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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His invisible creator Episode 15 & 16

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🌖The Invisible Creator♣
(Is he a human??)

Episode 15⭐⭐

Written By: Tofunmi Nikky📝



🎻Amelia’s pov🎻

” We searched the cafeteria and the whole school, Tell me,,where did you two go together? “Gerald asked
” It’s a secret,,I’ll tell you when the time comes “I said and he stared at me strangely
” You should go home,,I’ll go and see him “he said and left me standing.

I know he’s angry at me but there’s nothing I can do,,, I can’t tell him. And am also sure Reed won’t tell him anything about where we went to.

I walked out of the school and was about to dial Greg’s number when his car pulled to a halt beside me,,,,

I opened the car door and sat at the backseat, he started driving;

” Hi Greg “I said

” Afternoon Amelia “he replied
” Why are you late? “I asked
” I need to fix some things on the car “He replied
” Oh! is uncle at home? “I asked again

” Yes “He replied
” Good. Let’s just to straight home “I said
” Alright “He said

🎧 Reed’s pov🎧

” Reed! “Mom called after me

I opened the door to my room and walked in,,, I entered the bathroom
” We really need to talk Reed “She said, I know she’s going to follow me.


looked at my reflection in the mirror. Huh? don’t tell me and still wearing the necklace.
It always alert me whenever something bad wanted to happen,,, but I don’t think I need it anymore.

” Reed!!! “I wanted to remove it when I heard mom calling me again
I walked out of the bathroom and she faced me,,,

” Son “She muttered as I sat down on the bed
” Why don’t you want us to celebrate your birthday? “She asked
” It’s nothing mom “I said,, I can’t tell anyone about this especially mom,,she’ll be very worried

” Then let’s go on with the preparations “She shrugged
” Alright mom “I said with a sly smile
” That’s my son,,,,hurry up and come downstairs “She said and kissed my forehead before leaving.

There’s no way am letting him go on with his plans,,, I have to do something.

🍦Vivian’s pov🍦

I stood outside staring blackly at the space,,, I’ve been moody since Reed spoke with me. Maybe something bad happened from where he was coming from,,,

A car drove into the compound and halted, isn’t this Gerald’s car??

” Vivian! “Gerald called approaching me
” You’re here ” I said walking up to meet him
” I came to see Reed,,is he home? “He asked and I nodded

” Yes,,,he is “I said and walked inside with him
” Wow! you didn’t even tell me the party has started “He looked around and faced me
” You’re so funny,,is still few days ahead “I said after laughing

” Let

me go and see my friend,,, I’ll be back “He said and walked away.
I saw Mrs Weston carrying a basket, I quickly hurried to meet her
” Is there anything I can do to help ma’am? “I asked as I stopped at her front

” There’s a lot to do,, Follow me “She said,,I wanted to take the basket from her but she insisted so I let her carry it.
” Thanks “She smiled at me as we headed to the kitchen,,, I smiled back at her.

👖Gerald’s pov👖

I knocked on his door twice and then waited for his reply,,
” Come in “He said from inside. I opened the door and entered.

” It’s you? “He said more like he was surprised to see me
” Just tell me where did you go without telling me “I half yelled
” You don’t have to know “He scoffed climbing down from bed

” I see. So you both planned this “I said
” Maybe “He said chuckling
” Am sure your birthday is going to be a grand one,,, you’re so lucky “I said and I noticed the look on his face changed.

” Let’s play some games before I finally leave “I said but she shook his head
” You won’t agree because you know I’ll beat you at it “I said proudly
” Let’s play. Am going to show you am the best “He said and make me sit down on the bed

” Uhm I can see you’re prepared “I said looking as he picked up the remote,, he smiled.
I did that just to make him play,, he really knows how to play. He’s the best and I know he gonna win this game.

” Are you ready? “He asked smirking and I nodded.

💄Vivian’s pov💄

” So let’s just make dinner “She said and brought out some kitchen utensils.
” Okay ma’am,, but I can do the cooking alone “I said looking at her
” I know you can so just let me help you “She said and I nodded.

” We’re going to Cook cob salad ,Reed’s favourite “She said. so that’s his favourite food. Now I know.

” I’ll bring the vegetables “I said and went out. One of the maids directed me to the other kitchen,,, I got all the things we need and went back to the kitchen.

” Am here with it “I said walking in fully
” You’re going with my son tomorrow to shop for some things “She said

Wait! what???


Episode 16💄


🐰Vivian’s pov🐰

I gulped in fright.
Me? going out with Reed. He told me to not come any close to him and now…

” Okay ma’am “I said and went to drop the tray before her. i turned on the gas and put the lobster meat on fire.
My phone started ringing and I went to pick it up on the table,,,

” I’ll just take this call ma’am “I said
” Okay “She answered and walked out of the kitchen. It started ringing again and I quickly picked;

Mom said

📲Good evening mom,, How are you doing?
I asked

📲 Am fine,, How are you over there?
She asked and I smiled knowing how much she has missed me

📲Are you sure,, If you’re not okay there you can come home
She said

📲Am okay here mom,, They are all nice. I really wished you’re here to see it
I said and I heard her laugh from the other end.

📲If you say so

📲I’ll call you later mom, I have to get back to work
I said

📲 Okay Darling, Take good care of yourself

📲You too mom,,, Bye.

The call ended. I also missed you too mom but this all I can do so we can at least live a good and comfortable life,,, I put the phone in my pocket and went back to the kitchen.

Next Day

💧Greg’s pov💧

I ran towards their house with great speed,, I burst in and met uncle (Priest) crying. I walked up to him,,,,

” Uncle “I called,,he raised his head and looked at me with his teary face
” It’s like I don’t hear you properly on the phone,, you said you couldn’t find Amelia and I know that’s isn’t what you wanted to say,,, “I said trying hard not to believe.

” I can’t find her,,, I know he’s the one behind this “He said crying more,,,
” Tell me how it happened?? “I said
” I woke up this morning but couldn’t find her on her bed,,, Please don’t let anything to happen to Amelia “He said falling down on his feet

” Please calm down,,, am sure we’ll find her “I said kneeling before him
” Just do me a small favour,,, There’s this guy named Reed in her new school. Make sure you find him and please tell him to see me “He suddenly said and I nodded.

” Alright Sir but please don’t hurt yourself,, Let’s just hope nothing bad happens to her “I said before walking out.

♥Reed’s pov♥

A knock came on the door.

” Come in “I said and stood up from bed,, The person opened the door;
” Good morning Sir “I heard her voice and turned sharply. I looked at her from head to toe,, She’s so beautiful and that’s one of the reasons I don’t want her to be so close to me. I’m afraid of falling in love,,,

” What do you want? “I said in a very calm way. I think I know what she’s here for,,, Mom wanted me and her to go out together but No… I can’t.

” Ma’am said we should…”I didn’t let her complete the sentence when I interrupted,,,
” I can’t go with you. Maybe you should go alone or better still the maids can do it “I said
” Am not gonna get on your nerves,, I won’t disturb you,, I promise “she said making me chuckle

” I can’t follow you because I have something important to do,,,”I said
” Okay Sir,, I’ll go by myself “She said and bowed before leaving.

🍋Greg’s pov🍋

” Come in “The security opened the gate and let me in
” Please am looking for someone,, he’s name is Reed. “I said to him
” I don’t think he came to school today,,, come with me “He said. He lead the way and I followed him.

We both stopped walking and he peeped from the window,,
” They are having a class now. Maybe you should come back “He said facing me
” No,,I’ll wait “I said
* Alright then, once the class is over you asked on them; They are his classmates “He said and I nodded.
” Thanks “I said as he walked away.


👑Reed’s pov👑

I flipped the book over to the next page,My necklace shined brightly and this time it brought a red light,,,, Something is wrong somewhere,,, Vivian!?

I opened the door and walked out,,
” Where is she? ”
” I wanna be there in the next one minute ”
” Where the heck is she? “I mumbled as I ran my hand through my hair. I’ve searched the whole shop but couldn’t find her,,,

Wait! There’s no place haven’t check. The restroom!

I started running not minding the stares from people,,, Not like I care. I stopped running and faced my right.
I continued running, Here it is. I wanted to open the door but decided to not to.

I touched the necklace and saw everything clearly;
She’s inside washing her face,, Damn! nothing is wrong with her.
I turned to go,,,I don’t want her to know am here. I stopped,, Why am I having this feeling that he’s here?? The invis…

” Ahhh!! H..help… “I heard her loud scream and immediately kicked the door opened,,,

” Vivian! ”




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