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His little mistress episode 15

💋 Irresistible attraction 💋
✍ Author Viola’s Novels ✍
👯ѕєcrєt αffαírѕ👯
🍭 e̲̅p̲̅i̲̅s̲̅o̲̅d̲̅e̲̅ 15🍭
“Georgia?!” Goldsax looked at Georgia “do you know him?”
“No I don’t” Georgia denied and looked at Terry “have we met before?”
Terry scoffed and walked back inside.
“That’s just Terry” Zac shrugged and went in first the Goldsax and Georgia, with some of the men followed.
“Is this your hide out?” Georgia asked when they were inside
“not really” Goldsax replied and sat on a sofa then Georgia sat beside him
“Let me introduce you” Goldsax began “Georgia, this is Terry, my first son”
Georgia smirked “its nice meeting you” she extended her hand for a hand shake. Terry scoffed and looked away then she dropped her hand by her side.
“Terry keep a good tongue in your head” Goldsax scolded
“it’s alright honey.. I understand if he’s finding it difficult to accept me”
“Terry?!” Goldsax called “you have to get along with Georgia cause she’s going to be your step mother”
Terry scoffed and walked out on them.
“forgive his manners” Goldsax apologized “his mother didn’t give him a good upbringing”
“I understand…” Georgia laughed “its not going to be easy for him”
“my second son would be here soon.. I wonder what’s keeping him” Goldsax said impatiently
“while we wait for him to arrive, why not show me round the mansion” Georgia suggested
“yea! Right.. Let’s go” Goldsax said and they stood to their feet “see how things are going on” he instructed Zac
“let’s go” Georgia gestured
Goldsax turned back to Zac and mouthed to him.
“Check on Amberle”
Zac sprang up and dashed for the stairs. The invitation he had been waiting for. He ran up the stairs and hurriedly imputed the code on the door. The door opened and he rushed in with the door closing behind him.
Zac knocked on her door and Amberle asked him in.
“Amberle?!” he called when he walked in
Amberle looked up from her bed and smiled “Zac” she rushed to him and hugged him
“Is anything wrong?” Zac noticed she wasn’t cheerfully
“you don’t look cheerful”
“I’m fine” Amberle said and dragged him to the bed “don’t tell me you’re in a hurry”
Zac chuckled “I’m not, Goldsax is busy with his fiancée” he said as they sat down on the bed
“is Goldsax also back?”
“I thought you said he would be spending a couple of weeks”
“he suspended everything because of his wedding”
“so he’s really getting married.. Toast to my freedom”
“Goldsax isn’t going to let you go even if he’s married”
“Whatever!” Amberle rolled her eyes with a wave of the hand “How is Africa?”
“nice.. Everything there is black and natural”
“And their girls? Don’t tell me they’re beautiful”
Zac laughed “if I say they’re not then that makes me a liar”
Amberle faked a frown and hit him.
“So did you fall in love there?”
“I didn’t” Zac replied and asked “How did you and Terry get along?”
“pretty well”
“he wasn’t much of a snub?”
“he kinda was but we managed to get along?”
“so did you fall in love?”
Amberle laughed and hit him “we just got along”
“seriously?” Zac arched his brows “Terry is a handsome man and you’re a beautiful woman”
“I admit that I really admire him but.. Jeez, we’re not in love and besides Terry is getting over a break up”
“Break up?”
“Yes.. His fiancée dumped him”
“Why would she dump Terry?”
“I don’t know.. They were having issues”
“So bad”
“I know” Amberle said and asked “How long have you known Terry?”
“Since we were kids”
“Do you know anything about his family?”
“I know everything about them. Why do you ask?”
“Tell me about them and who Nerissa, Goldsax’s ex mistress is to him”
“you should’ve asked him yourself” Zac said and walked to the window
“I did ask him but he wouldn’t talk about it”
Zac secretly brought out his phone and texted Terry.
📤 Amberle wants to know about your family.
“maybe it isn’t necessary to tell you” Zac told Amberle, buying more time while he waited for Terry’s reply
“he acts like he got no one.. Don’t he have a home?”
Zac opened his mouth to talk when Terry’s message came in.
📥Tell her everything.
“he doesn’t really have anyone”
“First, who’s Goldsax to him?”
“Goldsax is his dad”
Amberle froze “what?”
“and Nerissa is his mom.. She got pregnant for Goldsax while she was his mistress and bore Terry”
“oh my god!” Amberle felt tears well up in her eyes “I should’ve know.. When he told me his mom was dead, I didn’t suspect anything. He was always moved to tears by anything that has to do with Nerissa”
“he really loved her”
“Why didn’t he tell me?”
“Terry doesn’t like talking about it.. He really hates Goldsax”
“but Goldsax is his dad” Amberle yelled
“Terry doesn’t accept that. He sees himself as Goldsax’s illegitimate son”
“forget legitimacy. Terry is Goldsax’s blood”
“Does that change anything? Terry isn’t Goldsax”
“He told me he had no family. No inheritance”
“his mom was his only family till she died. And Goldsax has another son”
“Another son?”
“yes.. He got married few weeks after Nerissa’s death to his second mistress who already had a son for him”
“I don’t understand”
“his name is Hugh, he’s three years younger than Terry and Terry believes all of Goldsax’s inheritance would go to Hugh because Hugh is his legitimate son”
“What about Hugh’s mom?”
“dead? Did Goldsax also kill her?”
“she suffered breast cancer.. That was what Goldsax made people believe but Terry and I knows he poisoned her”
“Goldsax is evil”
“Now you understand why Terry doesn’t see him as his father”
“But he should have told me”
“Now you know.. Does it change anything?”
“Where’s Terry?”
“He left”
“And he won’t be coming again?”
“not anymore.. Unless he sneaks in but there’s no way he’ll sneak in without Goldsax finding out. There are CCTV’s everywhere so Goldsax has a way of knowing everything that goes on in the penthouse. He knows everyone who comes in and everyone who goes out”
Amberle dropped on her bed with her back “I’m dead”
“Why? Did you sneak out?”
“Tell me Amberle.. Don’t hold anything back”
“promise you won’t get mad at me”
“I won’t if it’s not necessary but I will if I have to”
“Well….” Amberle groped for the right words as she twisted her fingers
“Well?” zac waited patiently
“Zac you won’t understand” she blurted out
“you haven’t told my anything yet.. What am I to understand?”
“you see.. Actually….”
Zac’s phone started ringing and she stopped while he answered his call.
📱… No… I’m coming
Zac ended the call and shoved the phone into his pocket.
“I’ve got to go.. Goldsax needs me”
“That’s why I don’t want him around”
Zac smiled “I’ll come back if I get the chance.. You’ve got some explanations to do” he said and walked out
Amberle pressed her eyes closed and took her lips into her mouth.
Zac walked into the living room and met Goldsax and Georgia already waiting for him. Hugh already arrived and was talking to Georgia when Goldsax excused himself to have a word with Zachary.
“The two seems it be getting along” Zachary said, referring to Georgia and Hugh
“Georgia has a cheerful personality and Hugh is social” Goldsax said
“Good for them”
“How’s Amberle?”
“She’s fine”
“Did she and Terry meet?”
“I don’t think so cause Terry never went up”
“Good.. There’s no need it check the tapes”
“There’s no need cause no one came in”
Goldsax nodded “Alright” he said and continued “I would’ve gone up to see her but Georgia and I are going out”
“You’ll be more busy with Georgia now”
“just till the wedding. She wants to meet the event planner, the engagement party is in few days time remember?”
“Did it have to be on Nerissa’s birthday?”
“Georgia picked the date herself and besides she doesn’t even know Nerissa”
Zac shrugged “alright”
“Inform Amberle that I’d be coming tomorrow. She should be expecting me”
“Alright” Zac glanced at Georgia and Hugh “they’re really getting along” he smirked and Goldsax walked up to them
“we’ll be out for a while” Goldsax informed Hugh and Georgia walked two his side
“Alright dad..” Hugh said and looked at Georgia “and dad’s wife?”.
Georgia laughed “just call me Georgia”
“or mom” Goldsax added
“or baby” Georgia added and whispered to him “call me” as she walked out with Goldsax
Zac faced Hugh when they were alone “Spill it”
Hugh laughed “she’s hot”
Zac took a throw pillow and threw at hugh “she’s a step mom”
“I’ll try remembering that”
“So how do you see her?”
“she’s steaming hot and illegally sexy”
“I’m talking about her personality”
“I didn’t notice that” Hugh laughed
“You’re a crazy dude”
“have you seen Terry around?” Hugh asked
“few minutes ago, before he left”
“what did he say about Georgia”
“he was really mad.. He left in fury”
Hugh chuckled “that’s Terry for you”
“Are you going anywhere?”
“No.. Dad asked me to stay here”
“Good.. I’ll go see Terry now”
“send my regards” Hugh smirked
“you don’t like Terry do you?”
“of course I do– he’s my brother”
Zac chuckled “see ya later” and walked out
“Nice penthouse” Hugh complimented as he gazed around “there’s no way I’m gonna let Terry inherit this.. Never”
Zachary arrived at Goldsax’s house and met Terry sitting on the deck to a glass of wine. He walked up to Terry and was shocked to see him smoking.
“Terry?!” he called
Terry turned to look at him and sighed “what are you doing here?”
Zac drew closer to him “Terry you smoke?” he asked in astonishment
“I’m depressed Zac.. I’m depressed” Terry half yelled and took a sip from his glass of wine then continued smoking
Zac sighed and sat on the chair facing Terry “What’s wrong?”
“Everything is wrong” Terry yelled “Georgia is getting married to Goldsax.. How could she?”
“Do you know Georgia?”
“she’s my ex”
“Your fiancée?”
“Ex fiancée” Terry corrected
“what happened?”
“Georgia called off the engagement to get married to my father”
“She’s crazy. How could she dump how fit your father?”
“she didn’t dump me and she didn’t know Goldsax is my father”
“She’s getting along with Hugh”
“Georgia is a slut. She’s going to end us dumping Goldsax for Hugh” Terry said and they laughed
“Goldsax met her in a brothel in Africa”
“I met her at a strip club but I fell stupid in love with her. How could I even love a stripper?’
“That’s the power of love” Zac laughed
“Hugh sends his regard”
Terry scoffed “That idiot is sick”
“Don’t you two get along”
“we used to until his mother started feeding him with lies”
“Was that why your just watched her die? You don’t bother saving her from Goldsax’s poison”
“Lets not talk about that now. Have you seen Amberle?”
“Yes.. She’s good but she’s panicking cause Goldsax is back”
“Goldsax will be too busy with Georgia for now”
“he told me to inform her that he’d be coming tomorrow night”
“What about Georgia”
“he’ll find a way to distract her”
“Goldsax needs a trigger”
“you’re free your shoot him.. He’s you dad”
“what was Amberle’s reaction when you told her who I was?”
“she was mad. Why didn’t you tell her? You know how much she hates Goldsax”
“you know how much I hate talking about my family”
“I managed to calm her down but she’s still going to give you a query when you meet”
“Is the engagement party still on the 27th?” Terry asked
“How could Goldsax disrespect my mom even in her grave?”
“I don’t know”
“I hope it goes well for him” Terry stated and got up “I’ll be in my room” he added and walked out.
Zachary heaved in a deep sigh and walked out too.
“Goldsax will be coming tomorrow night” Zac informed Amberle while he watched her eat
Amberle paused then continued eating “I might be dead before tomorrow night”
Zac chuckled “and you might not”
“How’s Terry?”
“He’s planning on giving Goldsax a trigger”
Amberle laughed “why?”
“for fixing his engagement party on his mom’s birthday”
Amberle laughed
“Goldsax’s fiancée is Terry’s ex fiancée”
“you mean Georgia?”
“how could she?”
“She’s a slut. I would how Terry made the mistake of falling in love with her”
“poor Terry.. He really loved her”
“you should be thinking about yourself now that Goldsax is back and he’s getting married”
“I know” Amberle sighed “I’ll just have to face my fate”
Goldsax arrived at the penthouse and was shocked to meet Terry there. He had thought Terry would never return because he was getting married and the engagement party was fixed on Nerissa’s birthday.
“Terry?!’ he called as he walked in fully
“Good evening Goldsax” Terry greeted
“What are you doing here?”
“you don’t have to be surprised” Terry glanced at him “I just want us to settle”
Goldsax smiled and sat down on a sofa “You finally realised yourself”
Terry faked a smile “I had to accept the truth. The dead is the dead and the living are living”
“Exactly what I’ve waited for all these years”
Terry glanced at his wrist watch and the time was already 6:50 pm.
“I’ll go get us something to drink” he said and walked to the bar. Terry returned almost immediately with a bottle or wine and two wine glasses. He placed a glass on a table before Goldsax and filled it with wine then also filled his own glass.
“How was Africa?” Terry asked
Goldsax drank from his wine then replied “Africa.. Wasn’t easy at all but I’m grateful I went”
“you found your woman there right?”
“Georgia is really a heaven sent”
Terry forced a smile “I’m happy for you”
“I think it’s time you also move on”
Terry took a sip from his wine “I’m gradually moving on”
“Do you know Georgia?”
“No.. I read the name tag on her top”
“oh!’ Goldsax nodded and laughed “she always wears a name tag”
Terry raised the bottle of wine when Goldsax had emptied his glass “want more?”
Terry filled Goldsax’s glass and went back to his “I was wondering what the business is really About. If I should be part of you then I need to know everything that goes on here”
“Zac will teach you the ropes. You and Hugh”
Terry frowned “Alright” he said and asked “how’s preparation for the engagement going?”
“Terry I’m sorry the engagement party would be on your mom’s birthday….”
“It’s alright, I totally understand” Terry interrupted
“that doesn’t mean I don’t love your mom”
“You don’t have to worry Goldsax”
“I hope someday you call me dad”
“that day might never come” Terry said to himself and raised the bottle of wine “more wine?”
“yes” Goldsax replied and Terry filled his glass “you’ve been in your first glass”
Terry smiled “I don’t really drink”
“… She’s a good woman but I’ll have to kill her” Goldsax said referring to Barbara
Terry raised the bottle of wine “want more?”
“sure” Goldsax replied and Terry filled his wine glass for the eighth time. Goldsax glanced at his watch for the hundredth time and he was running out of patience. It was already time for him to go to Amberle so he would return to Georgia on time but Terry wouldn’t leave.
Terry understood his impatience and got up.
“I’ll take my leave now”
“alright!” Goldsax said gleefully and gulped down the wine.
Terry walked out and Goldsax hurried up the stairs.
Amberle was sitting on the bed when Goldsax walked in. Her heart skipped a beat and she jumped out of the bed.
“Dear Amberle?!”
“Goldsax?!” She called in fear
“I don’t have time” Goldsax said and hurriedly removed his watch “I’m not ready for a fight”
Amberle stepped back and walked away from the bed.
“Amberle?! No fight today” Goldsax said and approached her slowly
“Stay away from me” Amberle warned
Goldsax laughed and grabbed her hand, but not as strong as he used to. Amberle didn’t fight back, she let him push her on the bed then she reached for a baton she had kept on the bed. Goldsax seized her hand before she could grab her baton and she screamed. He held her hands above her head but the wasn’t as strong as he used to be.
Amberle struggled to free herself as she felt his hand on her waist band. Amberle screamed and Goldsax went still. She pushed him and he rolled off the bed unconscious.
The door opened immediately and Terry walked in.
“I didn’t kill him” Amberle said in fear and sat up on the bed
Terry smiled and walked in fully “he’s not dead.. I drugged him”
Amberle smiled and ran out of the bed “Thank you.. I was really scared”
“I time him. Was I late?”
Terry smiled and tucked her hair behind her ears.
“He’s going to sleep for the next 8 hours”
“what if he wakes up and tries forcing himself on me again?”
“when he wakes up, he’ll be so tired that he won’t know he didn’t touch you”
Amberle laughed “thank you”
“at your service”


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