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July 30, 2021


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His invisible creator Episode 11 & 12

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🌖His Invisible Creator♣
(Is he a human??)

Episode 11🍀🍀



🍭Livia’s pov🍭

I sat down on the floor as I cleaned my tears,,, Maybe I shouldn’t have followed him,,, how will I get out of here? Am sure everybody would have left for home. Should I go?? No!!! Hell no.

What should i do now?I turn to the other side to see my phone laying on the floor,,,i went to pick it and dialed a number;


📲Where are you now??,,,i asked impatiently

📲I’m home already,we left when we couldn’t find you,,,what’s wrong?

📲I need you to come back to school immediately,,, and help me bring one of your shirt along.

📲Are you sure there’s nothing wrong?
she asked again

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📲Are you coming or not?

📲Alright,,,I’ll be there soon

She said and the call ended,,, I can’t wait to finally get out of here

°°°Moments Later°°°

My phone rang and I immediately picked the call;
📲Where are you?I can’t find you

📲Come straight to the last class before the garden
I stopped pacing when I heard a knock on the door,,, I quickly rushed to open and opened it sightly,,,,to see her standing at the doorstep

” Where is it? “I asked as I peeped my head out and stretch out my right hand
” Here “She said and brought her the cloth from her bag and handed it to me

” Just a minute,, please “I said and quickly closed the door,, I put on the shirt and opened the door

” Thank you Nina “I smiled at her as I walked out

” What happened to your cloth? “she asked looking at me

” It got wet “I lied
” Really?? ”

” What?? You think am lying? “I said and rolled my eyes at her

” Of course not,,,Let’s go “She said and we started waking,,, we entered her car and she drove off.

🌸Vivian’s pov🌸

We finished eating and I packed the dishes,,I haven’t seen Reed since we came back from school. He didn’t even eat with us at the dining,,,, maybe he doesn’t like it.

I walked into the kitchen and started washing the dishes,,,I was done after few minutes. I cleaned my hands with a napkin and walked out,,

I went into my room,,, I don’t even feel sleepy. What should I do?
I opened the window and about to turn when I saw someone coming out of the pool,,,,

it’s Reed!!! so he swims at night??

I watched as he pick up a small towel to dry his hair,,, He suddenly looked up and saw me. No!!!

” Come “He beckoned on me
” Me?? “I asked touching my chest,,he nodded in reply.

I didn’t wait for another seconds before running out of my room,,, I stopped when I got to the pool,I guessed he noticed my presence and turned,,,

” Sir “I said and immediately bowed my head
” You weren’t feeling sleepy right?? “he asked as I raised my head

” Hmm Sir…I just….”
” Let’s seat by the poolside “He said and went to sit down,,, I quickly sat down beside him. I smiled as I looked at our legs in the water.

But why did he call me here?? I just hope I didn’t do anything wrong,,,
I raised my head to look at the shining stars,,,i shut my eyes and opened it back.

” Can I ask you a question,,,Sir? “I asked facing him

” Go ahead “he replied without looking at me, I guess this is the right time to ask

” How did you get your powers? “I asked and he chuckled
” From birth “he answered and faced me

” Wow,,,kinda cool “I said with a smile and he nodded and faced the front

” Was your father’s death natural?? “he asked as he faced me again

” No,he was killed *I replied
” And I regret not meeting him before he died, that I never seen his face “I said and a tear dropped down to my cheek,oh no!! am getting emotional again,,

” Sorry “he said and I turned to see stretching out a handkerchief to me,,

” Am sorry for getting so emotional “I said as I collected it and cleaned my tears,,

” It’s okay “he said

” When I first came into this house, I realised you didn’t want to see any girl in this house,, why? “I asked a little nervous

” It’s confidential “he said and I lowered my head in disappointment

” Now my turn “he snapped and I just nod. Maybe this question night.

” Have you ever loved someone?? “he asked

” No “I replied, shaking my head

” Now it’s my turn,, have you ever fallen in love? “I asked

” NO and I don’t want to “he said and I wanted to ask why but stop,, I don’t wanna spoil the moment. We stared at the space before he finally speak up,,

” Who is your role model? “he asked and we both turned to look at ourselves,,

” it’s confidential “I said and looked away

” So you can’t tell me? “he said still looking at me

” It’s you! “I suddenly faced him and saw his eyes gleamed

” You mean me?? “he asked in a surprised tone

” Yes,,you’re my role model “I said again, he smiled and faced the front

” You should go to sleep now “he said and we both stood up at the same time

” Goodnight Sir “I said and bowed a little, then raised my head

” Goodnight “he replied for the first time and I beamed with smile, I bowed again before walking away.

I got to my room and collapsed on the bed,, I just finished speaking with him, Yes,,, yes Vivian!!

I felt relaxed when we started talking, I wasn’t scared nor afraid. He’s a cool person.

I covered myself with the blanket and fell asleep with a smile on my face.


Episode 12💛💛



Amelia stepped out of the car as soon as she saw him approaching,, the man stopped at her front and take a look at the car,,,

” Thanks and I’ll be expecting you on Monday “she said as she handed him the car key
” No problem “he said and they shook hands. She watched as he entered the car and then drove away

Her phone beeped and she brought it out of her bag;
💬Where are you now💬

💬Still on it💬She replied the text and hailed a taxi,, she told him the address before entering.

💞A Week Later💞

🍷 Reed’s pov🍷

” Good morning everyone “Mr Ray said as he walked in to the front of the class
” Good morning Sir “they all chorused

I brought out my phone and started operating it,,it will keep me busy throughout the class.

” We’re having a test today “he announced and I scoffed. He didn’t even inform us we’re having a test, he just banged in and…

👥We are not prepared

👥Please Sir

👥Let’s have it another day

” Am giving you fifteen minutes “he said again after writing the questions on the board,,, I looked at Vivian who quickly brought out a note. She noticed my gaze on her and faced me

” Take,,, you have to do the test “she said and dropped another note on my desk
” Really? it’s like he wants all the class to fail “I said to her and wanted to stand up when she held me back

” Just let him be “she said, I glanced at her before sitting down.
” His subject shouldn’t be a problem for you,, I know you can do it cause you’re brilliant “she said with a pout and I shook my head

” Please,,, “she said raising her brow, I nodded and she smiled
” Ten minutes more “Mr Ray said

” Will you shu……”Vivian quickly covered my mouth before I could speak,, I would have punch the hell out of him
” Don’t be stubborn! “she whispered and left me,,,, I looked at her and we both laughed quietly.

🍰Lunch Break🍰

I walked out of the class with Vivian and Gerald. We headed to the cafeteria but Gerald suddenly stopped,,

” Can Amelia come with us? “he asked and we also stopped walking
” I don’t trust that girl “I said calmly
” Trust me,she’s a good person “he said glancing at us

” Okay “I said. He smiled and turned to leave
” Just make sure she doesn’t get on my nerves “I said again and he faced us.

” She won’t “he said and left.
” I think I like her too “Vivian was saying while I started walking without waiting for her

” Wait!! “She called after me

💄 Amelia’s pov💄

Everybody left for the cafeteria except me,, I stood up from my seat and went to stand by the window.
This is getting hard than I thought, there’s no way I can tell him cause he doesn’t want me near him.

I need to act fast,,, I need to tell him before his birthday,,

” Amelia! “I heard Gerald called and turned
” What do you want? “I half yelled and I could tell he was scared.

I think am too harsh,, afterall he’s the only one who seems to care since I came to this school.

” Am sorry for disturbing you,I’ll leave now “he said and started going
” Wait!! “I called,he paused and turned to face me

” Sorry for yelling at you,, I don’t mean it “I said and went to meet him
” It’s okay “he said sadly

” You wanted to say something? “I asked and he nodded
” I thought you gonna come with me to the cafeteria “he said
” What about Reed? “I asked nervously

” He accepted, so you can come “he said and my face brightened
” Okay then *I said with a sly smile

” Let’s go “he said and we started walking,, I hastened my step. I must tell him today.

” Hi guys “I said as we stopped in front of their table
” Hi Amelia “Vivian said smiling at me. I sat down and Gerald went to take our orders. I looked as Reed who was busy with his phone,,,, why is he always avoiding me?

” Hi Reed “I said to gain his attention
” Hi “he looked at me and faced what he was doing.

Gerald came and sat beside me,he placed the food before me and started eating his,,,

” I was really afraid when Mr Ray walked in and said we have test,,, he’s so mean “Gerald groaned as he scooped his fries.

” That mean deserves a kick “Vivian said
” I would have give him just that if you hadn’t stop me “Reed scoffed and they all laughed

” I won’t allow you to ruin the class “Vivian said

Gerald looked at me and that’s when I started eating,,

” You aren’t eating “Vivian said pointing at Reed
” I’ll eat now ma’am “Reed said and kept his phone and started eating,,,

” Good boy “Vivian said and I laughed inwardly with them.

The café light suddenly went off.

” Oh no!!! “Gerald muttered rushing his food
” Let’s go back to the class “Vivian shouted as the students finds their way out. I went over to where Reed sat.

Here is the chance.

I grabbed hold of his hand and dragged him to a corner,
” Get your hands off me “he yelled at me and throw away my grip

” Am sorry!! “I said but he started walking away in anger.
” I want to tell you something important “I said and blocked his way

” Leave me “he said and pushed me aside.
” It’s about Kenneth! “I said and he stopped

” Huh? what do you just say? “he said and turned to look at me

” It’s about Kenneth, The INVISIBLE “I told him




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