.
“I thought you abandoned me” she said

Terry paused and stared at her for a moment “I can’t” he said


“I promised Zac to take care of you”

Amberle smiled wryly and started eating.
“Did you cook this?”

“yes.. I cooked everything you’ve been eating since Goldsax and the men travelled”

“nice” she said and chewed her food thoroughly

“Zac said he won’t be returning yet.. Goldsax needs his assistance for few more days”

Terry expected Amberle’s countenance to change but she just continued eating. He watched her every move and observed how she ate her food till she choked and started coughing.
Terry quickly handed her a glass of water and she gulped down its content.

“stop staring at me that way” Amberle stated and kept the glass on the table

“I’m sorry” Terry apologized and filled the glass with water “that’s not how to eat Szechuan shrimp, let me show you”
He took the spoon from her and started eating the food.
“watch me.. You eat the food like this”

Amberle watched him stab the shrimps and shoved into his mouth and chew.
“what’s wrong with the way I eat it?” she asked

“you eat it this way” he shoved more shrimps into his mouth and started chewing.

Amberle frowned and hit the spoon off his hand “you finished my food”

Terry cleaned his mouth with a table cloth and belched loudly “I was teaching you how to eat”

“How did I manage to fall for it?”

“kids do fall for adult pranks”

“you’re trying to come up with an argument.. I’m not a child” Amberle stated and continued eating. When she was done, she cleared the table and kept the plates in the cart.

“So how’s the baby?”

Amberle chuckled “dead already” she said and added “I’m having a headache”

“Cause of the food?”

“No.. I already had the headache before you came”

“I’ll go get you drugs”

“That’s a bad idea”

“you don’t take drugs?”

“My mom had to beat me before I take drugs whenever I’m sick”

Terry chuckled “so what are you going to do about the headache”

“I will just sleep till it stops”

Terry chuckled “you’re not serious” he said and walked out the cart


Terry returned with a little bag and Amberle was fast asleep. He walked to the bed and sat beside
“Amberle?!” he called softly, caressing her hair. Amberle slowly opened her eyes and Terry placed his hand on her head to feel her temperature.

“you’re back” she groaned

“you’re running a fever” Terry said and raised the bag “I got you drugs” he added and Amberle quickly shut her eyes.
Terry chuckled and kept the bag on the bedside drawer.
“you can’t escape this” he said and carried her out of the bed

“Terry put me down” she struggled as Terry carried her to the couch

“stop fighting.. You’re sick” he said and sat her on the couch

“you’ll have to kill me”

“I don’t mind beating you like your mother used to do”

Amberle pushed him away and tried running but Terry grabbed her hand and she fell on the floor.
“Amberle stop this” Terry hurled

Amberle staggered to her feet and ran into the bathroom. Terry rushed after her but before he got to the bathroom, she had already locked the door.

“Amberle I’m going to break this door”

“I want to see you try” Amberle dared and sat on the toilet seat


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