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May 5, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His invisible creator Episode 1 & 2

10 min read

🌘His Invisible Creator♣
(Is he a human?? )

Written by Tofunmi Nikky📝




Who is he??

He’s someone who has a strange power and a power to do anything,,,

He’s feared by everyone.

He’s handsome and rich,,,he’s so powerful but there is one thing,,one thing that makes people scared of him,,,,one thing that makes every human bow for him;

His POWER!!!

He has this power right from the moment he was born,,,to everybody they knew it was a strange power.

While some said he could turn to a beast,,,
Or they throw him away.

But guess what?? He bought great fortune to a once poor family,,,

Yes!! His parents were poor but things changed immediately he was born,,, they became very rich

Was he given birth to??or was he actually created???

Who gave him powers??

The power that could turn him into a monster??

Find out in this story

Trust me,,,it’s gonna be a blast


Episode 1⭐⭐


👑18years Ago

” Even though you’re still invisible but I beg you my Lord,,don’t use your powers to destroy humans,,, go to where you belong “the priest said.

” No!!! “he screamed and his voice echoed,, the floor begins to quake. immediately the priest saw the earthquake he fell on his knees for mercy.

” You’re hurting me “he said and suddenly with an unknown force,, he was hit against the wall.

” I’m like a god,cause I can drain your blood. I’ll make the world bow for me through another body,,,don’t you ever mess with

me,,I would have killed you if you were not a priest “he thundered

” Thank you “the priest said, his body shivering. everything went back to normal; the earthquake gone,,he rose up after making sure the invisible is gone.

A pregnant woman walked along the road at night,,from where he was,many ideas rushed into him.
He touched his wrist thrice and pointed his hand towards her,,something went into her stomach and she stumbled on the floor instantly.

He stopped at her front, looking as she winched in pain,, he said;

” His birth won’t be normal, he should be different from others,,, he won’t be born at exactly nine months but twelve,,,, because he is my creature “he said inwardly afterall he was invisible.

⏪Flashback Ends



The alarm rang loudly,, I closed my ears with a pillow,,,the door opened and someone came in.

” Vivian!! get up now!!! “mom shouted
” omma joeun Achimieyo (good morning mom “I groaned as I throw away the pillow

” What’s today?? “she asked, I sat upright and faced her
” Monday “I replied still feeling sleepy
” This 10:19 and am sure you know what that means “she said,, today?? what’s today about??

my eyes widened, I sprang up immediately,,
” Is better you make whatever you’re going to do snappy,,, your Aunt is downstairs “she said and left, oh gawd!!

” How the f**k did I sleep this long?? “I asked myself with my hands at akimbo

🎀Few Minutes Later🎀

I put my luggage in the booth,we waited for mom.she soon came out,,,

” Don’t

get into trouble over there “she warned making me chuckle,, she handed me a flask
” Thanks mom “I said and put it in the car

” Take care of yourself “Aunt Cecelia told her
” I will “mom said out of tears
” Come on mom,,I won’t stay there forever. Am going there to work, remember “i said, cleaning her teary face.

” Let’s go “Aunt Cecelia said and went into the car,I nodded and turned to go when I suddenly hugged her tightly,, she embrace me

” I will always call to check on you “I said as we unlocked from the hug,,, and she gave me a goodbye kiss, i started walking,I glanced at her for the last time and she smiled,,, I ran into the car.

***********************[Weston Empire🎲]

💜Gerald’s pov💜

I drove into the mansion when the security opened the gate,I came out and headed in,,

” Where is Reed?? “I asked the guard I met on the way
” He’s in his room “he replied
” Doing what?? “I asked impatiently
” No idea ” he replied again,, I shook my head and ran in,,I met two guards positioned at his door.

” Is he in? “I asked looking at them
” Yes “one answered
” Reed!! it’s Gerald here!! “I knocked on the door, that’s how it is,,,don’t enter his room without his permission.

” Come in! “he shouted from inside, I entered and closed the door. I met him him on the bed sleeping,, he turned and faced me.

” What are you still doing on bed?? “I almost yelled, he ignored and walked out of bed,,, he went into the bathroom and few seconds later,he came out all decked up.
I won’t be surprised, he’s got powers and that makes me like him so much.

” Where is your backpack?? “he asked and that’s when I realised forget it in a hurry to come here,,, geez!!

” I forgot it “I muttered slowly
” Good for you,,better let’s go “he said and took his phone before walking out,, I quickly followed him

” Good morning Sir”
” Good morning Sirs “some of the guards we met on our way greeted

” Won’t you say something about it? I don’t wanna go back home “I said on our way out.
” It okay pal,,I’ll help you “he finally said, making me smile
” Thanks a lot “I said

” Open the gate “he ordered the security, who quickly ran to open. his driver came to him,,
” Am going with him “he cut in already knowing what he wanna say,,,he bowed and left,he entered the front seat.

I opened the car door and wowed,my backpack is here already!!
” You’re amazing “I said and he smiled at me,I throw it at him and sat down,,, he caught it and dropped it at the back.
” We’re late already “I reminded him and he chuckled,, I turned on the ignition and drove out.

We walked straight to the class but before then, the glances, murmuring and screaming of the students when they sighted us is something else,,


💚Look at his hair


💖Can I have a kiss please??

💛My crush

” They so much love you “I whispered to him as we walked,,
” What?? is it me or you? “he asked without looking at me
” YOU!! you don’t know how cute you are, but unfortunately I wasn’t a girl,,I would have…”

” Shut the f**k up,fat head “he cut in and hurried away
” Just like you “I said inwardly
” I heard that “he turned to me and I rolled my eyes,he read my mind.

😍Vivian’s pov😍

We arrived at the mansion,I wowed. This house is so biggg,what do I expect,,, this is the Weston’s mansion, second top billionaire. A woman came out as we stepped out of the car,,she’s very pretty.

” Mrs Weston ” Aunt said
” Is this her? “she asked lookin at me
” Yes ma’am “Aunt replied
” Good Afternoon ma’am “I greeted with a bow

” Afternoon, she’s beautiful “she said and faced Aunt
” Yes she is,please take good care of her. I’ll have to get going “Aunt said
” Alright “she simply said. Aunt pecked me and went into her car,,I watched till she drove out

” Take her to her room “she said to the guard beside her
” Yes ma’am “he said and took my bag from me.I followed him
” I’ll leave now miss “he said as we stopped in front of a room, I nodded and he left.

I walked in dragging my bag with me,the room,,,it was painted in pink and white making it more beautiful,, it so large and…I collapsed on the bed happily,, nice to be in Weston’s Empire.


Episode 2🌸🌸


💌Livia’s pov💌

I paced inside the class,I can’t wait,,, I wanna see him. he should be in school by now,,

” Calm down,Livia “Ellen said and I stopped

” Can’t you see am calm “I said and she shook her head,Mia and Nina walked in and I rushed to them

” Where is he?? is he at school?? “I asked them impatiently
” Yes,but I think it will be best if you don’t go to him “Mia said and walked away from me

” I’m sure you know he doesn’t like getting close to girls “Nina reminded but I shook my head, I should be an exception,,, am going to him.

” Livia!! please don’t go “they called after me as I walked away.

🍷Vivian’s pov🍷

I walked out of the bathroom after having my bath,I walked to the wardrobe and opened it,,,father!! I covered my mouth from shouting,,

There are different types of clothes, colour,,size. OMG!!

I finally settled for a crop top and black jeans,,i stood in front of the mirror as I packed my hair into a ponytail and walked out of the room,,I can’t wait to meet Mr Weston

” Where is the kitchen? “I asked moving closer to a guard
” I will show you “he said and I nodded,,we started walking.
” Vivian! “We heard a voice and turned, Mrs Weston,,, I quickly ran to her

” Ma’am “I bowed when I get to her
” Come with me “she said and turned, I also started walking with her. We keep in walking,, a guard opened the door when he saw us,,we walked in.

This also a living room,it’s different from the other one,,,this people live in money!!

” Did you notice anything since you came here?? “she asked and I shook my head
” No ma’am “I answered, I noticed she wasn’t smiling this time, what’s wrong??

” I’m sure you haven’t seen any female here,they aren’t allowed here I employed you to work here. You’ll be the only one girl here,,I can’t assure you that you’ll stay here for long “she said

” Why ma’am?? “I asked already curious

” There is only one person who can send you away,the only person who has the power to let you stay,, Reed!! my son. He doesn’t want any girl here “she said

” What should I do ma’am? “I asked

” You have to impress him,I’ll advice you to follow his rules so you don’t end up in trouble,,,you can go “she said with her back turned at me,,

” Alright ma’am “I said before walking away.

👑Reed’s pov👑

My eyed were closed throughout,,,I opened when someone ran to seat beside me,,,Livia!!

” Hi “she said with a smile while I just looked away.
” I’ve been trying to…”
” Good afternoon class “Mr colt walked to the front of the class,thank God he stopped that witch from talking

” Afternoon Sir “they chorused,he started walking some things on the board,, why am I feeling he’s here?

<>his voice said in my head,,Damn!!
I stood up and started walking,,,

” Where are you going to?? “Mr Colt cut in making me stop
” That’s none of your business,, your job is to teach not monitoring me “I said a little pissed.

” Am sorry,,,let’s continue class “he said and quickly faced the board,, fool.
I stepped out still feeling his presence,, with an unknown force I ended up in the school garden.

” What do you want to tell me?? “I asked, isn’t it funny,am talking to someone invisible,,, a chair appeared and I sat on it.


” Stop joking and tell me what it is “I said in a low tone


I think he left, what’s a girl doing in our house?? I brought out my necklace. I touched it,,,I need to know who the girl is,,
I saw the girl seated on the bed,he’s right,,I have to get her out.

💄Seconds Later💄

I opened the door, my eyes scanned the living room,, where is dad??


I knocked on his door once,,and waited for him to open,,,he did.
” Where is the girl?? “I asked him,his hand was on the doorknob as he stood at the doorway

” Girl?? is she here already? “he asked making me chuckle
” F**k!!! “I looked away as I roughed my hair
” So you knew about it? “I faced him angrily

” Your eyes are getting red,calm…”I don’t let him complete his word before walking away,,

” Where is her room?? “I asked
so she was given the room next to mine,, interesting.

I got to the front of the room, I kicked it opened with my right leg,,
” Who are you?? “she turned and faced me.

🎻Vivian’s pov🎻

I looked out of the window, so I can be out of this house anytime soon,what if I beg him?? will he allow me to stay?

The door flew opened,,,

” Who are you? “I asked as I turned to see the person,, I was more than shocked when my eyes met with his,,his eyes were red. I mean damn red!

” I should be asking you that,,I guess you don’t know me,were you not told how much I dislike girls? that I don’t want to see any girl in this mansion??? “he thundered,,,I keep on moving till my back was at the wall.

” Did they tell you?? “He thundered again

” Yes!! I was told but please,,, I need this job. I need to work here so I can feed my family “I shuttered,, my voice breaking with fear.

” Keep that explanation,,,Pack your things and LEAVE “he said and stormed out,,, I fell on the floor slowly




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