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Terry rolled on his side and faced Amberle who was already sleeping. He moved closer to her and pushed the hair that was covering her face behind her ear.

Terry gazed at her for a while and asked “are you sleeping?”

“I’m trying to” Amberle replied without opening her eyes “but you won’t let me”

Terry chuckled and kissed her “I don’t want you to sleep”

Amberle fluttered her eyes open “why?”

Terry smiled in victory and yanked her into his arms “let’s talk”

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“Terry I’m tired” Amberle drawled

“so you’re just gonna sleep and leave me all by myself”

“you should also sleep” Amberle groaned and wrapped the sheet around her naked frame

“I don’t want that” Terry frowned and pulled out the sheet



Amberle heaved a sigh “I think your phone is ringing”
Terry let go of the sheet and moved to the drawer he had kept his phone. Amberle seized the opportunity to wrap herself properly with the sheet while he answered his call.

📱… You’re always ruining my time… A lot… Where are you?.. Alright, I’m on my way

Terry ended the call and tossed the phone on the bed.
“where are you going?” Amberle asked

“Zac wants me”

“Why? Isn’t it a bit too early? You can’t leave me and go out”

“Amberle you can’t come with me, it’s not safe”

“Neither is it safe in here”

Terry sighed and kept his hands akimbo. He stared at her thoughtfully then ruffled his hair in frustration.

“Alright but you have to dress yo quickly, Zac hates waiting”

Amberle smiled and got out of the bed “let’s shower together”

Terry smirked “that’s tempting”

“And that’s definitely not a reply”

“Alright but Zac has to wait extra time”

Amberle chuckled “why?”

Terry laughed and carried her into the bathroom in his arms “I’ll show you”


“you’re early” Zachary said sarcastically when Terry and Amberle arrived at the hospital

“I know.. It was an emergency” Terry replied and winked at Amberle who quickly looked away

“Dear Amberle!” Zachary hailed

“Zac?!” she chuckled

“how are you

“I’m good” Amberle replied and shoved her hands into her pockets

“Hope this bad guy isn’t giving you a tough time”

Amberle glanced at Terry and laughed “I don’t think so. But most times, he’s a psycho”

“What?” Terry gasped and looked at her “you never told me”

“it’s your heritage” she joked and nudged him

“so why are we here?” Terry asked Zachary seriously

“my research on Maggie led me to this hospital” Zachary replied

“my mom?” Amberle asked

“I hope she is” Zachary replied “Mrs Maggie Forbes was admitted here few months ago after suffering a nervous breakdown but she still hasn’t recovered from it”

“How are you sure she’s the Maggie we’re looking for?” Terry asked

“Amberle is the only one who can confirm that”

“Where is she?” Amberle asked enthusiastically

“The Doctor wouldn’t tell me but I got information from a nurse”

“Where is the nurse?” Terry asked

“her shift was over few minutes before you got here so she probably left”

“I want to see the Doctor. He can’t stop me from seeing my mother” Amberle stated

“What if she isn’t your mother?” Zachary wanted to know

“I’ll be the judge of that, I want to see her”

“There had been many false family relatives showing up lately so the doctors are trying to be careful not to release her to the wrong person” Zachary explained

“then a DNA test should be carried out” Amberle suggested “if she’s really my mom, then there’s a lot of things I need to know– like who brought her here”

“she’s right Zac. If the doctor doesn’t trust us, then he should trust a DNA result”

“We should go see him then” Zachary gestured and led them out.

Hugh who had been eavesdropping on them walked out from the corner he was hiding and watched them enter the doctor’s office.
“Mrs Maggie Forbes” he muttered to himself and walked out


“we already took the blood samples to the lab, the results will be out tomorrow” The doctor said

“No one should know we were here” Terry told the doctor

“Alright! You have my full assurance. I’m also trying to protect Maggie just like you are. The woman who brought her here few months ago had died few weeks after Maggie was admitted but she wrote a letter, making me promise not to give Maggie out to anyone till she’s fine and can go about on her own. But Maggie isn’t showing any sign of recovery” the doctor added sadly

“What’s the name of the woman who brought her here?” Zachary asked

“it’s confidential for now” The doctor replied

“can I at least see her?” Amberle asked

“I’m very sorry miss but you can’t”

“why? I’m her daughter”

“we have to confirm that first and once we do, then you’re free to see her”


“That doctor is a total jerk” Amberle seethed when they walked out of the hospital

“Easy Amberle, he’s only doing his job and that’s the only way to protect her” Zachary defended

“Zac is right. If the doctor allows whoever comes in to see her then she’ll end us getting into the wrongs hands” Terry said

“I can’t wait for the results to be out. I really hope she’s my mom”

Zachary wrapped his hand over her shoulders and squeezed her lightly “I’ve come this far in finding your mom and I’m quiet convinced that the woman in there is your mom” he said

“thank you”

“you both have to go now. Goldsax’s men could be around” Zachary said

“what about you?” Terry asked

“I’m free as a bird” Zachary said and spread his hands in the air

“you still have to be careful” Terry warned

“I know”

“Alright.. Take care of yourself. I’ll give you a call when we get to the hotel”


“bye Zac”

“you too Amberle”


“I thought as much” Goldsax smirked as he went through the pictures Hugh had taken of Terry, Zachary, and Amberle at the hospital.
“so Maggie is still alive” Goldsax swiveled on his chair

“but she’s in a critical condition” Hugh said

“I’ve always been suspicious about that Zachary guy”

“he’s a big threat to us”

“just like your brother, he’s a fool” Goldsax grunted “we’re going back to the hospital and this time.. I’ll kill Maggie myself”

“What about Zachary?”

“I’ll lock him up with the rest of his

“and Terry?”

Goldsax scoffed “the only way to punish him is through Amberle, and the only way to get Amberle is through Maggie”

Hugh gave a lopsided smirk “I’ll handle the doctor”

“Is there anywhere I fit in?” Georgia chirped in as she joined them

“don’t tell me you’ve been eavesdropping on us” Goldsax said

Georgia glanced at Hugh with a wink “maybe I was and maybe I wasn’t”

“Georgia you should stop stressing yourself, for the sake of the baby”

“baby?” Hugh asked in shock

“I haven’t told you yet” Goldsax chuckled “we’re expecting a baby”

“what?” Hugh gasped and acted cool to hide his surprise “well.. Congratulations, you’re gonna be parents soon”

“Thank you” Georgia grinned “and you’re gonna be a big brother”

are yoυ ĸιddιng мe?
Hugh wanted to say but instead he said
“I’m so happy for you two”

“Georgia go back to your room” Goldsax stated

“but I want to help”

“not until the baby is born”

“I’m not a lazy bone”

“I know but do it for the baby. I don’t want anything to happen to him”

“him? My child is a she”

“We’re not going to start this argument over again. We’re having a he”

“Goldsax my baby is a she”

“Hugh, which do you want? A younger sister or a brother?” Goldsax asked

“um.. Whatever it is. A she or a he, whichever I just
want a younger sibling”

“I’ll be out for a while” Goldsax informed

“should I come along?” Hugh asked

“Wait here.. I’ll give you feedback” Goldsax replied then whispered something to Hugh before walking out.
When Goldsax left, Georgia tried rushing out but Hugh stopped her.

“you’re not pregnant right?”

“it’s none of your business if I am or not” Georgia yelled

“Georgia how could you? You’ve just known each other for few weeks”

“that doesn’t matter and besides, Goldsax isn’t the father of the baby, he’s just too stupid to realise that”

“then who is?”

“it’s Terry’s”



Hugh scoffed “Terry isn’t gonna buy that”

“well I’m gonna make him do” Georgia yanked and stormed off

Hugh stood transfixed as he gazed blankly at the door she had taken. His life was becoming a mess ever since he met Georgia. She looked like a family property.
Marrying the father, pregnant for the first son and loved by the second son.
Hugh huffed and sat on a couch. He took out a stick of cigarette from the pack Goldsax had left behind and lit it.


Zachary arrived home to meet Goldsax waiting at front yard with his men. Zachary froze and hesitated before coming out from his car.

“Good day Goldsax” he greeted cooly

“Mr Zachary” Goldsax smiled “I’ve been waiting for you”

“you should have called me before coming”

“I guess I forgot” Goldsax chuckled

“why did you come with all these guys?” Zachary asked, looking at all the men the surrounded his house

“they came to see you too”


Goldsax laughed hysterically “I think we found Maggie Forbes”

“Maggie Forbes?”

Zachary faked surprise “where?”

“in a hospital just a drive away”

“What’s her state?”

“Dead” Goldsax blurted out “I already sent some men to pull a bullet into her brain. That’s the easiest way to end her nervous breakdown right?”

Zachary swallowed a lump in his throat and clenched his fist. He understood Goldsax now.
“Why aren’t you talking? Say something Zachary” Goldsax giggled “where are you coming from?”

“I went for a walk”

“with a
car” Goldsax chuckled and turned to the men beside him “cease him”

Zachary didn’t fight, he stood still and let the men grab him by the hand.
“I tried forgiving you several times but you’ve got no repentance and now that I’ve got what I want, it’s time I get rid of you”

“What are your going to do to me? Kill me?”

“I would’ve but I’ll rather let each if your family member watch the other die, so I’ll let you reunite shortly before I decide on the best way to kill you”

Zachary scoffed “That doesn’t mean you’ve won”

“maybe it doesn’t” goldsax shrugged “but it does mean you’re gone” he added then turned to the men again “lock him up”

Zachary shot Goldsax a scowl before following the men to the waiting car. He didn’t fight, neither did he resist. He just let the men lead him like a sheep led to be slain.

T͟͟H͟͟E͟͟ N͟͟E͟͟X͟͟T͟͟ D͟͟A͟͟Y͟͟ ☀

Hugh arrived at the hospital and walked straight to the doctor’s office. No one stopped him till he got to the office and barged in without knocking.

The doctor startled immediately the door flung open and Hugh stormed in.

“courtesy says you knock” the doctor said

“Sorry! I forgot”

“sit” the doctor gestured

“Thanks but I’m in a hurry”

“So how may I help you?”

“where’s the DNA result?”

“what DNA result?”

“Amberle and Maggie Forbes”

“I don’t know anyone named Amberle nor Maggie”

“you should know Maggie, she’s your patient” Hugh said and brought out a gun from his bag “so where is the result?” he asked and pointed the gun to the doctor

“I swear.. I really don’t know” the doctor pleaded

“Maybe you’ll remember when a bullet pass through your clumsy brain” he added and cocked the gun

The doctor chocked on his tears and went on his knees.
“Please spare me”

“where is the result?”

“I have it here” the doctor replied and searched the drawer the he brought out an envelope

“what does the result say?” Hugh asked

“it says they’re mother and daughter”

Hugh smirked “good” and snatched the paper from him “come show me to her ward”

“alright” the doctor swallowed “but you have to put down that gun first”

“Sure” Hugh shoved the gun back into his bag “lets go”

The Doctor took the lead and showed Hugh to Maggie’s ward. She was awake and sitting on the bed when they got to her ward. Hugh didn’t bother going in, he just watched her from the glass door.

“who’s the Doctor in charge of her case?” Hugh asked

“I am”

“How’s her condition?”

“she’s improving but we tell whoever comes to visit her that she’s not getting better”

“Good now all you have to do is introduce me to her as her son.. Alright?”

“that’s gonna be easy cause she has little memory about the past but you have to promise not to pull the trigger”

“I promise I won’t”

“Thank you” the Doctor pushed the door open and they walked in “Good afternoon Mrs Maggie”

“Miss Lee” Maggie greeted

“it’s not miss Lee” The Doctor rolled his eyes “it’s Doctor Lee”


“your son is here to see you”

“my son?”

The doctor stepped outside and Hugh showed himself fully.
“Mom?!” he called and hugged her in pretense “it’s really you mom.. I thought I’ll never see you again”

“Are you really my son?”

“don’t you recognize me mom?”

“I’m sorry but I don’t”

“oh mom” Hugh cried pretentiously and hugged her “this place has so many effects on you and I promise to get you out”

“you have to hurry son. I feel like I’m gonna die in here”

“I’m sorry I haven’t come all these while”

“you’re forgiven” Maggie smiled

“I’ll leave you two now” The Doctor said

“Why? I haven’t sealed my secret yet” Hugh said

“I’m not gonna mention it to anyone” the doctor said

Hugh chuckled and walked up to him “that doesn’t mean I trust you’

“what are you doing?” The doctor asked, moving back in fear

“Sealing my secret” Hugh ceased the Doctor and twisted his neck. The doctor gasped and fell down dead.


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