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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His favorite Episode 35 & 36

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(He owns her)

Episode 35




Kelvin’s POV
“Are you okay” I snapped and yanked her hands away but she wasn’t giving up.

She took her hand again to my trouser then not wanting to create much attention by straggling her dead there I stood up on my feet and started pulling her with me outside.

We got outside and I tighten my grip on her hand and slammed her on the wall.

“In your next life, don’t ever dare do what you did” I groaned and fixed my hand on her neck straggling her there.

She started gasping for air but who cares.

“Pl….please..I..I…i..was..was…told..t..to..do..this” I heard her say and I loosen my grip on her neck.


She fell on the floor and coughed real hard. She was panting heavily.

“Answer me bit*h” I growled.

“Its..its that man that was with you” she replied and began sobbing but I still didn’t get her.

I got hold of her hair and pulled her up.

“Which man?” I snarled.

“I..think his your friend, the one standing beside you sir” she shuddered.

“Why did he tell you to seduce me? Why??” I snarled again.

“I don’t no sir” she answered and squeaked.

I left her hair and stood backing her with my hands inserted into my trouser pockets.

“Dennis, is this why you called me here?” I thought to myself and turned back but

couldn’t find the bit*h there again.

Seems she left.

I shrugged my shoulder and went into the club back to look for Dennis but couldn’t find him.

He has a lot of explanations to do once i get him.

I drove back to my lake house and packed in the garage.

Its quite late already so I decided to check up on Mabel.

Well, it’s not something I use to do but felt like doing it.

I got to her door and Luke greeted me.

I opened the door slowly and got in to see her already asleep.

I closed the door behind me and went closer to her bed.

I stood for a minute watching her while thinking.

I don’t really know but I can’t afford to loss her.

I exhaled deeply and sat on the edge of her bed.

I took my hand to her hair and removed the hair covering her face.

I don’t no what I can do and the level I can go to kill anyone that messes with her but I no I can definitely kill a lot.

I chuckled at the thought and stood up.

I must have gone crazy.

Well, let’s say I’m selfish.

I want her only for myself from the first day I saw her.

She’s really beautiful and just her body, it makes me loss my senses.

So, I’ll definitely kill any mother f**k*r I see close to her or the one even drooling at her from afar.

I turned back and made for the door.

As I was about to unlock the door she woke up.

She looked scared on seeing


But, I really don’t need her to be scared of me. I just need her by my side.

“Go back to sleep” I mouthed and left immediately.

Mabel’s POV
Huh! How did he get in here?

Has he been here for long? I thought and dismissed the thoughts and went back to sleep.

I’m really sleepy even tho I slept in the afternoon.

Gosh I just don’t no but I’ve been sleeping a lot.


Next morning.

Rick’s POV

I prepared a very delicious meal for Mabel and added something inside.

You’ll find out what I added later but now I need this to work.

I really need it to work.

Minutes later the maids carried the meal and served them.

I watched from afar as Mabel started eating slowly.

A smile crept up my face as I imagined my plans working.

I heard Kelvin will be attending a conference soon so its a perfect opportunity for me.

Mabel’s POV

This meal is really and damn delicious.

Gosh I can’t believe a guy actually cooked this.

No wonder Kelvin hired him.

I ate the food hungrily and soon I was done.

I stood up and left the dinning afterwards and surprisedly Kelvin didn’t say a word or stop me.

His a real muff.

I went into my room to relax.

Kelvin said the Jessica bit*h will take me around this environment since it didn’t happen yesterday so i just have to rest for a while.

I laid down and closed my eyes to sleep but suddenly felt a sharp pain in my chest.

I took my palm to my chest and started rubbing it.

I sat up on the bed when it was becoming too much.

What the hell?

My throat down to my breast level is on fire.

I stood up and reached for the door but fell down on the floor.

What..is..what is happening to me?

I held my throat tightly because I was choking on nothing.

Soon I vomited out whitish substance.

What? I looked at my hand in which I have vomited in and closed my eyes slowly then blacked out.



Episode 36


Kelvin’s POV
I was done with the meal and left for my room to pick up my suite jacket.

I got to my room and picked up the jacket and headed out.

Since dad has handed his companies to me I needed to attend the conference that is for companies and organization owners.

I got outside and remembered that I needed a tie.

I exhaled and left for my room. I got hold of a tie and was about leaving when my eyes caught the computer.

Mabel immediately came to my mind.

Well, there is no harm in checking up on her before I leave.

I sat down on the desk and turned the computer on.

It displayed her room and I saw her lying on the cold floor.

Why is she like that?

I played back the previous event that happened and my eyes widened.

I immediately left my room running as fast as I can to hers.

I pushed open the door and got in.

“Mab…Mabel” I called faintly and squatted down to her.

I carried her and placed her head on my knees.

What the f**k!

“Luke! F**k call the ambulance” I shrieked.

What is it?

Her body temperature was turning hot and cold at intervals.


Please just open your eyes.

The nurses took her into the operating room and I stood outside with my hand sank into my hair.

What happened in her room kept replaying in her head.

She was holding her chest and her throat firmly.

What could be wrong?

I removed my hands from my hair and held my temples instead.

The doctors appeared and rushed into the operating room.

I’m damn restless.

What was that?

I can’t get my mind off the video.

“Luke” I growled.

“Yes” he answered and ran to me.

“Did you hear her scream?” I questioned.

“No sir, I didn’t hear anything” he with replied with a cracked up voice.

“Pray nothing happens to her or else…just pray nothing happens to her” I growled again and left for my car.

I don’t no much but I think she suffered from poisoning.

The way she held her chest and her throat.

She was poisoned but I don’t no how.

I’ll definitely kill the person that poisoned her.

The only thing she had this morning was breakfast which was prepared by Rick.

Why will that bastard poison her?

I went to my car and got in.

I ignited the engine and drove with full speed home.

I’m really angry. I can’t wait to let out my anger on someone or some people.

I ignored all the traffic signs and in no time I packed in my garage.

I got out of the car and didn’t bother to close the door back.

I got into the sitting room boiling seriously.

I wish I’m with a gun so I’ll kill everyone.

I fisted my hand tightly breathing really fast.

A maid appeared from the kitchen and made to walk pass but I grabbed her and tightened my hands on her neck.

“Where is that bastard?” I snapped.

“Where is he??” I asked again but she couldn’t say a word because my hands were on her neck.

Another maid appeared from behind and gasped.

“S..sir” she shuddered and fell on her knees.

I left the one I was holding and faced her.

“Where is Rick? Where is that bastard??” I thundered.

“Sir, he left a while ago please have mercy” she shook.

By now all the workers in the house and my boys has all gathered.

I turned to where the boys are.

“Get Rick for me. I’ll kill that bastard and gladly go to prison for it.”

“What are you waiting for morons??” I rasped.

“Go get him for me”I added and they all left.

All the workers were shaking but I don’t care.

“Did any of you have a hand in it? Did any of you help in poisoning her??” I snarled but they all shook their heads negatively.

My breathing became more heavy as I glared daggers at them.

Soon I heard footsteps and turned to see Jessica walking in.

“Bit*h come here” I growled and she came closer.

“Weren’t you supposed to be guarding her idiot??” I screamed and grabbed her neck.

“Weren’t you??” I rasped out.

She tried pulling my hands away from her neck but couldn’t.

My grip was too strong on her.

“Pl…please” she squeaked.


“You are the one that should be lying in the hospital why her?” I shrieked and tightened my grip.

She continued struggling but became weak in after a while.

She was loosing her breath.

My phone vibrated from my pocket and I let go of her.

She fell on the floor and coughed out blood.

I brought out my phone from my pocket and picked the call without looking at the caller.


📱You need to come to the hospital Kelvin, I heard Seth voice.

📱There is news, he added and I disconnected the call and threw the phone on the floor.

Its better be a good news.





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