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September 25, 2021


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His little mistress episode 3

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“we’ll be leaving tomorrow” Goldsax informed Zachary as they left the warehouse

“why the sudden change? We were supposed to stay for few days before the trip” Zachary inquired

“the case in Africa is getting critical to the point of losing our clients. The police already caught five suspects, two of our men and three innocent citizens” Goldsax explained

Zachary sighed. He couldn’t imagine leaving Amberle so soon.
“Who’s going to handle business here?” he asked

“Terry will” Goldsax replied

“Terry?” Zachary asked. He wasn’t really sure of what he had heard. Probably not the Terence Murray he knew.

“your assistance is only needed for few days– as our brain man and within those few days, Terry will be in charge of business here. Maybe after few days, you’ll return and handle business here with Terry”

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“How are you going to convince Terry?” Zachary wanted to know

“It’s not going to take much” Goldsax replied and Zachary sighed. He was more concerned about how Amberle would survive alone. Who would keep her company. Serve her food. And check on her every minute.
But he didn’t want Goldsax to know he was worried about Amberle. He would be putting them in more trouble if he asked about her welfare while they’d be away.

Zachary put every thought about Amberle behind him for that moment and followed Goldsax to the car.


Amberle sat near the window, making a floral chain when a knock came on the door. She adjusted on her chair and waited for the door to open. After few seconds, the door handle pressed down and the door opened.
Amberle turned as Grand walked in when an elderly woman behind him.

“you brought someone?” Amberle asked as she stared at the woman. It was the first time in five years she was seeing someone other than Goldsax and Zachary. Even gazing out the window everyday didn’t give her a chance to see anyone.

“She’s going to take care of you while I’m away” Goldsax explained

“you’re travelling?” Amberle asked, feigning ignorance

“Something came up so I’ll be travelling tomorrow”

“Travel safe”

Goldsax scoffed. He knew Amberle was happy he’d been away.
“You’ll end up missing me”

Amberle smirked “I certainly will”

Goldsax turned to the woman “Amberle is really stubborn.. She’ll by your headache for a week time Barbara”

The woman nodded “I’m used to handling stubborn kids”

Amberle scoffed “Kids?”

“Then you’re the perfect medicine for my son” Goldsax told Barbara and she laughed

Amberle got up and strode to the bed “you’ll need more than an old woman to handle me”

Barbara opened her mouth to talk but Goldsax raised his hand and kept she kept quiet.
“Excuse us Barbara”

Barbara nodded and walked out.

“I’m coming tonight” Goldsax informed

“I’d be expecting you.. If you’d be alive till nightfall”

Goldsax scoffed “I would’ve taken your now but I’m not ready for the fight” he said and joined her in the bed

“like you come with weapons” Amberle rolled her eyes and walked to the dresser

Goldsax got up from the bed and walked to her “what weapon does Zachary use to keep you still?”

Amberle should’ve being stunned by the question but she wasn’t. She let out her breath slowly and tucked her hair behind her ear then she said.
“Zac isn’t an animal”

Goldsax tightened his jaws and clenched his fist then he slowly unclenched them.
“I could kill you if I want. Right here and right now”

“what are you waiting for? Huh?” she pushed him “C’mon! Finish what you started with my father”

Goldsax clenched his fist again and punched her. Amberle staggered but didn’t fall. She pushed everything down the dresser in an attempt to stop herself from falling.

“That doesn’t change anything Goldsax. You can hit me all you want but you’ll forever remain an animal”

Goldsax hit her again and dragged her hair. “you’re getting stubborn now” he seethed and hit her head on the table.

“Blood sucker!” Amberle cussed and touched her bleeding lips.

“I’ve got important things to do” Goldsax stated and kicked her out the way as he stormed out.
Goldsax arrived home and met Terry in the living room. Terry muttered a greeting when he walked in without sparing him a glance. Goldsax also muttered a reply and dropped his bag on the table then sat on the sofa next to Terry’s.

“I’ll be travelling tomorrow” he informed but Terry said nothing and he went on “I want to ask a favor from you”

Terry glanced at him but said nothing.


“I’m listening”

“your mom’s birthday is fast approaching and I was wondering if you could decorate her grave while am away”

“what do you care about my mom?” Terry asked in haughty disdain

“she was my wife”

“she wasn’t your wife.. She was your mistress”

“whatever the case may be, just do it” Goldsax said and walked out with his bag.

Terry saw a paper drop from Goldsax as he walked out but didn’t call his attention. When Goldsax had gone up the stairs, he picked the paper and unfolded it.
He read through it:

📃 тнe pacĸage conтaιnιng nerιѕѕa’ѕ deaтн caѕe wιll arrιve тonιgнт aт тнe penтнoυѕe.

Terry looked up the stairs Goldsax had taken and folded the paper. He shoved it into his pocket and hurries into his room. When Nerissa died, Terry stole all the documents of her murder from Goldsax but he wasn’t able to get her death certificate and the court’s verdict from Goldsax. He had planned to steal them but never saw them again.
Terry grabbed his car keys from the table and hurried outside. Goldsax was watching Terry from the window as Terry entered his car and drove off.
“perfect plan” he smirked


Terry arrived at Goldsax’s penthouse and hid outside the fence. He didn’t know the way in so he had to wait outside till anyone goes in.
Terry waited for few minutes then he sighted Goldsax’s car approaching the penthouse. He watched the car from his hiding place as the gate opened and Goldsax drove in and the gate closed. There was no way Terry could get in again.

Few minutes later, another car drove in and Terry suspected it was the man bringing the package. He watched the car drive in and the gate closed then he came out of his hiding place.
Terry examined the gate and tried taking a peek to see what was going on inside but there was no way he could see the inside if he wasn’t inside. He sneaked out in a hurry and walked to where he had parked his car and a distance. Terry turned on the ignition and drove off to see Zachary.


“… I still don’t understand a thing you’re saying” Zachary yelled, face palming himself “you can’t just ask me to help you get inside when you have no business there”

“Listen Zac, you have to help me” Terry pleaded

“I can’t Terry, it’s not in my power to bring in outsiders but Goldsax can”

“Goldsax can’t know about this”

“Then I’m sorry bro.. There’s nothing I can do”
Terry sighed “So there’s no possibility I can go in?”

“There is” Zachary replied “if you’ll join the game”

“join the game?”

“you’ll have to be in the game to know what goes on inside”

Terry sighed “it’s really important that I go inside”

“and you don’t want to tell me” Zachary rolled his eyes “how can I even help you?”

“all you’ll have to do is help me get in”

“Then join the game.. You could talk to Goldsax about it”

Terry nodded and asked “if something is delivered in the penthouse tonight, when does it leave?”

“why do you ask?” Zachary makes suspiciously

“Just answer me”

“since you’re Terry, I’ll tell you” Zachary said

“The penthouse is our safest hideout. Whatever goes in doesn’t leave till it’s needed. Mostly after one month”

“so whatever goes in today, doesn’t leave till the next one month?” ”


Terry nodded continually


“so why do you suddenly want to join the game? What’s your motive?”

“you’ll find out soon” Terry said “I have to go see Goldsax now”

Terry left Zachary in a daze and headed back home. Goldsax was already home when he arrived.
Terry parked his car outside and headed inside. When he walked in, Goldsax was on a phone call but immediately he saw Terry, he ended the call.

“Hey son!” Goldsax smiled when Terry walked in

“Good evening Goldsax” Terry greeted rudely

“It’s a good thing you’re home…” Goldsax said “I’m about leaving”

“leaving? You said it would be tomorrow”

“I have to find someone who will handle my business here” Goldsax replied

“Have you found anyone?”

“not yet”

“let me help” Terry volunteered

“You want to join us?”

“as long as you’re away”

Goldsax smiled “That’s perfect.. You’ll have to learn the ropes”

“it won’t take much”

Goldsax extended his hand for a handshake “you’re in”

Terry shook his hand “I’m in”


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