His favorite Episode 35 & 36

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Episode 35
Kelvin’s POV
“Are you okay” I snapped and yanked her hands away but she wasn’t giving up.
She took her hand again to my trou-ser then not wanting to create much attention by straggling her dead there I stood up on my feet and started pu-lling her with me outside.
We got outside and I ti-ght£ñ my grip on her hand and slammed her on the wall.
“In your next life, don’t ever dare do what you did” I gro-an ed and fixed my hand on her n£¢k straggling her there.
She started g@sping for air but who cares.
“Pl….plea-se..I..I…i..was..was…told..t..to..do..this” I heard her say and I loos£n my grip on her n£¢k.
She fell on the floor and coughed real ha-rd . She was p@n-ting heavily.
“Answer me bit*h” I growled.
“Its..its that man that was with you” she replied and began sobbing but I still didn’t get her.
I got hold of her hair and pu-ll-ed her up.
“Which man?” I snarled.
“I..think his your friend, the one standing beside you sir” she shuddered.
“Why did he tell you to s£dûç£me? Why??” I snarled again.
“I don’t no sir” she answered and squeaked.
I left her hair and stood backing her with my hands inser-ted into my trou-ser pockets.
“Dennis, is this why you called me here?” I thought to myself and turned back but couldn’t find the bit*h there again.
Seems she left.
I shrugged my shoulder and went into the club back to look for Dennis but couldn’t find him.
He has a lot of explanations to do once i get him.
I drove back to my lake house and packed in the garage.
Its quite late alre-ady so I decided to check up on Mabel.
Well, it’s not something I use to do but felt like doing it.
I got to her door and Luke greeted me.
I opened the door slowly and got in to see her alre-ady asleep.
I closed the door behind me and went closer to her be-d.
I stood for a minute watching her while thinking.
I don’t really know but I can’t afford to loss her.
I exhaled de-eply and sat on the edge of her be-d.
I took my hand to her hair and re-moved the hair covering her face.
I don’t no what I can do and the level I can go to kill anyone that messes with her but I no I can definitely kill a lot.
I chuckled at the thought and stood up.
I must have gone crazy.
Well, let’s say I’m selfish.
I want her only for myself from the first day I saw her.
She’s really beautiful and just her b©dy, it makes me loss my s-en-ses.
So, I’ll definitely kill any motherfu-ck*r I see close to her or the one even drooling at her from afar.
I turned back and made for the door.
As I was about to unlock the door she woke up.
She looked scared on seeing me.
But, I really don’t nee-d her to be scared of me. I just nee-d her by my side.
“Go back to sleep” I mouthed and left immediately.
Mabel’s POV
Huh! How did he get in here?
Has he been here for long? I thought and dismissed the thoughts and went back to sleep.
I’m really sleepy even tho I sle-pt in the afternoon.
Gosh I just don’t no but I’ve been slee-ping a lot.
Next morning.
Rick’s POV
I prepared a very delicious meal for Mabel and added something inside.
You’ll find out what I added later but now I nee-d this to work.
I really nee-d it to work.
Minutes later the maids carried the meal and served them.
I watched from afar as Mabel started eating slowly.
A smile crept up my face as I imagined my plans working.
I heard Kelvin will be attending a conference soon so its a perfect opportunity for me.
Mabel’s POV
This meal is really and damn delicious.
Gosh I can’t believe a guy actually cooked this.
No wonder Kelvin hired him.
I ate the food hungrily and soon I was done.
I stood up and left the dinning afterwards and surprisedly Kelvin didn’t say a word or st©p me.
His a real muff.
I went into my room to relax.
Kelvin said the Jessica bit*h will take me around this environment since it didn’t happen yesterday so i just have to rest for a while.
I la-id down and closed my eyes to sleep but suddenly felt a sharp pain in my che-st.
I took my palm to my che-st and started ru-bbing it.
I sat up on the be-d when it was becoming too much.
What the hell?
My throat down to my br£@st level is on fire.
I stood up and reached for the door but fell down on the floor.
What..is..what is happening to me?
I held my throat ti-ghtly because I was choking on nothing.
Soon I vomited out whitish substance.
What? I looked at my hand in which I have vomited in and closed my eyes slowly then blacked out.
Episode 36
Kelvin’s POV
I was done with the meal and left for my room to pick up my suite jacket.
I got to my room and picked up the jacket and headed out.
Since dad has handed his companies to me I nee-ded to attend the conference that is for companies and organization owners.
I got outside and remembered that I nee-ded a tie.
I exhaled and left for my room. I got hold of a tie and was about leaving when my eyes caught the computer.
Mabel immediately c@m£ to my mind.
Well, there is no harm in checking up on her before I leave.
I sat down on the desk and turned the computer on.
It displa-yed her room and I saw her lying on the cold floor.
Why is she like that?
I pla-yed back the previous event that happened and my eyes wi-de-ned.
I immediately left my room running as fast as I can to hers.
I pushed open the door and got in.
“Mab…Mabel” I called faintly and squ-atted down to her.
I carried her and placed her head on my knees.
What thefu-ck!
“Luke!fu-ck call the ambulance” I skrie-ked.
What is it?
Her b©dy temperature was turning h0t and cold at intervals.
plea-se just open your eyes.
The nurses took her into the operating room and I stood outside with my hand sank into my hair.
What happened in her room kept repla-ying in her head.
She was holding her che-st and her throat firmly.
What could be wrong?
I re-moved my hands from my hair and held my temples instead.
The doctors appeared and rushed into the operating room.
I’m damn restless.
What was that?
I can’t get my mind off the video.
“Luke” I growled.
“Yes” he answered and ran to me.
“Did you hear her scream?” I questioned.
“No sir, I didn’t hear anything” he with replied with a cracked up voice.
“Pray nothing happens to her or else…just pray nothing happens to her” I growled again and left for my car.
I don’t no much but I think she suffered from poisoning.
The way she held her che-st and her throat.
She was poisoned but I don’t no how.
I’ll definitely kill the person that poisoned her.
The only thing she had this morning was breakfast which was prepared by Rick.
Why will that bastard poison her?
I went to my car and got in.
I ignited the engine and drove with full speed home.
I’m really angry. I can’t wait to let out my anger on someone or some people.
I ignored all the traffic signs and in no time I packed in my garage.
I got out of the car and didn’t bother to close the door back.
I got into the sitting room boiling seriously.
I wish I’m with a gun so I’ll kill everyone.
I fisted my hand ti-ghtly breathing really fast.
A maid appeared from the kitchen and made to walk pas-s but I gr@bb£d her and ti-ght£ñed my hands on her n£¢k.
“Where is that bastard?” I snapped.
“Where is he??” I asked again but she couldn’t say a word because my hands were on her n£¢k.
Another maid appeared from behind and g@sped.
“S..sir” she shuddered and fell on her knees.
I left the one I was holding and faced her.
“Where is Rick? Where is that bastard??” I thun-dered.
“Sir, he left a while ago plea-se have mercy” she shook.
By now all the workers in the house and my boys has all gathered.
I turned to where the boys are.
“Get Rick for me. I’ll kill that bastard and gladly go to prison for it.”
“What are you waiting for morons??” I rasped.
“Go get him for me”I added and they all left.
All the workers were shaking but I don’t care.
“Did any of you have a hand in it? Did any of you help in poisoning her??” I snarled but they all shook their heads negatively.
My breathing bec@m£ more heavy as I glared daggers at them.
Soon I heard footsteps and turned to see Jessica walking in.
“Bit*h come here” I growled and she c@m£ closer.
“Weren’t you supposed to be guarding her idiot??” I screamed and gr@bb£d her n£¢k.
“Weren’t you??” I rasped out.
She tried pu-lling my hands away from her n£¢k but couldn’t.
My grip was too strong on her.
“Pl…plea-se” she squeaked.
“You are the one that should be lying in the hospital why her?” I skrie-ked and ti-ght£ñed my grip.
She continued struggling but bec@m£ weak in after a while.
She was loosing her breath.
My phone vibr@ted from my pocket and I let go of her.
She fell on the floor and coughed out blood.
I brou-ght out my phone from my pocket and picked the call without looking at the caller.
📱You nee-d to come to the hospital Kelvin, I heard Seth voice.
📱There is news, he added and I disconnected the call and threw the phone on the floor.
Its better be a good news.