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His little mistress episode 16

💋 Irresistible attraction 💋
✍ Author Viola’s novels ✍
👯ѕєcrєt αffαírѕ 👯
🍭 e̲̅p̲̅i̲̅s̲̅o̲̅d̲̅e̲̅ 16🍭
The door opened immediately and Terry walked in.
“I didn’t kill him” Amberle said in fear and sat up on the bed
Terry smiled and walked in fully “he’s not dead.. I drugged him”
Amberle smiled and ran out of the bed “Thank you.. I was really scared”
“I timed him. Was I late?”
Terry smiled and tucked her hair behind her ears.
“He’s going to sleep for the next 8 hours”
“what if he wakes up and tries forcing himself on me again?”
“when he wakes up, he’ll be so tired that he won’t know he didn’t touch you”
Amberle laughed “thank you”
“at your service”
Amberle smiled and dragged him to the living room.
“Terry we’re in a mess” she said as they sat on a two sitter sofa
“What’s wrong?”
“Zac told me there are CCTV everywhere in the penthouse. Goldsax uses them to keep record of everything that goes on here. He knows who comes in and who goes out”
“That means he’s going to find out you left the penthouse?”
Amberle nodded “yes.. And he’s also going to find out that you come up here to see me”
“there has to be a way to delete the tape”
“I don’t know”
“did you tell Zac the truth?”
“I’ll talk to him about it. That shouldn’t bother you”
Amberle breathed out in relief and there was a momentary silence.
“Zac told me about Georgia” Amberle broke the silence “I’m sorry”
“I’m not bothered about Georgia.. Even though she’s getting married to Goldsax”
“so she’s going to be your step mom instead of your wife”
“Amberle I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you who Goldsax is to me”
“I understand if it’s hard for you to accept but you should’ve told me”
“I know” Terry said “I was just scared of how you would react. I know how much you hate Goldsax and knowing I am his son… I just couldn’t risk you hating me as well”
“I admit I would’ve hated you if I knew you were Goldsax’s son from the start. But I can’t hate you now for a man you hate as much as I hate him”
Terry smiled “I’m glad you understand”
“the only problem we have now is the CCTV”
“I’ll see what I can do. It’s not going to bring a problem. If I can’t delete the tape, then I’ll distract Goldsax so he doesn’t go to check them”
“I hope it works”
“let’s lie Goldsax on the bed” Terry said and they walked to the bedroom. He carried Goldsax up and laid him on the bed.
“Goldsax is just too young to have a son as old as you” Amberle said
“it’s almost unbelievable cause he had me when he was just 18”
“and your mom?”
“she was older. She was 20”
Amberle nodded and stared at the sleeping Goldsax.
“so he’ll be awake by 5am”
“that’s really long”
Terry gave her a lopsided smirk “doesn’t mean I’m staying here”
“I didn’t ask you to stay” Amberle frowned
“I know” Terry said sarcastically and took her hand in his “I’ll block the CCTV up to your room and I’ll visit regularly”
Amberle scoffed “I understand your signal”
“I’ll come back before Goldsax wakes up”
Amberle hissed “Bye” she said with a wave of the hand and started walking out.
Terry chuckled and followed her then he hugged her from behind.
“Can I ask you a question?” he asked
Terry laughed “why?”
“I don’t want to answer”
“I’ll be right back” He kissed her cheek and released her from his grip
“I’m not expecting you with faith”
Terry chuckled “I won’t disappoint you” he said and start for the door
“and when you come back you ain’t leaving” Amberle prompted when he got to the door
Terry smirked and paused by the door “if you can make me your prisoner”
Amberle burst into laughter “Just go”
“Don’t panic if Goldsax stirs, he’s not going to wake up”
Amberle glanced at Goldsax “okay”
Terry pressed the door handle down and pushed the door open. He waved at her before finally walking out of the room.
Terry hurried down the stairs and walked into the living room. His heart skipped a beat when he saw Georgia sitting on a sofa. She was probably waiting for Goldsax dressed like a killer. Georgia looked at him and he looked away. Terry ignored her and start for the front door.
“Terry?!” Georgia called And he stopped but didn’t turn to look at her “I’m sorry”
“Goldsax isn’t here.. If you’re waiting for him” Terry snarled and proceeded to leave
“Wait!” Georgia prompted and walked to him “we need to talk”
“Georgia there’s nothing to….” Terry whirled around to face her and got short of words. He got lost in her beautiful eyes that she had managed to deceive him all the time.
Georgia took in a deep breath and moved closer to him.
“I know I made a huge mistake by calling off the engagement but believe me it wasn’t because of Goldsax. I didn’t even know he’s your father”
“you don’t have to explain Georgia. You’re getting married and whatever was between us is over and in the past”
“I know.. But you can’t deny the memories” she said smoothly and drew few steps closer to him
Terry stepped back “what do you want from Goldsax.? cause I know you don’t love him”
“That’s my business and we shouldn’t be talking about Goldsax now. I want us to settle things”
Terry scoffed “settle things?”
“I’m willing to break up with Goldsax. I want us back”
“you’re crazy Georgia. There’s no such thing as us”
“There was, until I messed up but I’m ready to change. I still love you and I know you still feel the same”
“I don’t feel anything but hatred for you Georgia and that hatred may lessen when you become my father’s wife”
“you’re not going to get jealous seeing me with him?’
Terry scoffed “it’s over between us and I don’t care who you’re with” he stated and started walking out
Georgia chuckled “I’ll definitely get you back” she shouted after him “you’ll come back begging”
“get yourself a life” Terry shouted and slammed the door shut behind him.
Georgia huffed loudly and fell back on the couch. She felt defeated but wasn’t going to give up. One thing was for sure, she was going to get Terry back, not because she loved him but because she was obsessed with him.
Georgia brought out her phone and used the screen as a mirror to check face.
“I’m not ugly.. I’m more beautiful than any woman Terry will ever find” she said to herself and suddenly got furious “where the heck is Goldsax?”
Georgia sat up on the couch and tried calling Goldsax on the phone but he wasn’t answering. She boiled with anger and tossed her phone aside furiously.
“finally!” Hugh breathed out in relief when Terry walked into the living room “Where have you been?”
“I owe you no explanation” Terry seethed and went up the stairs.
Hugh waited in the living room till Terry returned few minutes later.
“I want us to talk”
Terry paused on his track “not now” he stated
“It won’t take long. I just want us to talk about Georgia”
“I’m sorry but I don’t want to talk about Goldsax and Grorgia”
“It won’t take long”
“I’ve got something important to do” Terry stated and walked out
He returned to the penthouse and was relieved that Georgia had gone. Terry heard noise coming from the kitchen and walked into the kitchen to find Zachary cooking.
“Zac?!” He called
Zachary turned around to see Terry standing by the door “Hey! Terry! Come give me a hand here”
“what are you cooking?”
“Mac and cheese”
Terry smiled “one of my fav”
“I could really use your help”
“at your service” Terry said and walked up to him “who are you cooking for?”
“Amberle and Goldsax”
Terry nodded and said “you didn’t tell me there are CCTV here”
“Amberle said she didn’t leave her room so there’s no need to worry about the CCTV”
“What if she left”
Zachary paused and looked at him “then you both are in bug trouble”
“is there also a CCTV here in the kitchen?”
“then we’ll talk later” Terry said and Zachary laughed
They finished cooking and Zachary served the food in the cart.
“Dinner for two” Terry said staring at the cart
“who’s to send it up? Me or you?” Zachary asked
“it’s your duty right?”
“Just leave it on the landing.. Goldsax will come for it”
Terry nodded and pushed the cart up the stairs. He got to the landing and paused to see if Zachary was watching then he continued up the stairs.
Amberle was sitting on the bed beside the sleeping Goldsax when Terry pushed the cart inside.
She looked up at him with a broad grin “I thought you wouldn’t come”
“I can’t disappoint you”
Amberle giggled and got out of the bed, taking long strides to where Terry stood.
“what did you cook?”
“macaroni and cheese.. Zac and I cooked it”
“Zac is here?”
“yes.. And he’s waiting for me downstairs”
“Georgia has been calling Goldsax on the phone”
“don’t answer it”
“So?” Terry shrugged his shoulders
Amberle shrugged her shoulders too “So?”
“Zac is waiting”
“Good night”
“I know you’re not happy”
“and I’m not going to hide it”
Terry laughed and fondled her cheeks “I’ll get you out of here somehow so I don’t have to spend limited time with you”
“I’ll be waiting”
“I won’t disappoint you” Terry said and added “sleep tight”
“tell Zac I said ‘hi’ ”
“alright” Terry said but didn’t move
“what else?”
“nothing” Terry replied and walked out
“you went up” Zac accused when Terry joined him in the living room
“I couldn’t help it.. I promised Amberle I’d come”
“what about Goldsax?”
“I drugged him” Terry replied in a whisper “he has been a sleeping Prince for the past 2 hours”
“I just don’t want her to end up like Nerissa”
“what’s going on between you two?” Zac asked and Terry dragged him out
“there’s nothing going on between us” Terry replied as they got into his car
“Amberle is Goldsax’s mistress, you shouldn’t be intervening”
“I’m not intervening.. I’m just doing the right thing. He’s abusing her for crying out loud. Her father didn’t set her as collateral did he?”
Zac stared at him quizzically and asked “do you love her?”
“I didn’t say so” Terry replied and turned on the ignition
“tell me the truth.. Do love her?”
“she’s a woman.. a pretty one and there’s nothing wrong with admiring her” Terry replied and drove off
“I know Amberle’s obsessions and I bet you kissed”
“we did”
“And you made love”
“we didn’t” Terry replied and added “but we almost did”
“I don’t want Amberle getting hurt” Zac said as they drove into the road
“If she ends up loving you, then she’s going to end up getting hurt”
“I still don’t understand”
“How would she feel if she’s in love with you but she’s your father’s mistress? Amberle isn’t strong enough to handle that”
“I’m not going to let her hurt. I’m making plans to help her escape”
“How can you even do that?”
“I’ll find a way if you’re willing to help. I know you also want to get her out but you’re as confused as I am”
“so what do you plan on doing now?” Zac asked
“delete the CCTV tape”
“it’s almost impossible to enter the computer room without Goldsax cause he’s the only one who knows the code. Most times I go in with him but I can’t go in without him”
“I still believe there’s a way.. You’ll have to show me the room”
“Did Amberle leave her room?”
“yes.. I took her to my house”
“Terry are you crazy?” Zachary yelled
“don’t yell at me Zac.. She wanted to see the outside”
“and you let her?”
“I couldn’t help it. I can’t deprive her of something I can offer”
“is that how much you love her?”
“that’s how much I care about her”
Zac face palmed himself and heaved a deep sigh “does Amberle feel the same way?”
“I don’t know”
“Just make sure she doesn’t get hurt”
“if you can help me get her out of than penthouse then I promise you she’s never going to get hurt”
“is there ever a way to escape Goldsax’s men at the penthouse”
“I’m mapping out a strategy”
Zac sighed “I just want her to be okay”
Georgia returned to the penthouse to check on Goldsax. She didn’t find him the previous night and ended up spending the night alone at the mansion.
Georgia got to the penthouse and still couldn’t find Goldsax. She had called him earlier and he told her he was at the penthouse.
Georgia walked around the penthouse but there was no single open door. She moved to the second stairway and started going up the stairs.
Georgia got to the landing and found the cart there. Breakfast had been served and eaten.
“who eats here?” she asked herself as she examined the cart. Georgia proceeded to continue up the stairs when someone grabbed her.
“don’t go up”
“don’t go up” Zac repeated
“come down and I’ll tell you why”
Georgia stared at him for a while before finally following him down.
“so what’s up there?” she asked when they were down
“wild animals”
“wild animals?”
“Goldsax keeps wild animals there”
“do wild animals eat food in breakfast cart?”
“we use the cart to lure people up. The animals feed on flesh”
Georgia gasped “so I would’ve been eaten by them?”
“yea.. Both flesh and bone”
Georgia touched her beating chest “Where’s Goldsax?”
“he’s on his way here”
“I’ve been waiting for him since last night. What’s wrong with him?”
“he’s a busy man” Zac replied and added “I’ll take my leave”
“wait!” she stopped him “you could keep me company till he returns”
“Zac is a busy man and can’t do that” Hugh interrupted, joining them “right Zac?”
“uhm.. I mean yes” Zac stuttered
Hugh smiled “so I can keep you company instead” he winked at her
Zachary rolled his eyes in disgust “see you later” he pat Hugh on his shoulder and walked out
“Hugh what was that for?” Georgia yelled when Zachary was gone
“what do you want from the Zac guy?”
“his company and not yours”
Hugh gave a lopsided smirk and pulled her into his arms “I can offer you more than my company”
“what do you mean”
“I’ll show you” Hugh smirked


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