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His little mistress episode 19

💋 Irresistible attraction 💋
✍ Author Viola’s novels ✍
👯 ѕєcrєt αffαírѕ 👯
🍭 e̲̅p̲̅i̲̅s̲̅o̲̅d̲̅e̲̅ 20 🍭
Amberle waited for Terry’s grip to loosen but it didn’t, instead he tightened his grip.
“I’m warning you Terrence” The man shouted “I start counting now– up to two”
Suddenly someone kicked the gun and pushed the man. Amberle and Terry whirled around to see Zachary, who was grappling with the man, beating him. The man went flying sideways and Zachary was on top of him.
Amberle was overwhelmed. So much was happening. Zachary was pummeling him in a way that certainly would have gotten him disqualified on the football field.
Next, him and Zachary were rolling over and over in a blur motion. Then he was on top of Zachary.
Terry looked around for a weapon. Entirely forgetting the gun in his pocket. His eyes fell on a carving knife that had fallen off the man.
Before he could pick it, Zac gathered his legs and sent the man soaring off him backward. His head stuck a tree with a sound Amberle would never forget. The dull sound of rotten melon bursting. He slid down the front of the tree and was still.
Amberle was gasping, stunned.
“Zac?!” she called
“we’ve got to get out of here. Goldsax’s men followed you” Zachary said and led them out of the cemetery.
They got to the car and Terry took the wheel with Zachary on the passenger seat and Amberle at the backseat.
“How did you escape the blast?” Terry asked Zachary as they drove out
“by a hair’s breath.. Through an underground tunnel” Zachary replied
“And Goldsax?”
“He’s safe in the penthouse. When he wakes up, he can find his way out of the tunnel. It’s a fire proof tunnel” Zachary explained
“I thought of going to the playhouse but that would mean endangering Barbara if we’re been followed” Terry said
“so where are we headed now?” Zachary asked
“my mom had a lovely little cottage she had inherited from her father, but since she passed away it’s become a sort of refuge. When I was a little boy I used to stay there” Terry replied
They got to the cottage and Terry led them inside.
“Do you think someone followed us?” Terry asked when they were inside
“No.. I don’t think so” Zachary replied
“There’s no food, no water, just few of my clothes when I was a little boy, and my mom’s clothes” Terry said
“And a very big bed” Zachary added sarcastically, staring at the narrow futon that served as nerissa’s bed
“I guess we’ll all have to sleep on the floor” Amberle said with a shrug
“you’ll sleep on the bed. Zac and I can manage the floor”
“isn’t the night a little too cold to sleep on the bare floor?” Amberle asked
Terry walked to the wardrobe and brought out some blankets “we’ll use them” he said
Amberle yawned and said “I’m really tired, I’ll go to bed first” she said and laid on the bed
“let’s go outside” Terry told Zachary and they walked outside. They sat on the pavement at the back of the cottage.
“So what’ll you want to talk about?” Zachary asked
“It’s about Goldsax. I want to know why you’re were so bent on saving Goldsax?”
“He’s my boss”
“And he’s my father but I didn’t care about saving him”
“we’re not the same person Terry, and we don’t share the same interest either”
“It’s about your family isn’t it?”
“Don’t tell me you called me out here to talk about my family”
“I’ve been suspicious about your family’s death all these while but I finally confirmed it…” Terry observed a pause and added “They’re not dead”
“What do you know about my family?”
“you told Amberle that you’re in love with a girl named Charlotte but Charlotte is actually your younger sister” Terry stated and waited for Zachary to say something but when he wasn’t saying anything, Terry went on “I found a book in the penthouse and it said that The Howard’s didn’t really die in the accident but are all held hostile by Goldsax. According to the book, you signed to served Goldsax for 7 years before he would release your family. And it’s already 6 years gone, you’ve got more 4 years to serve him”
Zachary took in a deep breath “Now you see why I can’t let Goldsax die, I’ll never see them again if he dies”
“so you’ll to back to him?”
“I have to else he’ll come for me. And it’s going to be bad news if he finds me here” Zachary replied
“when will you leave?”
“Early tomorrow morning before Amberle wakes up” Zachary replied then said “it’s late already and I’m really tired”
“me too”
They got up and walked inside the cottage. Amberle was fast asleep.
“let’s sleep in the living room” Zachary suggested
“Right” Terry agreed and they carried the blankets to the living room.
“Terry?! Terry?!” a familiar voice called and Terry pulled the sheets over his ears to block out the voice
“Terry?! Wake up!” Amberle shook him violently and he fluttered his eyes open
“I can’t find Zac. I’ve searched for him everywhere but I can’t find him”
Terry heaved a deep sigh and said “Zac left”
“where did he go? Goldsax’s men are out there looking for us” Amberle raised her voice
“They’re looking for the both of us and not Zac. He’s safe”
Amberle shook her head in disappointment “he shouldn’t have gone”
“come here” Terry sighed and pulled her into his arms “Zac is fine. If he stays here, then we’ll all been in danger. But if he goes back to Goldsax’s then Goldsax wouldn’t be suspicious of him and he’ll know Goldsax’s every plan”
“you shouldn’t have let him go. Why didn’t you guys tell me?”
“Cause Zac knew you’d be against it”
“why is Zac even risking his life for Goldsax?”
“I don’t know”
“Don’t lie to me Terry, you know”
“I really don’t”
“Terry you do”
“Amberle save the argument and let’s find what to eat. We don’t even have clothes”
“we’re still going to die here. We’ve hot no clothes, no food, no water.. Nothing” Amberle spat out
“I’ve got everything. I’ve got shelter, a bed, and I’ve got you to crown it all”
Amberle felt butterflies in her stomach as he said that. She swallowed and invisible lump in her throat and slowly moved back.
“Did I say something wrong?” Terry asked
Amberle shook her head and said nothing.
“Let’s go cook”
“what do we cook? Our flesh?”
Terry laughed “I’ll eat you instead”
Amberle moved backward. The butterflies in her stomach were getting much and she was already blushing madly.
Terry noticed how nervous she was and dragged her to her feet.
“Let’s go cook. Zac brought us food stuffs before he left”
“I ask for the last time, how did those men find out the penthouse? Who’s the leak?” Goldsax yelled at his men who had survived the blast. The place was silent, no one was talking. All the men were quivering in fear.
Goldsax shouted in rage and faced the men again “where’s Zac?”
“Here” Zac raised his hand from among the men
“Where’s Terry?” Goldsax asked
“I have no idea. I was at the party when I got information that the penthouse had been besieged. I managed to sneak in from the back and when I got to Amberle’s room, she wasn’t there and you were lying unconscious on the bed” Zac explained
“Terry got away with Amberle. How did he know about her?” Goldsax yelled but no one said anything. Not even Zac.
“I want all of you out of here” Goldsax yelled and all the men scrambled out in fear.
“Not you Zac” he prompted when Zachary made to leave. Zachary stopped on his track and walked back to Goldsax.
“Have you seen Hugh today?” Goldsax asked
“I can’t find Hugh and Georgia”
“Maybe he helped her get away from the men. There was no one to protect her there so he must’ve acted as a good step son”
Goldsax waved his hand in the air “I don’t trust those two”
Zachary chuckled to himself “let’s wait till dusk if they’ll show up”
“Terry and Amberle ran away and now Hugh and Georgia are missing’
“your sons shared your women” Zachary said to himself
“where can I find Terry?” Goldsax asked
“I don’t know”
“he can’t have Amberle.. She’s my property” Goldsax yelled
“And Terry is your heir. He’ll inherit your properties, maybe he already started inheriting” Zachary muttered inaudible
“what did you say?”
“Gather your men and track Terry and Amberle, I’ll find Hugh and Georgia myself” Goldsax stated and walked out
Hugh rolled on his side and groped on the bed for Georgia but she wasn’t there. He fluttered his eyes open and saw her sitting on the bed. She was already dressed up and doing her make us.
“Babe?!” he called and hugged her from behind “where are you going so early?”
Georgia scoffed and yanked off his hand “Get up already. We have to go before Goldsax finds out that we’re missing”
“I told you to forget about my father. He’s just too old for you”
“I don’t care Hugh. Get up already and stopped dreaming”
“what can Goldsax offer that I can’t?”
“a lot”
“Come on Georgia. Forget the old man”
Georgia kept her things in her bag and got up “I’m outta here” she stated and walked out of the room
“Georgia?! Georgia?!” he called but she was already gone “Shit!”
Georgia walked out of the hotel and placed a call to Goldsax.
📲 Georgia?! Where the heck are you?
📱you left me at the party when the place was under attack. Where’d too expect I’ll be?
📲 I’m sorry.. Where are you? I’ll come pick you
📱I’m under hostage. Your enemies took me
📲 come on Georgia
📱Never mind.. Wait for me at the mansion
📲 Are you coming?
📱yea.. I’m on my way
Georgia ended the call and shoved the phone in her bag. She trekked to the taxi wait and boarded a taxi to the mansion.
“What really happened last night?” Georgia queried Goldsax when she got to the mansion
“Enemies.. They traced us” Goldsax replied
“and where were you during the time of the attack?” Georgia wanted to know
“I was at the penthouse, trying to sought things out” Goldsax replied and Zachary coughed earning him a glare from Goldsax.
“and you left me there with no one” Georgia accused
“I’m really sorry” Goldsax apologized “I searches for too everywhere after I left the penthouse but I couldn’t find you. Where did you spend the night?”
“I don’t know” Georgia replied with a snarl
“I already said I’m sorry”
“then why should you even be asking?” Georgia yelled
“Alright.. I’m sorry for asking”
Georgia rolled her eyes and said nothing.
“Did you see Hugh last night?” Goldsax asked her
“I don’t recall if I did”
Goldsax heaved a deep sigh and said “I’ve got an appointment now, Zac will take care of you while I’m away”
Georgia shifted his gaze to Zachary “alright”
“Take care of her” Goldsax mouthed to Zachary and gave Georgia a peck “see you later” and he was gone
Silence fell in the room when Goldsax left. Zachary and Georgia sat in silence having a breathing competition, each with his own thought.
“I want water” Georgia demanded breaking the silence
“you know where the kitchen is. I’m not a servant here” Zachary seethed
Georgia scoffed “you’re acting smart”
“you’re the smart one here” Zachary stated and asked “where his you and Hugh go last night?”
Georgia hesitated a bit then she said “to a hotel”
Zachary chuckled “I thought as much. Hugh doesn’t own a house”
“what about you. Where did you spend the night?” she asked
“in the fire” came Zachary’s cold reply
“did Terry and Amberle spend the night in the fire too?”
Zachary’s eyes shone in astonishment.
How did Georgia know Amberle?
“who’s Amberle?” he asked calmly
“surprise?”Georgia smirked “you don’t have to be. Just tell me where the are. I want to talk to Terry”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”
Georgia laughed “you don’t have to be scared. Your secrets are safe with me”
“I’ve got no secrets”
“then where are they?”
“I should be asking you. He’s your ex”
“And Amberle is your love”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”
“Good for you” Zachary spat our and walked out on her


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