His favorite Episode 37 & 38

(He owns her)
Episode 37

Kelvin’s POV
I hurried up outside and got into the car I arrived with.
I drove with full speed and soon I was at the hospital.
I packed at the garage and hurried up to Seth’s office.
I hope she’s okay. I really hope she’s okay.
I got to Seth’s office and without knocking I pushed the door open to see him sitted on his sit.
“How is she? Is she okay?” I asked in a quic-k breath.
“Sit Kelvin, sit.”
“I’m not in the mood to sit Seth plea-se tell me if she’s okay” i gro-an ed.
“Well, she’s out of danger now but there is something important you nee-d to no” he replied ma-king my heart jump.
“What is it? You just said she’s okay so what now?” I asked unable to control in anxiousness and fear in me.
“We found out that she’s two weeks pregnant” he spilled the beans after a while.
My heart beat st©pped for a while as I tried to comprehend the word pregnant.
“Pre..pregnant?” I muttered un-der my breathe but he heard it.
“Yes Kelvin, she’s pregnant” he confirmed and I found my a*s sitting down.
My mind bec@m£ muzzy as I starred at him dumbfounded.
“Kelvin!!” He called tou-ching me.
“Um..yes” I j£rked coming back to reality.
“Well, she was fed with a poisonous substance.”
“But, she is saved anyways and will wake up anytime from now so I advice you stay around her in case she nee-ds anything.”
I nodded slowly and got up from the sit I was sitting on.
The word pregnant kept resounding in my head.
I made for the ward she was transferred to after her operation and saw her slee-ping peacefully.
Its no dream Kelvin.
She’s pregnant. She’s pregnant for you. Your first child and blood, my inner mind spoke to me as I starred at her throu-gh the glas-s door.
Oh God!
Rick’s POV
Oh $h!t!
Double $h!t!!
How did Kelvin that bastard find her?
I was the one that was supposed to find and save her.
I plan on taking her out of the hospital after that but damn my plans got ruined.
He was supposed to leave for the conference meeting but he poked his silly nose into her business.
fuc-k Kelvin! His dogs are looking for me.
Oh gosh I nee-d a safe place to hide for the mean time before thinking of what next to do.
Mabel’s POV
I managed to open my eye lid and the first thing my eyes caught was the white ceiling.
But this is not my room. It doesn’t look like my room.
I managed to sit up but couldn’t.
I t©uçhed my head because it felt so heavy.
Ouch! I gro-an ed and recalled what happened.
My che-st.
My throat.
The white substance I vomited.
Geez. What was that?
The ward door opened and that guard that’s always following me – the male guard c@m£ in.
His eyes wi-de-ned and he picked out his phone and dialed someone’s line.
It can only be Kelvin that his calling.
He ended the call and walked closer to me.
“Miss, how are you feeling?” He asked but I couldn’t reply immediately.
I was finding it ha-rd to talk.
The ward door opened and Kelvin appeared.
The guard left as Kelvin walked closer to me.
“Hey” he cooed his eyes flashing with happiness.
“H…hi” I managed to mutter.
I made to sit up again cause I wasn’t comfortable lying down and talking but he st©pped me.
“Lie, you nee-d a lot of rest” he said calmly.
I starred at him as he sat down on the be-d also starring at me.
“How are you feeling?” He inquired.
“I’m..I’m okay” he mouthed and he sighed and didn’t say anything for a very long time ma-king me feel nervous.
I mean I wanted to no the thing wrong with me. Why I pas-sed out and all.
“Um..”I heard him say and as he raised my eyes and starred into mine de-eply.
“I think” he continued.
“I think I’ll explain things to you later” he said and I could see nervousness in him.
Hmm his nervous. Something I’ve never seen but why?
Why is he like that? Is something wrong with me? I wondered but couldn’t say anything to him.
“You nee-d to eat first” he added and stood up.
“I’ll be back” then he opened the ward door, spared me a second glance and left.
Kelvin’s POV
I don’t no but I couldn’t break the news to her.
I know she’s anxious and eager to hear it but I couldn’t.
I just suddenly felt weak.
The pregnancy. I’m I happy or sad that’s she pregnant?
I’m definitely happy but this feelings are really strange.
I’ve never imagined a kid calling me daddy before, I thought and chuckled.
Well, I guess I’ll have to embr@ce the feelings and all.
I left for the hospital canteen and bought a lot of healthy food for her.
And left for her ward.
I got to her ward in no time and she was still awake.
I helped her sit up and watched her eat.
“Mabel” I called before I could st©p myself.
I just felt she has the right to no about what’s going on in her own b©dy.
“You’re pregnant” I blurted out and the spoon she was holding fell from her hand.
“What??” She asked in shock.
Episode 38

Mabel’s POV
“I’m preg…pregnant?” I asked unbelievably and he nodded gently.
I g@sped and placed my hand on my che-st.
Oh my! That’s the reason for his nervousness.
I should have expected this a long time ago. He has se-x with me without any form of protec-tion and doesn’t give me pregnancy control pill after se-x either.
I took my eyes away from him and starred down at my tummy.
So, there is a live growing in here? I thought to myself and took my second hand to t©uçh it.
“For how long? How long have I been pregnant?” I asked and took my eyes to his.
“Two weeks” he muttered and I blinked back the tears trying to spill from my eyes.
Oh God! Is this for real?
“Keep eating, you nee-d it” he said warmly and I nodded slowly and gr@bb£d the spoon which fell off my hand and started eating in tears.
I don’t no but am I supposed to be happy?
I’m pregnant for a man who doesn’t love me at all.
A man who is just using me as a se-x toy.
A dangerous trafficker.
I g@sped and folded myl-ips to prevent me from crying further.
He kept starring at me without a word as I continued eating.
I’ve totally lost my appetite but what to do?
I finished eating after a long time and drank a little water and the bottle of liquid milk.
He took the dishes away probably to throw them out leaving me to my thoughts.
I never imagined getting pregnant by now.
What will mom say if she finds out?
I should have known that this was bound to happen.
But, why wasn’t he using any protec-tion or pills on me?
I know his intelligent enough to know it’ll result to this but why didn’t he avoid it?
Or was he planning on getting me pregnant?
Or didn’t he think of that?
Oh lord! I g@sped lightly and held my temples.
The door cracked up and he showed up.
“You’ll be getting discharged tomorrow” he announced coming closer to the be-d.
He got really close and st©p.
“Before we live do you wanna keep it? I mean the pregnancy” He asked and I raised my eyes to his.
Is he really asking me that?
His giving me options?
His asking me to decide?
“I don’t no” I mouthed and took my eyes back to my tummy which I’ve been starring at.
I heard him sigh and he sat on the be-d close to me.
He got hold of my hand and fondled it.
“Think about it. We’ll do whatever you want.”
“So, before you get discharged tomorrow I wanna hear your answers” he coed and I nodded in affirmation.
He took his hand to my hair and patted it backward.
“Get some sleep” he added and k!$$£d my fore head then vanished afterwards.
Dennison’s POV
“Sir, I’ve got a report that Mabel was rushed to the hospital from one of the spies there.”
“I heard Kelvin was really mad.”
“He almost killed two workers there.”
“He asked which of them poisoned Mabel but what I don’t get is why she got poisoned.”
“Well, I tracked him to his pri-vate hospital and get the news that she’s two weeks pregnant” I announced and his eyes wi-de-ned.
He stood up from his sit immediately.
“You mean…you mean the lady is pregnant? Pregnant for my son?” He asked happiness clearly written in his face.
“Yes sir” I replied and he g@sped.
“Oh my! Finally.”
“This is what I’ve been expecting now who the hell poisoned my daughter in law?”
“I must get hold of that person, that poison could have killed my grandson and his mother” he said fisting his hand.
“Your grandson?” I asked to be sure that I heard him right.
“Yes, my grandson” he confirmed and I chuckled.
“How do you no its a boy? And beside the pregnancy is just two weeks old. Do you think Kelvin will want to keep the baby?” I asked and he turned to me speedily.
“Oh my! That’s true.”
“That boy may want my grandson ab-orted.”
“Kelvin, you nee-d to do something for me real fast” he said in a very serious tone.
“Go conceive him to keep the baby, go conceive him, he urged.
“Well, I can’t because Kelvin is currently angry with me and won’t listen to me” I replied.
“What of the lady? Go conceive her to keep the baby.”
“Tell her I’ll pay her any amount she wants and take her to any level she wants to go” he continued.
“Um….but..okay I will tomorrow” I replied but he nodded negatively.
“No no, you have to tell her this night. Who knows he might f0rç£ her to ab-ort it in the morning.”
“Gosh I can’t loss my grandson” he said almost pleading and I nodded and left.
Kelvin’s father is the one that helped me become who I am today.
I’m like his second son tho I have my own family.
The things he has done for me can’t be repaid back even if I give my life to him.
So, I try my best to plea-se him in anyway he likes.
Beside this is a small thing.
Next day.
Mabel’s POV
Kelvin walked into the ward room which is a VIP one precisely and sat down on the be-d facing me.
“So what’s it gonna be?” He asked starring at me keenly.
I ru-bbe-d my palms together and starred back at him.
“Are you keeping the baby?” He asked ma-king me anxious and nervous at the same time.
I took my eyes to his.
“Are you?” He asked for the third time and I gulped ha-rd .