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His favorite Episode 7 & 8

(He owns her)
Episode 7
Mabel’s POV
My eyes [email protected]£ heavy after long hours of watching the television then I switched it off and went to lie on the be-d.
I closed my eyes as different thought started rushing into my head.
Will I really stay here forever?
How about my mom and siblings? Hope they are doing okay.
My mom will be really sad when she finds out I was abducted.
I kept turning and turning on the be-d and sleep overtook me after a while.
Next morning.
I opened my eyes due to several sounds I was hearing.
I sat up and realized the sound was coming from the door.
Someone is unlocking the door.
I kept watching as the door opened and a guy [email protected]£ in and dropped a small fancy bag beside.
He turned and left immediately he had done that.
I took the bag and opened it.
I saw a fancy new dress and some items that I’ll need to clean up.
Why don’t they just re-lease me?
I got up and went into the toilet to pee.
I sat up from the WC and bathed after.
I [email protected]£ out with a towel wra-pped around my b©dy and my hair.
I sat down and applied the lotion I was given and wore the dress.
It was a long fancy yellow dress.
I packed my hair up and starred at myself in a mirror in the room.
I sighed and went to sit down back.
The door opened and two guys walked in.
“Get up” one of them said and I stood up.
“W..what ha..”
“Just follow us quietly” one cut in and I shut up and followed them.
They led me throu-gh different corridors and finally got to a large place which looked like a dinning.
Different dishes were arranged there but I only saw Kelvin there.
The two guys left immediately they took me to him.
“Sit” he commanded and pointed to a sit beside him.
I sat down reluctantly starring at the dishes.
He started eating but I didn’t t©uçh anything.
“Are you waiting for me to tell you to eat?” He asked as he raised his brows but I remained still.
“I don’t repeat myself” he said in a [email protected] tone and I took up a fork and started eating the vegetables I saw first.
“You seems to like vegetables” he said but I kept mute and continued eating slowly.
“Well, I need you to be okay Mabel” he said and chuckled.
“Eat fast, I’ll be having visitors soon and oh..I also have something to show you” he cooed and continued eating.
All this while my eyes were focused on the meal.
He should just let Bella and I go.
God plea-se I don’t wanna be a s*x slave.
“Come on” he beckoned on me as he led to way to wherever.
We took different turns and got to a place – a sitting room.
I saw different men dressed in suite as they all sat them quietly.
Immediately we got in they all stood up.
He went to them smiling as he shook their hands one after the one.
The big television screen was turned on and it showed the room where i was firstly kept.
My eyes wi-de-ned as I saw Bella.
She was sitting in the same side we were both sitting.
“So how many are you purchasing and which one??” Kelvin asked one of the men there and he pointed at three different ladies who were brou-ght out and later left with that [email protected] man.
They kept doing that as I watched.
Tears were rushing down my cheeks as i watched a human sell fellow human.
What type of $h!t is this??
Its soon got to Bella’s turn as a man pointed at her and one other.
Bella was immediately taken out and brou-ght down to us.
My eyes [email protected]£ more teary as I looked at her.
She has become more tin in just one night.
She also looked at me in shock but didn’t say anything as she was dragged out.
I didn’t no when I sat on the floor begging the ground to open up and swallow me.
This is pure wickedness.
The other men there all took their eyes to me.
“Who is she?” I heard one of the men asked.
“She looks pretty tho. How much…” he was about to say but was cut in by Kelvin.
“She’s mine. I own her” he said and the man nodded.
Kelvin signalled a guard that was standing very far from us and he [email protected]£ to carry me away from there to the room I was kept.
I continued crying as I recalled all my memories with Bella.
The door cracked opened as Kelvin showed up.
“Why? Why did you leave me with you?”
“Why didn’t you sell me alongside my friend?” I asked facing him.
He sm-irked and walked [email protected] me.
“You belong to me Mabel. You should no that by now” he said softly.
“Yo…you are a monster” I uttered before I could control myself and he turned back and [email protected] me.
Immediately a cut appeared on myl-ips and he held my n£¢k up ma-king sure I stare into his face.
“No one says that and remains alive. This is your last warning.”
“Lemme make it clear to you that you’ll never ever get away from me.”
“You’re stuck with me” he hushed angrily and throw me aside and walked out of the room.
Episode 8

Mabel’s POV
I sat down on the floor as fresh tears started pouring from my eyes.
Is this really how am going to live forever?
I’m stuck with him??
Oh lord plea-se save me from him.
I cried for a long time hvgging the cold floor and finally sle-pt off.
Kelvin’s POV
“Is everything re-ady” I asked Fred and he nodded.
“Everything is re-ady sir” he said.
“When will the flight leave?”
“7:00am tomorrow” he replied and I nodded.
“Get her another dress” I ordered starring at the computer.
“Alright sir” he replied and left.
Crazy girl.
She’s crazy thinking I’ll let her go, after she has seen my face and every activities going on here.
I sighed as I decanted large quantity of vodka into a [email protected] cup and sipped from it.
Tomorrow I’ll be travelling to Paris to start afresh there.
I’ve been in this business way too long. I’m filthy rich and don’t wanna continue in it anymore.
I’ll miss doing it tho.
Next day.
Mabel’s POV
A crack on the door made me throw my eyes open.
I opened my eyes and realized I was still lying on the cold floor.
Damn! My whole b©dy is cold.
I managed to stand up.
Did I really sleep all day and night?
The door finally opened and two guys [email protected]£ in.
One with a bag and one with a tray of food.
“Eat and freshen up fast” one of them said and they turned back and left.
I looked at the covered food and $h!t I’mfu-ck*ng hungry.
I ran into the toilet and brushed my teeth. I [email protected]£ out and started eating the food hungrily.
Danish,tacos, vegetable and kung pie chicken alongside a jug of water.
Wow so much food.
But I don’t really un-derstand what’s going on.
I was done eating and next I had my bath and [email protected]£ out to rub lotion on my b©dy.
I finished ru-bbing lotion and took out the dress inside the bag that was brou-ght.
It was a clingy short red go-wn.
Its looks really expensive and wow!
I looked into the bag and saw a black heels.
Its four inches high.
Why is there a heel?
Is he taking me somewhere?
I stood in front of the mirror as I wore the heel. The door cracked up as I was doing that and a guy walked in carrying makeup kit.
“Ma’am I’ll need you to sit cause I have only thirty minutes to spend with you” he spoke softly and I sat.
He started ma-king me up real fast.
What is really going on?
Within thirty minutes he left and I stood up and starred at myself in the mirror.
Since his taking me somewhere I think I’ll need to brush my hair.
I took up the hair brush on the table and brush my hair down.
Makeup and expensive dress has totally changed my appearance.
I looked into the bag again and took out the hand purse that was there.
I opened it and surprisedly saw dollars in it together with my ID card and my phone.
Oh, my!
I tried to open the phone but it didn’t open.
I opened the back to check and there was no battery in the phone.
I don’t un-derstand a thing.
The door opened and two guys dressed in black [email protected]£ in to the room.
“You’ll need to follow us” they said in a respectful manner.
They were the same guys that treated me harshly but I noticed they weren’t that harsh again.
I sighed as I held the purse and started walking out.
One was at my back and one at the front.
They led me out to the garage and there I met different guys.
I can’t count but am sure they were up to 30. They were all dressed in black suite.
They led me to a limo and opened it.
I looked into the limo and saw Kelvin pressing his phone.
I got in getting more curious of everything.
The door closed and three black jeeps left the gate followed by the limo in which we were in.
Is he that rich?
Aha! Trafficking human being has made him really wealthy to have all these.
He didn’t say a word to me and neither did I.
I mean I can still recall how he landed a [email protected] on my face.
I turned back and noticed different black jeeps following us from behind.
Damn! I can’t really believe this.
This is actually my first time being in a limo.
We arrived at the airport and got down.
I wonder what we are doing here.
The two doors opened and he got down. I got down two and he signalled me to stay beside him and I did.
There were a lot of people at the airport and I think I saw paparazzi taking sh0t of us.
I don’t really un-derstand this and curiosity is killing me.
We got into a jet and the jet took off almost immediately.
I noticed only four guys followed us and the rest stayed back.
Kelvin sat stylishly as he pressed his phone.
What’s this guy really doing? I wondered as I stare at him.
He re-moved his eyes from the phone and looked at me.
“In case you’re wondering why we are in a jet we are leaving Mexico for Paris.”
“You’ll never step your foot in mexico again” he said calmly and fixed his eyes backed to his phone.
I gulped down nothing as it [email protected]£ clear to me.
We are really leaving Mexico.
And..and I’ll never get to see my family and loved ones again.
I closed my eyes as I tried not to cry but a tear betrayed me and fell from my eyes.

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