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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His invisible creator Episode 3 & 4

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🌖His Invisible Creator♣
(Is he a human??)

Episode 3💟💟

Written By:Tofunmi Nikky📝



🎻Reed’s pov🎻

I entered my special room without closing the door, this is the place where I let out my anger,,, I took off my shirt and threw it away, now I was left with my trouser.

She knew I don’t want any girl here but right now I will be the one to suffer the consequences,,, my eyes landed on the flower vase and it broke into pieces,, I closed my eyes and opened,, it shone brightly in the room.

<>the voice came

” I don’t know. I think am free to ask questions,, why don’t you want any girl around us? “I asked


” Something?? Tell me what that thing is “I said as I slowly touched my necklace,, but surprisingly it didn’t shine.


” Hush!! my mum is coming “I said,she need to see how angry I am,,I made myself invisible,, I looked as she walked in.

” Reed!! “She called,looking around the room
” Mom! “I said as I appeared at her back,she faced me sharply. I could tell she’s scared.

” You scared me “she said touching her chest
” I can’t believe you brought a girl in,,aren’t there enough workers here “I said.
” I’m sorry,,but there are things only girls can do better “she

said,reaching for my hand

” They are cooking, doing the laundry,, making sure everywhere is neat,,what else?? “I said
” Trust me,not better than girls. I just want that girl only,, just do this for me “she begged

” Am sorry mom,I already told her to leave and am sure she already left “I said,moving away from her
My mind flashed to when I banged into her room,I saw fears written all over her,,but what can I do?? Nothing.

” No,,she’s still here “she said
” What?? ” I turned to her immediately
” Yes,am glad you accepted. Let me go and call her “she said and walked out with a smile.

Oh mom!!how will I explain to him? why is she still here? I need to do something else.


I made to take the note when she came in,I took it and looked at her,,
” Sir! “she bowed
I looked at the paper and it reads;

< F**k,,with my powers I erased it and filled it with my rules,,

” Sir “she called again
” You’re free to work here as long as you follow my rules and regulations”I said and stretched out the paper to her,,she collected it slowly. What’s wrong with this girl?

” Thank you Sir “she bowed and left
I hurried out of the room,I don’t want to hear his voice.
This invisible of a person, I hope he doesn’t know I changed what he wrote,,, she’s somehow crazy.

🍄Vivian’s pov🍄

I rushed into my room and closed the door behind me,am so happy.

I remembered how I rushed to ma’am and explain everything to her,,,I can’t bare leaving this house.

I looked at the paper,
Rule 1:Don’t enter my room without my permission,,that’s quite simple.

Rule 2:Don’t try getting close to me

Rule 3:You’re going with me to school as from tomorrow.

Rule 4:I hate the way your room is next to mine,, I don’t want to hear your snoring each night

I bursted into laughter when I read that part,,he’s so funny. Who told me him I snore,, I jumped on the bed happily.

🍭Next Day🍭

I paced to and fro in front of his room,I took my bath,,, finished preparing breakfast but he’s still not here.

I glanced at my wristwatch,, 10:07Am

The door opened and I turned,,finally;he’s here.
” Good morning Sir “I said and bowed a little, I raised my head to realise he walked past me,,,I ran to him.

We walked past the dining room,I was expecting him to stop but he didn’t,,
” Sir, your breakfast “I called as we stopped walking.

” Are you going or not?? “he said still walking,, so he’s not going to eat. I followed behind him.
We get out and stopped at the parking lot,,

” Enter the front seat “he said before Turning to the man approaching him,I got into the car. He came to my side and opened the car door,,
” I mean drive,, so go to the other side “he said and I gulped

💌Reed’s Pov💌

The driver left, I turned and was surprised. I went to her side and opened the car door
” I mean drive,, so go to the other side “I said and saw her cheek turn red instantly.

” I can’t!, “she said and ran out of the car,,
” You know what?? I’ll show you the way. you just have to drive “I said and as I moved closer to her,,she keep on moving back.

” N..Noo,,I can’t drive. I don’t know how to drive “she bursted out
” So you can’t drive? “I asked
” Yes,,”she answered and I stopped,,

” Please pardon me,,I… “she was saying when I looked up,only to see mom at the balcony,, don’t tell me she’s laughing at us.

” Enter the car “I said and started walking
” Hope I won’t drive?? “she asked,I turned to her and shot her a glare.

” Am sorry “she smiled and ran into the car,,I shook my head and enter the car. I turned on the ignition and drove out,,,am doing this for mom is not,, she can’t even drive



Episode 4💄💄


🍀Vivian’s pov🍀

He stopped the car and we came out,, I’m totally amazed. I looked around the school,,,it’s so large and beautiful,, my eyes landed on its name “Gilbert High”.

I looked beside me but couldn’t find him,,don’t tell me he left me alone here,,I started walking, how will I find my way to him with how big this school is,,,oh Vivian!!

There’s no one outside but fortunately I sighted a girl walking out of a building,, I went to her,,

” Hi! “I called, she stopped and faced me.
” What do you want?? “she asked rudely
” I lost my way,,I came here with someone. His name is… “I stopped when it dawn on me that I don’t even know his name.

” So you don’t even know who the person is,,wait!! how the f**k did you enter,,, did you bang in??? “she suddenly asked with a finger pointed at me

” Noo I came here with the so of the Weston’s am sure you know him “I said
” Reed?? “she asked
” Vivian!! “I heard someone call from afar, we turned.

” Sir!! “I ran to him,but how did he know my name?
” What the heck are you doing with Livia,,, let’s go “he said and I nodded. We entered the class to see a class was going on,,the teacher turned to look at us.

” It seems we have a news student,, introduce yourself “the woman said while he sat down
” I’m Vivian Blaise “I said
” You can have your seat “she said and I muttered a “Thanks “before sitting next to him,, though all eyes are on me.

” Check your locker,everything you need is inside “he said without looking at me
I opened and brought out a note and pen,,
” I want everybody to work this,, I will come to your seat and mark “she said and I looked at the board,how will I get it when we came late to class,,I looked at him to see he was busy operating his phone. I dropped my pen;I’ll have to tell her.

” Pass your note “I heard him say,I passed the note to him and gave him the pen

I watched as he did the magic,,his neck ;there was a necklace. I looked as he batted his eyelashes,,, he’s so perfect. I looked up to see she’s at the table next to us,,

” Here “he passed it to me, I looked at the note,, Wow!!
” Thanks but won’t you write? “I asked as I faced him
” I don’t write “he replied
” Okay “I said,the teacher came to me and marked my note

” You really impressed me,,keep it up “he said smiling, I returned her smile. I turned to him immediately she left,,
” You’re brilliant “I told him
” I know “he said looking at me.

🌻School Over🌻

We walked out of the class with the guy who introduced himself as Hus friend,,, am really hungry and there is something which surprised me the most,,, I haven’t seen him ear anything since.

” Take this,,, I know you’re hungry “he said as he brought out two chocolates from his pockets,,
” Thank you “I collected it,unwrapped and started eating,,

” So you haven’t eaten?? “Gerald asked and I just nodded
” You should have go to the cafeteria,,oh you’re new here “Gerald said

” What’s his name? “I asked his friend as I pointed at him,he stopped walking and turned to us,,
” He’s Reed,, don’t tell me you don’t know his name,,, that mean he doesn’t know yours “Gerald gasped
” Yeah “I answered and take a bite of chocolate

” I know it,,, You are Vivian Blaise,17years old,,your mother is alive while your dad is dead. You came late to our house yesterday cause you slept late,,, you have a younger brother but…”he keep on saying until I cut in,,

” Stop!!!! I think it’s okay “I shouted and Gerald laughed,,, Reed shook his head and started walking,,

” Reed!!! “We heard a voice,,I turned to see the girl I met hours ago running towards us,,,we went to meet Reed,she stopped at our front panting heavily

” Hi! “she said to him
” Won’t you greet them? “Reed asked and I tried hard not to laugh with the way he did his face.

” Sorry,, Hi!..,Hi!! “she said with a wave of hand before facing Reed,,, just finished the chocolates
“Now what is it?? “Reed asked;his hands in his pocket

” I need to show you something so I want you to follow me home “she said.

🍌Reed’s pov🍌

” What?? what did you want to show him that you can’t show him right here,,, Reed!! it’s better if we start going “Gerald said,facing me

” It very important,, please “She begged
” He’s not going anywhere with you,,,Let’s go “Reed said,, he took Vivian’s hand before holding me,, we turned to go,

” Please!! once I show you,,you’re free to leave,,,I promise “She called after us

” Let me go with her “I said and they paused,, They both looked at me
” You wanna follow her?? “Gerald half yelled

” Please Reed!! “She shouted behind us
” Can you just shut up,,”I turned to her angrily
” Am sorry “she said with her gaze on the floor,,

” I’ll have to go with her “I said and faced them
” What about me?? “Vivian asked
” I will call the driver to come and take you,,Gerald you can go home “I said

” If you say so,,,Bye Vivian “He said and started walking,,
” Bye “Vivian waved at him,, I took my phone and dialed James number,,,


📲James,,take a taxi and come to my school,, come and pick Vivian with my car

📲Alright Sir

The call ended and I turned to Vivian who was just staring at the space
” James will be here soon,,,”I said and she nodded, i walked up to Livia.

” Can we go now “She asked, smiling and I just nodded

She drove into the compound,, we stepped out of the car and I followed behind her,,

We walked in and she closed the door,,
” Why am I feeling you’re up to something “I said as she looked at me
” You should trust me,,, am coming “She said and took the stairs

I made to sit down,,
<>I heard him say

” What?? I don’t even bring my car “I said

<>He said,,,I looked around and moved to the door,, I opened it quietly; I got out and closed the door.

I opened the gate widely and ran out.




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