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Episode 39
Mabel’s POV
“I.. I’ll keep the baby” I finally replied and i heard him sigh.
“Are you sure?” He asked in a calm voice I nodded.
“You’re sure you wanna be a mom at your age?” He asked again and I nodded.
“Um..okay then. Its a nice decision” he cooed and stood up.
“I’ll be back” he said and left.
I sighed and looked down at my tummy.
I ru-bbe-d my tummy with my hand and recalled what happened the previous night.
Flashback to the previous night.
I la-id down on my be-d trying to get my mind off everything that’s happening and catch some sleep.
I was about dozing off before the door cracked open and a figure got in.
Due to the cracks I sat up to see who entered.
“Who is there?” I asked because everywhere was dark and I couldn’t see the figure’s face.
“Who are you?” I asked again in fright.
“Its me” I heard a familiar voice reply closely.
“Dennis?” I called surprised as he sat down on the be-d beside me tho everywhere was still dark.
“Dennis, what are you doing here? Turns the lights on” I beckoned on him.
“No, I can’t do that just listen to me for a few secs plea-se” he begged.
“Um..okay” I shrugged.
“Why are you here?”
“Kelvin’s father s£nt me to you” he retorted.
“Kelvin’s father? I don’t no him and why will he s£nd you to me?” I asked immediately.
“He wants you to keep the baby even if Kelvin tries to make you ab-ort it” he explained.
“Um..okay..but why?” I asked wanting to un-derstand the situation.
“Kelvin is his only son and Kelvin doesn’t wanna take over his companies so his father is desperate for a grandchild so even if he dies and Kelvin still refuses the companies his grandchild will take over the companies instead” he explained.
“Oh. But its weird. Why is Kelvin refusing to run his dad’s company, I mean that’s a great offer” I inquired.
“Well, Kelvin doesn’t like his father maybe you’ll un-derstand along the line but you’ve got to keep the baby because its Kelvin’s father’s hope.”
“A second hope” Dennis said.
“And, he’ll make you wealthy like he’ll grant any of your wishes just keep the baby” he added and I looked at him in silence.
“I’ll think about it” I reluctantly replied and heard him sigh.
“plea-se just do it for the old man okay. I’ll get going before Kelvin catches me here” he said standing up.
“Alright bye” I coed as he left the ward.
Kelvin’s POV.
Still the previous night.
I watched and listened to every of their conversation.
I can’t believe dad s£nt Dennis to watch me.
As he c@m£ out of the ward i stood on his way blocking him.
“Um..kel, Kelvin” he muttered nervously.
“We nee-d to talk” I uttered coldly and started walking away from Mabel’s ward while he followed.
The hospital was very quite so I took him to the garage.
“What’s the meaning of this?”
“The club, the restaurant and now here.”
“Have you been working me for my father, watching my every move?”
“Is that why you c@m£ over to see me? You were actually testing me weren’t you?” I gro-an ed and he ruffed his hair.
“I don’t no what you’re talking about Kelvin. I just c@m£ to see Mabel and know how she is.”
“I visited cause I wanted to and ran into her at the mall and decided to have lunch with her, its not a big deal kel” he retorted and I almost gr@bb£d his n£¢k but controlled myself.
“Why am not killing you right now is because of how close you are to us Dennis. I’m not a fool I know you’re lying alright” I hushed.
“You’re totally mistaking it kel, see I’m just happy you got a first girlfriend so…”
“Shut thefu-ck up” I snapped cutting him off.
“You no what she is to me. Since you’ve been watching us you everything so quit pretending” I rasped.
“I know you’re loyal to my father but don’t let him make me do things I don’t wanna do for old time sake. I’m not the Kelvin you used to know” I warned and turned to leave but his voice st©pped me.
“And so what Kelvin? The old man is trying to gain your forgiveness but you always push him away with your attitude.”
“That old manfu-ck*ng loves you more than he loves himself and his only looking after you.”
“Is it a crime for a father to love his own son? To want his son to be a honourable and well respected man?”
“Hell no. I think its high time you st©p treating him that way alright” he retorted from where he was.
I didn’t turn back to spare him a glance after his bitter speech but left for Mabel instead.
I don’t want to get more enraged tonight.
Flashback ends.
Back to pres£nt day.
Mabel’s POV
Kelvin and I sat down side by side in his SUV as the driver ignited the engine and drove off.
I got discharged few minutes ago and I guess we’re heading to his lake house now.
One of the many reasons I kept the baby was that I couldn’t bring myself to murder my own child tho its hasn’t turned to one yet.
I couldn’t do it.
The second reason was that I’ve learnt to accept whatever happens to me and the last reason was because of Dennis and Kelvin’s father.
But notwithstanding I could have kept my baby without Dennis showing up last night.
I turned and starred at Kelvin as he hasn’t said anything for a long time.
That’s the way he is but I was expecting him to say something.
Since he no longer speak to me harshly I guess his changing because of the child.
I’m no longer scared of him like before and I’ve suddenly started seeing the other side of him.
Well, I hope this side of him lasts longer.
Episode 40

Mabel’s POV
We got home minutes later and Kelvin followed me into my room.
We got in and I was expecting him to turn back and leave but no, he didn’t.
He c@m£ behind me and loos£n my go-wn and it fell freely from my b©dy.
Funny enough I’m not scared of se-x with him since the last time.
But wait, is he seriously gonna have se-x with me today?
But, I just returned from the hospital.
He loos£n my br@ and r!pp£dmy p@n-t out.
“You should freshen up” he said in a voice that sounds like a whisper.
“Come” he held me and took me into the shower.
He mixed my bath adding flowers and all to my bath water.
I just stood watching him and after he was done he beckoned on me to get into the tub.
I did and started bathing with the lukewarm water.
He left the bathroom and I spent time bathing.
After about an hour I c@m£ out and found him still in the room.
I was clad in only towel now.
I ignored his pres£nce and went into my closet to find something to wear.
I put on a long free go-wn and sat in front of the mirror to apply lotion.
I could feel his gaze on me the whole time.
As if he was monitoring me.
I finished applying the lotion and next I brushed my hair.
While I was on it I caught his eyes throu-gh the mirror.
I paused for a moment and starred at him back.
My heart beat suddenly increa-sed as we kept starring at each other without a word.
I don’t no but I couldn’t bring myself to look away.
Its was as if my b©dy and heart wanted to stare at him all day.
That is strange. Really strange.
A knock c@m£ at the door distracting us from ourselves.
“Sir, a message arrived for you” a voice spoke from outside and he stood up and left immediately.
I placed my hands on my che-st feeling my heart beat which was returning back to normal.
Hmm strange.
Kelvin’s POV
“What is it Luke?” I asked starring intensely at him.
Why does he have to distract me from her?
“Sir, its really urgent. Its a message from the drug lord.”
“I think his waging war against you. Saying you treated him like dirt the last time you were together” he explained hastily handing a note to me.
I stretched out my hand and collected the white piece of paper.
I unfolded it and re-ad the content.
“Bastards!!” I gro-an ed and threw the paper on the floor.
How dare he? He thinks he has grown little wings?
He has a lot of people now serving him he thinks he can defeat me.
I fisted my hand and went to my study.
Nickolas and Dragon. I’ll show em both that I’ve been in this game for long.
Imagine ganging up on me.
They are just fools – old fools.
I sat down on my sit and picked up my telephone dialing few digits on it.
☎I nee-d you here by tomorrow Fred, I gro-an ed into the telephone and kept it back.
Because I st©pped trafficking doesn’t make me a weakling.
Those old fools will pay for ever trying to gang up against me and they’ll pay with their lives.
Its been long I killed someone. I think I nee-d to splice off a few heads so the others will no who the boss is.
“Luke!$ I yelped and he c@m£ running.
“Where are the boys?” I demanded.
“Sir, they are still on Rick’s tail” he replied.
“Tell them to leave that for now. We are matching to Nickolas and dragon’s place tomorrow and we’ll splice off their heads then after that we come back to Rick’s case” I instructed.
“Yes Sir” he replied and left almost immediately.
Nicholas’s POV
The man Bella is sold to.
“Dragon, are you sure we’ll win this? I’m sure Kelvin must be fuming with rage gathering up his men re-ady to attack us” I said to him.
“Well yes, but if we perhaps loss to him he won’t be able to still kill us” he retorted.
“How are you so sure? Kelvin is no mercy guy. As young as he is his heart is cold and dark” I inquired.
“Well, that’s why we have spies in his house. One of our spies informed us that his head over heels for the girl that’s supposedly his girlfriend.”
“Once Kelvin matches out to us the guards there will dramatically reduce giving us an upper hand to get the girl and use her as bet. I even heard she’s pregnant for him” he explained.
“What if he acts stubborn?” I asked.
“Well, we kill the girl alongside his child which will buy us time to escape from him” he replied.
“Come on, how will that buy us time?” I asked in doubts.
“Just be at alert, you’ll see how it’ll happen and beside I don’t think he’ll prove stubborn considering the fact that she’s the only woman in his heart and live” he explained and I nodded.
“I’m trusting you on this dragon. I’ve waged war against him alre-ady so you should do all in your power to make us win.”
“I nee-d to be the most powerful and most feared” I cooed smiling to myself.
“Yea everything is set so you don’t have to worry cause victory is ours.”
“I can as-sure that Kelvin’s head will be hanging on a spike tomorrow” he grinned and we both laughed.
End of season 1
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