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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His favorite Episode 33 & 34

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(He owns her)

Episode 33


Mabel’s POV
I gulped down nothing and looked at Dennis for support but he didn’t make any move.

Kelvin took a step closer when he noticed that everyone was now starring at us.

“Oh I forgot that you’ll be here baby” he said softly and pecked me on the cheek.

Well, I wasn’t too surprised cause we are in the public.

“Go home now” he whispered only to my hearing and I nodded and left immediately.

Hah! Thank goodness.

He has saved me from Dennis interrogation.

For hours later I got home feeling uneasy.

Does it mean Dennis didn’t inform him.

Kelvin’s POV
I rounded up my meeting with dad’s business partner but couldn’t find Dennis anymore.

That guy is really crossing his boundary.

I got into my car and drove home fast.

I got down from my car and headed straight to Mabel’s room.

She has a lot of explanations to do.

I opened the door which wasn’t locked and got in but couldn’t find her.

I heard running water in the bathroom and guessed she’s in there.

I chuckled and loosen my tie.

“Mabel” I called and removed the tie completely from my neck on threw it on the floor.

She appeared from the bathroom with a towel tied around her body and her hair dripping wet.

Making her extraordinary pretty.

A smile broke out from the

corner of my lips as I approached her.

She stood starring at the floor as I did.

“Today must be a good day, don’t you think?” I muttered to her hearing.

“You’ve just saved yourself from my anger” I cooed and reached for her hair.

She stayed still and continued starring at the floor.

I think I have an idea of how to fully calm down.

I pushed or pulled her into the bathroom back.

And loosen her towel making it fall freely from her body.

For the first time I engulfed her lips in a sweet hot kiss.

I don’t do that often but did it today anyways.

After a while she responded to the kiss and I made her lean on the closet island.

I took her hands to my shirt so she could unbuckle my shirt and seems she learned quick cause she started unbuckling my skirt without delays.

Soon my skirt was off my shoulder leaving me with just my trouser.

I stopped kissing her and took my lips to her nipples giving her tiny slow bites.

Mabel’s POV
The moment his lips touched my nipples I closed my eyes real tight.

The pleasure is just too much.

He continued s**king and biting my nipples and after a while he stopped.

I opened my eyes and looked at him wondering why he suddenly stopped.

He started losing his belt and soon his trouser was off leaving him with only boxers.

He made me come down and beckoned on me to go down on my knees.

I didn’t really understand what he was doing but I obeyed


And next he brought out his d**k from his boxers and my eyes widened in shock.

His d**k was pointing at my face and I kept starring at it not knowing what to do.

When he noticed my confused state he made me open my mouth and he inserted his d**k deep into my mouth.

I chocked immediately realizing he wanted a blowjob.

I’ve never done this before.


I stayed still with his d**k in my mouth.

“Come on mab, don’t just stay still” I heard him groan and I blinked my eyes repeatedly and started sucking his d**k.

I did that for a while finding it a bit gross.

He made me stop and turned me to back him.

He inserted his d**k into my p***y from the back and my eyes widened.

Oh my!

I didn’t feel the severe pains I normally feel before but it was still there.

He started thrusting into me from the back with speed and I didn’t realize when I started moaning.

He thrusts into me for a while and stopped.

Then he carried me and placed me back on the island making my back press hard against the mirror behind us.

I wrapped my legs around his torso and he turned on the shower to face us.

The shower started running baptizing us with water.

He started thrusting into me again and I unconsciously wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled him closer as he s**ked on my nipples as well.

I closed my eyes moaning loudly.

His moans and mine filled the bathroom and am sure if people were in the room they’ll hear it as well.

After a while he released into me and pulled out tiredly.

Gosh I am damn tired.

I held onto the island as I breathed out heavily.

It gets sweeter each day.

Jessica’s POV

I stayed outside the tiny bit*h door as I listened to their moans.

Gosh I really need to get Kelvin to love me.

I only have few days to do that.

But this bit*h is making it hard for me.

Their moans are really annoying.

Gosh what a bit*h.

I turned to leave but boomed into someone.

I rolled my eyes at him and left angrily.

I need a good plan on how to get him.


Episode 34


Few hours later.

Mabel’s POV
I laid on the bed tiredly and recalled what happened hours ago.

Hmm not to lie but I enjoyed every bit of it today.

I turned on the bed again and a knock came at the door.

I sat up on the bed immediately.

“Who is it?” I inquired but got no reply so I decided to be check.

Could it be the guard?

I opened the door and popped out my head and saw Rick.

“Rick” I called in a whisper.

I looked down and saw the bodyguard sleeping and snoring heavily.

“Oh my! Rick what did you do to him?”

He pushed the door open and came in.

“Rick” I called again.

“What did you do to the guard?” I asked but instead he shut the door and turned to me.

“He is sleeping” he answered.

“How come he fell asleep?”

“Well, he just did” he retorted.

“Um..mab, have you made up your mind yet?” He inquired.

“About what?” I asked obviously confused.

“About going away with me” he answered and I frowned.

“I don’t want to” I replied.

“Why? You don’t love him, do you?” He asked coming closer to me.

“And who told you, I don’t? Of course I do” I answered and he stopped walking closer to me.

“You do? How? Why?” He asked in one breathe.

“Well, I just do so please leave before Kelvin catches you here” I cooed and walked up to my bed.

He stood there for a while without saying a word and finally left slamming the door behind him.

I scoffed and shook my head.

What in the world is he even thinking?

I laid down back and closed my eyes to sleep since I don’t have anything to do.

Rick’s POV
I got out of Mabel’s room in anger.

Why is she proving so stubborn?

She loves him?

That’s impossible. I know when someone loves someone and she doesn’t love him but why is she hell bent on staying with him?

Is it because his handsome or what?

I mean I’m also handsome, aren’t I?

I stood still for a while and my mind flashed back to the lady Kelvin brought in to be Mabel’s guard.

She seems not to like Mabel.

Maybe she likes Kelvin.

Hmm if its true everything is gonna be super easy for me.

In no time am getting mab all to myself.

My face curled up in a smug and I left the corridor for my room.

Next day.

Dennison’s POV

“Sir, I got nothing. Kelvin appeared just in time to ruin everything.”

“Kelvin is really hiding her and I think she’s a little scared of him.”

“With what I’ve seen so far she can’t do anything without his approval.”

“Hmm, but aren’t they dating?” Sir Lewis, Kelvin’s father asked me.

“Yes they are but I think its just a cover up. I don’t think they are really dating sir” I answered.

“But he’s really over protective of her like his scared of losing or something” I added and he nodded.

“So he likes her?” He asked.

“Ah..I think so but you know your son well, he’ll never let the feelings show.”

“He’ll try kicking it out by all means but I don’t think its working this time around” I explained.

“So have you tested him with other ladies?”

“I mean we have to be sure he really likes her before making our next move, isn’t it?” He inquired.

“Of course sir, I’ll call him out to club tonight and secretly pay a s**t to seduce him.”

“Hmm alright, I don’t want him suspecting anything alright?”

“Of course sir” I replied and bowed slightly then left his office.

I got outside and dialed Kelvin’s line and he picked up at the second to the last ring.

📱Kelvin, I really have an important stuff to discuss with you. Meet you at the old time club tonight.

I cut the call before he’ll reply.

If I allow him speak he’ll definitely reject so I don’t usually wait to hear his reply.

Now. Let’s put the great Kelvin to test and see if he truly loves this Mabel that his over protective of.

At night.

Kelvin’s POV

I dressed up real good and got outside to the garage and got into one of my cars.

I don’t understand this Dennis this days.

Imagine giving me orders.

Well, this will definitely be the last time.

I drove for a long time and finally arrived the club.

Its been quite long I’ve been here.

The club is still as lively as always.

I got closer and saw Dennis already at the entrance.

He didn’t wait for me to get closer before getting fully into the clubs.

I got into the club after him and as usual stripper were all over the place.

I sighted Dennis at the bartender stand and went up to him.

“Hi Kelvin, I’ve been waiting for you” he half yelled due to the loud music and poured himself a drink.

I looked at him but didn’t reply him.

I signalled the bartender to give me a drink and I sat down on one of the stools placed there.

The bartender offered me a mixed drink and I sipped from it.

“So, how is it with Mabel?” He half yelled again but I didn’t reply him.

Soon a stripper that’s almost narked showed up and surprisedly collected my drink and sipped from it.

Dennis vanished immediately the stripper showed up.

I waved the stripper away but it seems like she didn’t get me at all.

“Baby calm down, its gonna be a long night” she said into my ear and reached for my skirt bottoms.



Do you think he’ll allow the stripper have her way?

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