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His little mistress episode 11

💋 Irresistible attraction 💋
✍ Author Viola’s novels ✍
👯ѕєcrєt αffαírѕ 👯
🍭 e̲̅p̲̅i̲̅s̲̅o̲̅d̲̅e̲̅ 11🍭
“what’s wrong?” Amberle asked when he ended the call
“Goldsax is getting married”
“what? To who?”
“I don’t know but the engagement party is on the 21st and that’s my mom’s birthday”
“I don’t understand”
Terry heaved a deep slumped into a couch without saying anything.
“Who’s your mom?” she asked further
“Amberle this is a disaster, especially for you”
“Once he gets married, you’ll have to join the game and become one of his men or he’ll kill you” Terry explained
“but that wasn’t the agreement”
Terry sighed and looked away “Goldsax isn’t what he looks like, he’s a devil”
Amberle clutched her duvet tighter and shut her eyes.
“mom?!” she whispered to herself and tear rolled down her cheeks
“You don’t have to cry” she heard Terry’s soothing voice and fluttered her eyes open. He was now sitting on the bed beside her, and wiping her tears.
“I’m not going to let Goldsax hurt anyone again, and you’re the last person I’ll see him hurt”
Amberle faked a smile and more tears trickled down her cheeks. Terry leaned forward and kissed her tears. Amberle froze as he traced kisses down her cheeks till her tears were dried then he kisses her forehead and sat up.
“you’re sick.. I don’t want to see you cry”
“I just want to see me mom again, even if it’s the last thing I’ll do. I want to see her”
“did Goldsax separate you two?”
Amberle nodded and Terry smiled in understanding. He knew how it felt to be separated from your mom. Goldsax put him in the same condition.
“I’d love to know what happened” he said
“I’ll tell you but first, you have to give me my drugs”
Terry chuckled “you want to take the drugs?”
“I might die if I don’t”
Terry grinned and walked to the table. He filled a glass with water and collected the drugs from the tray.
“it’s not that bad” he said as he helped her sit down
“but it’s bad”
“I won’t deny it” Terry replied and gave her the drugs “just swallow it”
Amberle shuddered
“it tastes bitter”
“I’ll kiss it better” Terry said and she laughed. She shut her eyes and counted to ten before swallowing the drugs then she screamed.
“it’s not that bad” Terry burst into laughter and Amberle shot him a glare.
“I’ll never take this again” she said and handed the glass cup to Terry
“as long as you never fall sick again” Terry said and added “now tell me about your mom and dad”
“my dad is dead” Amberle blurted out
“I’m sorry”
“it’s not your fault.. Goldsax killed him”
“Goldsax killed your dad?”
“My dad was owing him and couldn’t pay all the money on time so Goldsax took his life”
“why didn’t you sue him?”
“I was just 16 and the law couldn’t do anything. I think he paid a bribe”
“Why then did your accept to be the mistress to a man who killed your dad?”
Amberle took in a deep breath and continued “Goldsax took me by force. To serve till the debt was paid. What I didn’t know was his plans to make me his mistress and I couldn’t escape it. There’s no way out of here”
“was that why you tried escaping?”
“what about your mom?”
“I don’t know if she’s still alive but while I was being dragged away, Goldsax shot her and she fell.. I haven’t heard from beer ever since then. I don’t know where she is and she doesn’t know where I am”
“How much did your dad borrow?”
“I don’t know but he already paid half of the money before Goldsax sent gunmen to kill him”
“didn’t he give you an option to pay the money?”
“he didn’t.. He wants me to serve him and keep his bed warm” Amberle broke down in tears
“come here” he pulled her into his arms and hugged her “I’m sorry”
“I really hate Goldsax” Amberle sobbed
“I’ll make a promise to you…” Terry began “I don’t know how easy it would be getting away from Goldsax but I’m promising you something.. I won’t let him touch you again”
“you can’t stop him unless you kill him”
“let’s just see” Terry stated and laid her on the bed then he laid beside her
“stroke my hair”
“do you like it?”
Amberle nodded and Terry started stroking her hair.
“can you sing?” she asked
“why? But I want you to sing for me”
“that is totally not possible.. I sing like a frog”
Amberle laughed “is that why you have large eyes like a frog?”
“I don’t have large eyes” Terry argued
“you do and you need to work on your personality….”
“I’m not boring” Terry cut in “you enjoy it when I stroke your hair”
“that’s the only fun thing you can do”
Terry laughed and stopped stroking her hair “I have to go back to work”
“Stay till I sleep.. Please”
“I’m working.. Maybe you should call Zac on the phone”
Amberle frowned “I’m sick.. You should be pleasing me”
“Amberle I’ve got piles of works to do”
“I’m already sleepy, I’ll sleep in few minutes time”
“Amberle I have to overcome your temptation if I want my work done” Terry stated and start for the door
Amberle also got up and followed him.
“I’ll help you”
“you’re a patient.. Not a doctor” Terry replied and continued walking till they got to his study.
“then I’ll keep you company” Amberle said and sat on a couch
“I didn’t invite you in” Terry said and sat down “let me work Amberle”
“I’m not stopping you”
Terry gave up and went back to his work. Amberle smiled victoriously and watched him go through papers on the desk. She admired the straightness of his back. In dark trousers and a white shirt he cut a handsome figure. Amberle kept staring at him but looked away each time he glanced her way.
Terry kept his eyes fixed on the paper but not his attention. He kept glancing at Amberle at regular intervals and each time he did, she looked away.
Terry searched his drawer for a headphone and put it on. He needed a distraction to concentrate in his work. He increased the volume to maximum and swiveled his chair to back Amberle.
Amberle frowned and laid on the couch. Few minutes later, Terry swiveled has chair to face her and she had already dozed off.
Terry breathed out in relief and took off the headphones. He got up and walked to the couch then he carried Amberle into his arms. He carried her to his room and carefully laid her on the bed, then covered her with the duvet and went back to work.
Amberle sluggishly opened her eyes and found herself in Terry’s car. She was sleeping on the passenger seat while Terry was behind the steering.
Terry glanced at her and said “you’re finally awake”
Amberle sat up and gazed out the window “I slept for long.. It’s late already”
“it’s the effect of the drugs”
Amberle looked at him and asked “did you finish your work?”
“I did” Terry replied and glanced at her “are you hungry?”
“a little”
“Zac called but you were sleeping and I didn’t want to wake you”
“my stomach still hurts” Amberle groaned and sat up straight
“I dropped by the chemist and bought more drugs” Terry said as he drove into the penthouse and the gate automatically closed behind them.
Amberle sighed in exasperation “I wish I could get away”
“I’m sorry” Terry turned off the ignition but sat back in the car
“what did Zac say?”
“he wanted to know if you’re getting better”
Amberle nodded “okay” and glanced at him “so you’ll be starting your appointment soon”
“I’ll make sure Zac returns before leaving. I won’t leave you by yourself”
Amberle forced a smile “thank you” then she looked away
Terry cupped her right cheek in his palm and brought her face back to his.
“what’s bothering you?” he wanted to know
“nothing” Amberle replied, faking a smile
“don’t hold anything back Amberle”
“I’m fine”
“sure?” Terry peered into her eyes and she was forced to look away but he turned her face again
“Terry I’m fine.. You don’t have to worry” she stated and unintentionally held her breath as he gazed into her eyes like he was searching for answers. Amberle shifted her gaze down to her fingers when she felt his breath close to her face.
Terry slowly moved his hand to the back of her head and leaned closer to her. Amberle unconsciously moved back. He pulled her closer and lowered his mouth to hers, and they kissed with his hands closed tightly around her small frame and she shivered in delight.
Maybe time stopped when his lips met hers, but the flutter only intensified. Amberle’s heart pounded in her chest as her knees got weaker. She could only focus on how soft he felt against her mouth, how addictively he invaded all her senses.
It still wasn’t clear if she dreamed this moment to life, but there was raw emotion in the way his fingers curled around hers. Terry kept his eyes half open, sneaking a guilty peek at her every time
The kiss grew more intense and they pulled at each other hungrily. Hungry to touch, hungry to remain that way and never let go, hungry to taste every part of each other.
For the first time in her life she wanted a man to make love to her. She finally felt something was missing in her life.
Terry pushed her back to the seat and ate into her lips. They kissed passionately till they were gasping for their breaths. Then they broke from the kiss and stared at each other. Each waiting for the other to talk first.
“Amberle?!” Terry finally spoke up “I’m sorry”
“you don’t have to be” Amberle said in shaky voice
Terry sighed and tried taking her hand but stopped himself. He moved his hand to the door handle and opened the door.
Terry got down from the car and Amberle also got down, not wanting Terry to help her get down. She walked in ahead and hurried upstairs without stopping in the living room.
Terry didn’t go after he. He thought she needed some space.
He walked into the kitchen and prepared something for her to eat. When he was done, he served the food in the cart and pushed the cart up the stairs. He stopped at the landing and left the cart there with Amberle’s drugs and left.
Amberle freshened up and sat on her bed reading a novel. Maybe she was actually staring at the pages while she waited for Terry.
The earlier incident had left her in a daze and totally confused.
The kiss felt real and naturally. She felt him invade her senses, the very same way she had felt when their bodies touched while he helped her fasten his seatbelt.
She couldn’t wish for anything. She just couldn’t think of nothing.
They door creaked open and Barbara pushed the cart inside. Amberle was disappointed cause it meant only one thing– Terry wasn’t coming.
“I brought you dinner” Barbara announced
“where’s Terry?” Amberle found herself asking
“I don’t know.. he left the cart on the landing” Barbara replied
Amberle heaved a deep sigh “That means he’s gone”
How could he just leave? She thought
Why did he even have to kiss her and go away.
Amberle was utterly confused. She couldn’t help but see herself as an object of satisfaction.
“he left a note” Barbara said and proffered Amberle with the paper she found in the cart.
Amberle took the paper and slowly unfolded it. She was scared to read it. What did he write that he couldn’t say to her?
Maybe he thought she was cheap.
She read through the letter and a smile crept into her lips. Her heart skipped a beat and pounded in her chest.
When she was done, she folded the paper neatly and shoved it under her pillow.
“can I have my food?” Amberle demanded
Barbara nodded and collected a tray from the bottom of the cart. She carefully placed Amberle’s food on the tray and served her in bed.
“and my drugs too” Amberle added and Barbara gave her the drugs “you may give now” she added and Barbara walked out
Amberle started eating and soon, the plates were empty. She sat upon for some minutes the took her drugs and laid on the bed.
This night was going to become different, better than every other night. She had thought.
She took out the letter and read it over n over again till she was gradually dozing off.


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