His favorite Episode 5 & 6

(He owns her)
Episode 5
Mabel’s POV
“W…Why?” I muttered only to my hearing.
Why does he want me to str!p?
plea-se it shouldn’t be what am thinking.
Fresh tears formed in my eyes as I starred at him dumbfounded.
The cold look he has on could make someone faint.
“P..plea-se” I whimpered.
“plea-se don’t.. don’t do this to me” I cried ha-rd but it seems to fall on deaf ears.
He took a step towards me and I moved back but couldn’t move back well cause the be-d restricted me.
He got to where I was and st©pped.
My whole b©dy was vibr@ting.
“I usually kill people that disobey my orders but I’ll just let you go again today.”
“I’ll do it myself” he said coldly and took his hand to my t©p.
I held his hand immediately and he freed his hand from mine and landed a sl@p across my face while made me fall on the be-d.
He pu-ll-ed me up almost Immediately.
“You’ll do as I say if you want to remain alive” he hushed and r!pp£dmy t©p off leaving only my br@ and trou-ser.
Next he took his hand to my br@ and also r!pp£dit off.
I quic-kly covered my br£@st with my hands crying seriously.
He sm-irked when he saw me do that and went to my trou-ser.
My tears increa-sed as my fears increa-sed. I’m about to loss my vir-ginity.
He pu-ll-ed the jean trou-ser down my feet and pu-ll-ed it off completely leaving me with p@n-ts.
He took a step back as if observing me.
He c@m£ forward and f0rç£fully r!pp£dmy p@n-ts off.
I g@sped in shock and fear. I was now completely n£¢ked in front of him.
He brou-ght my two hands down away from covering my brea-st.
Oh lord!
plea-se help me.
He step a step back again and observed me well.
“You’re perfect” he cooed and smiled.
“Now lie on the be-d” he commanded and started unbuckling his shi-t.
Is this really happening?
I slowly sat down on the be-d and curled myself up..
He re-moved his shi-t and next he went for his trou-sers leaving him with only bo-xers.
He c@m£ towards me and made me lie properly.
Tears couldn’t st©p strolling down my cheeks.
Oh mom where are you!?
Your daughter badly nee-ds you right now.
He positioned me as he wanted and pu-ll-ed down his bo-xers.
I shut my eyes not wanting to see the thing that will pene-trateinto me.
He spre-ad my legs wi-de and before you no it I felt him in-sert one of his f!ngersinto my pu-ssy.
I shut my eyes ti-ghtly trying ha-rd to take in the pains and I did.
He started f!ngerfu-cking me slowly and steadily and later inser-ted another f!nger ma-king it two.
The pains increa-sed as I gritted my teeth ti-ghtly preventing myself from screaming.
He did that for a while and I couldn’t feel any movement but I still shut my eyes ti-ghtly waiting for whatever his doing.
I later got tired of waiting and decided to open my eyes.
I opened one of my eyes and caught him starring at me.
Huh, what happened?
I shut my other eye open wondering why he was busy looking at me.
He should have left me instead of staying and starring.
I looked at him in confusion as I tried to sit up but he prevented me.
“I just wanted to tell you that it will hurt like hell and am not planning on going soft on you” he stated ma-king me more scared than I was.
My tears multi-plied as he spre-ad my legs wi-der and inser-ted his di-ck into my pu-ssy.
My eyes wi-de-ned as pains c@m£ rushing from no where.
“St©p!!!” I screamed as he continued pushing his di-ck into me.
I tried holding him but he used one of his hand to hold me back and continued pu-lling himself into me but it wasn’t easy at all.
He continued doing that until I felt my hy-men break.
I opened my mouth and g@sped for air.
The pains were killing me.
He continued moving in and after a while he st©pped and started thrû-sting into me.
I screamed again as the pains bec@m£ unbearable.
“St©p..plea-se”I sobbe-d and screamed.
He continued thrû-sting into me fast as if punishing me.
Of course, he was punishing me but does it have to be this ha-rd ?
I continued sobbing and screaming helplessly as he did his thing without pity.
After about an hour he re-leased into me and stood up.
My voice has before dry from shouting.
I turned and managed to close my legs as he wore his trou-ser.
He finished wearing his clothes and without a second glance left the room.
I continued crying as the realization hit me again.
I am no longer a vir-gin.
Episode 6

Mabel’s POV
I continued crying as I remembered all the plans I had for myself.
Its hurts. Its really hurt.
I stood up from the be-d after a while and went into the toilet inside the room.
I wash myself up and wore back my clothes.
I looked at the stained duvet.
No, I can’t leave the duvet like this. I re-moved the two duvet from the be-d and washed them clean in the toilet.
I knocked on the door and it opened.
“Here, you can spre-ad it outside” I said to one of the boys guarding the door and he collected it reluctantly.
They locked the door and I went to lie down back on the be-d.
My legs were hurting like hell especially my V area but I still managed it.
So its obvious his taking me as his se-x slave.
Is this how am going to live my life forever?
Gettingfu-ck*d every time.
I sighed as I curled myself up properly and I felt someone unlocking the door after some minutes.
I sat up and took my eyes to the door.
The door opened and one of the boys I’ve never seen before walked in with a tray of covered meal.
He dropped the food by the be-dside and starred at me with pity.
He sighed and left without uttering a word.
I hastily opened the meal and there was vegetable sauce and rice with chicken l@ps.
I g@sped as my mouth fell open.
What?? Are they really giving this to me?
There was also a jug of water alongside a cu-p in the tray.
I kept the meal cover aside and started devouring the meal.
Damn! I’mfu-ck*ng hungry.
I continued eating non st©p as I li-cked my f!ngers.
The meal is really delicious.
Hmm I wonder if Bella has had anything to eat.
I just wish I can share this with her if she hasn’t.
I drank little bit of water and continued devouring the meal and soon I was done.
I heaved heavily as I regained back my energy.
The door opened almost immediately I had finished eating and one the boys standing outside c@m£ in and took the tray away.
How did they…Are they perhaps watching me throu-gh a c@m£ra or something.
I stood up and looked around the room but didn’t see anything that likes like c@m£ra.
Hmm that’s weird.
The door opened when I was standing and one of the boys standing outside c@m£ in with two new duvet.
He dropped it on the be-d and without a word left.
I went to the be-d and arranged the duvet properly then stood up to have a better view of the room.
What? There is a television here?
I didn’t no.
I sat down on the floor as I took the remote up and turned on the television..
Kelvin’s POV
I watched her every movement from the computer.
I had fixed a tiny c@m£ra in that room to watch her.
Hmm what exactly am I going to do with her?
Should I sell her or keep her for myself?
Can’t really believe she was a vir-gin. Like I’ve never seen a girl her age been a vir-gin?
And I must admit that I enjoyed scre-wing her.
That’s it. I’m keeping her for myself.
I can’t let such sweet things sl!pout of my hands.